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Thumbnail item ID Description price Sold
13988 Vintage BOOTS 13988 BOOTS Vintage Equestrian brown Leather 43 Fresh sole on a very vintage boot with a strong patina and lots of signs of age. Welcome to your pirate outfit. $45.00
13987 LEE JACKET 13987 JACKET LEE Jean blue Denim SM Vintage unlined classic. Mild stain on one arm. $35.00
13986 GWG VEST 13986 VEST GWG Jean blue Denim SM Vintage gambler-style. Two external square pockets $42.00
13985 BLAUER JACKET 13985 JACKET BLAUER Police blue Textile 44-46 Lightweight police jacket for rain wear $30.00
13984 CHIPPEWA BOOTS 13984 BOOTS CHIPPEWA Renegade Highlander brown Leather 40E Great quality. Pull-up leather. Moc toe shortie engineer-style. MSRP $330CAD $219.00
13983 BRISTOL JACKET 13983 JACKET BRISTOL Classic Biker + black Leather 42 reg Stunning vintage w/ unusual quilted design. Famous Canadian brand. Some minor scuffs & two small zip pull missing (zips all okay tho) $219.00
13982 DR Leathers JACKET 13982 JACKET DR Leathers Biker Classic brown Leather 42 Vintage 70s bi-tone biker jacket with great liner, tough zipper, little wear. Made in Alberta. $139.00
13981 SIXSIXONE ARMOR 13981 ARMOR SIXSIXONE Moto black Mix Materl Large Shoulder, Elbow, Back protection, vents $59.00
13980 HARLEY DAVIDSON BAGGAGE 13980 BAGGAGE HARLEY DAVIDSON Sidecase Luggage Liner black Textile  SET OF TWO. Fits inside Harley Electroglide hard sidecases / saddlebags $49.00
13979 HARLEY DAVIDSON BAGGAGE 13979 BAGGAGE HARLEY DAVIDSON Luggage Rack Bag black Textile  Fits Harley Electroglide, Reflective strip. Duffel shaped. $69.00
13978 HARLEY DAVIDSON BAGGAGE 13978 BAGGAGE HARLEY DAVIDSON Liner TOP CASE black Textile  Fits Harley Electroglide top case $45.00
13977 WATSON GLOVES 13977 GLOVES WATSON Gauntlet black Leather MED m Hard Cuffed gauntlets in great condition. $55.00
13976 UNBRANDED VEST 13976 VEST UNBRANDED Gambler brown Leather Small Vintage, liner, unique breast pocket/zip, 4-button $59.00
13975 DINGO BOOTS 13975 BOOTS DINGO Slouch brown Leather 37 Stitch-work on toe, metal toe cap, soft leather $84.00
13974 Kodiak BOOTS 13974 BOOTS Kodiak Service black Leather 39 Sweet little lace up boots with a size zip, red plaid lining. Some heel wear, otherwise excellent! $65.00
13973 FLUEVOG BOOTS 13973 BOOTS FLUEVOG Angels 10-Eye Derby Swirl blue Leather 45 Will need a resole soon, sold as-is.MSRP ~$350 CAD $65.00
13972 NORTH BOUND LEATHER PANTS 13972 PANTS NORTH BOUND LEATHER Police black Leather 37" waist Hardly worn, excellent leather, will make your butt look GREAT. MSRP ~$730 CAD $399.00
13971 NORTHBOUND LEATHER VEST 13971 VEST NORTHBOUND LEATHER Bar Vest (6262) black Leather 44 Hardly worn, excellent leather. MSRP ~$230 CAD $149.00
13969 PIONEER JACKET 13969 JACKET PIONEER Long Trench brown Leather Large W Vintage, Zip-out faux fur liner, double breast, two front pockets $50.00
13968 CORNELIANI BOOTS 13968 BOOTS CORNELIANI Short black Leather 40 Great Italian leather, 5-hole 2 quick lace-up, brown laces, impreccable stitching $109.00
13967 GAERNE BOOTS 13967 BOOTS GAERNE Touring black Leather 40 Weatherproof & in unworn condition. MSRP $309 CAD $189.00
13966 Harley Davidson JACKET 13966 JACKET Harley Davidson Classic Biker black Leather M Stitch marks at belt line; some paint visible on back; nice leather, beautiful styling $269.00
13965 DAYTON BOOTS 13965 BOOTS DAYTON Driver black Leather 43 Dayton size 9.5 $65.00
13964 RED WING BOOTS 13964 BOOTS RED WING Work Boot Moc Toe brown Leather 43 D Roughneck moc toe with Vibram lug sole $85.00
13963 Harley Davidson JACKET 13963 JACKET Harley Davidson Fashion Trucker brown Leather S Vintage snap-front; embossed HARLEY logo at tailbone; minor stitch marks on sleeves $119.00
13962 BOULET BOOTS 13962 BOOTS BOULET Harness black Leather 43 Square toe harness boot $85.00
13961 Steerbrand JACKET 13961 JACKET Steerbrand Biker Classic black Leather Child Sweet kid-sized biker classic. Heavier leather, with all the trimmings of the full size version. $60.00
13960 Fieldsheer BOOTS 13960 BOOTS Fieldsheer Vintage Racing white Leather 44 Vintage race boots, a little past their prime but still pretty darn cool. Quiate worn, rubber ankle-pad is cracked on one boot. Priced as-is $25.00
13959 ALPINESTARS PANTS 13959 PANTS ALPINESTARS VIKA black Mix Materl 27" Women's-fit riding pant. Armorable pockets but no armor present. MSRP $549 CAD $299.00
13958 BOULET BOOTS 13958 BOOTS BOULET Sq Toe black Leather 41EE Square-toe pull-on biker boot, Commando vibram sole. As new. Msrp $200CAD $149.00
13957 TIMBERLAND BOOTS 13957 BOOTS TIMBERLAND Service black Leather 45ish Camo accent, Red Pull Tab, Waterproof, MSRP: $250 $99.00
13956 YAS PANTS 13956 PANTS YAS Riding black Leather 28" waist Tagged 32 but fits smaller! Knee armor (perfect pucks) and hip pads, perforated leather $219.00
13955 HONDALINE JACKET 13955 JACKET HONDALINE Vintage scuba black Leather 36 - 38 w Vintage collectable women's riding jacket in perfect condition. Cllix zippers. $239.00
13954 Alpinestars JACKET 13954 JACKET Alpinestars Drystar ivory Textile XL Race-quality back armor, elbows and shoulders. Zip-out liner, weatherproof. Minor road discolouration. $139.00
13953 ALPINESTARS PANTS 13953 PANTS ALPINESTARS Drystar black Textile XL Inner liner, all armor, weatherproof. $119.00
13952 UNBRANDED BOOTS 13952 BOOTS UNBRANDED Fashion black Leather 37.5 Knee-high, flexible, soft leather. Leather lined. Leather sole. Lots of wear/use. $39.00
13951 PRIAPE FETISH 13951 FETISH PRIAPE Kilt black Leather 34" waist With sporran! Retails CAD$565.95 new. $399.00
13950 HUIS CLOS FETISH 13950 FETISH HUIS CLOS Kilt red Textile 32" waist Lightweight kilt/skirt; missing one button $25.00 SOLD
13949 UTILIKILT SKIRT 13949 SKIRT UTILIKILT It's a KILT, not a khaki Textile 36" waist Mocker Utilikilt, MSRP $249 CAD $169.00
13948 M0851 ACCESSORY 13948 ACCESSORY M0851 Bag brown Leather  Silver metal hardware; full grain hide, unlined. Canadian made designer bucket bag. Nice patina! $249.00
13947 River Road VEST 13947 VEST River Road Biker black Leather 38" Nice thick , pebbled leather, with three adustable side buckles and middle zipper. Two front zippered pockets. $69.00
13946 Joe Rocket ACCESSORY 13946 ACCESSORY Joe Rocket Zip in liner black Textile Small Zip in liner! Zips in and zips up. $15.00
13945 Vega ACCESSORY 13945 ACCESSORY Vega Zip in liner black Textile Small Zip in liner $15.00
13944 Scorpion ACCESSORY 13944 ACCESSORY Scorpion Zip in liner black Textile 30" Zip in liner! $15.00
13943 Venture JACKET 13943 JACKET Venture Heated black Textile Medium Stay toasty! Lightweight heated jacket. $79.00
13942 Gerbing JACKET 13942 JACKET Gerbing Heated black Textile Small Stay toasty! Lightweight heated jacket for under-wear. Red collar. MSRP $219 CAD $99.00
13941 Rev 13941 PANTS Rev' it Racing black Mix Materl 30" Nearly new! Perfect pucks, all armor, hip pads, universal zip. Adjustable waist for about size 28-31" Glorious! $239.00
13940 Rubber Side Down JACKET 13940 JACKET Rubber Side Down Café Racer black Mix Materl Small W A little wrist wear but otherwise fantastic. Fitted, zip out liner, universal zipper, vent zips. $199.00
13939 SCHOTT JACKET 13939 JACKET SCHOTT Perfecto Star brown Leather 40ish Hand Oiled Lightweight Naked Perfecto Motorcycle Jacket with Plaid Cotton Lining.  Tagged M, fits SM. MSRP $1376 CAD $999.00
13938 Utilikilt OTHER-MISC 13938 OTHER-MISC Utilikilt Original Workman black Textile 34-36 The orignal workman's model, needs to be worn with a belt! Fantastic condition, cotton duck canvas. Special tool-belt inserts. Modesty snaps. MSRP $343 CAD. $189.00
13937 WESCO BOOTS 13937 BOOTS WESCO "Boss" Engineer black Leather 44.5 Contrast stitching; retails $585CAD new $439.00 SOLD
13936 COLD WAVE PANTS 13936 PANTS COLD WAVE Riding black Textile 28" waist Zip-out liner $109.00
13935 UNBRANDED GLOVES 13935 GLOVES UNBRANDED Riding black Leather L Thinsulate lining $35.00
13934 ICON "Tuscadero" DESTOCKED 13934 DESTOCKED ICON "Tuscadero" Riding black Leather M W All armor, zip-out liner, back venting & underarm perforation $185.00
13933 PEEL PANTS 13933 PANTS PEEL Riding black Leather 32 Vintage, nice fit. Tagged 32, but fits closer to a 30. Elastic goring side panels, two tailbone pleats. $119.00
13932 INDIAN MOTORCYCLE VEST 13932 VEST INDIAN MOTORCYCLE Club black Leather Wee Nice leather! Snap repair on bottom snap. $109.00
13931 DAYTON BOOTS 13931 BOOTS DAYTON Driver black Leather 42 Teeny scuff on right toebox. Retails ~$479 CAD new. $219.00 SOLD
13930 JOHN FLUEVOG BOOTS 13930 BOOTS JOHN FLUEVOG Derby Swirl black Leather 44.5 Buffed black boots. $119.00
13929 GRINDER BOOTS 13929 BOOTS GRINDER 'King CS' Lace-Up black Leather 36ish Tall goth stompin' boots! Made in London. MSRP ~$185 $109.00
13928 TREADMASTER BOOTS 13928 BOOTS TREADMASTER Service Boot brown Leather 42 Vintage 1974, steel-toed. $59.00
13927 JOE ROCKET JACKET 13927 JACKET JOE ROCKET Riding brown Leather S W New with tags, never worn! Zip-out liner, nice leather, tagged M but fits S $285.00
13926 DEMONIA BOOTS 13926 BOOTS DEMONIA Lace-Up Fashion black Leather 39ish Steel-toe stompers! Note gold paint smear on left boot; reflected in price $50.00
13924 Gerbings HEATED 13924 HEATED Gerbings Lined Gloves black Textile S Thinsulate $135.00
13923 OXFORD HEATED 13923 HEATED OXFORD Bike Grips black Type: Fits Most In box! $75.00
13922 GEARS HEATED 13922 HEATED GEARS Gloves black Textile S W Never worn! $65.00
13921 JOE ROCKET JACKET 13921 JACKET JOE ROCKET Riding red Mesh Tex L Liner capable; all armor. Tagged M fits L $99.00
13920 WRANGLER VEST 13920 VEST WRANGLER Button-Up blue Denim 3XL Jacket with sleeves cut off $35.00
13919 DAYTON BOOTS 13919 BOOTS DAYTON Rebel black Leather 39 E $135.00
13918 LEATHER CRAFT PANTS 13918 PANTS LEATHER CRAFT Fashion black Leather 32 2 back pockets $99.00
13917 UNBRANDED CHAPS 13917 CHAPS UNBRANDED Bar Chaps black Leather 20" thigh Silver snap detailing $129.00
13916 UNBRANDED FETISH 13916 FETISH UNBRANDED Suspenders black Leather  Black leather suspenders with metal hardware $35.00
13915 MACK 13915 FETISH MACK'S LEATHER Shorts black Leather 32 Short-shorts with elastic waist and side lacing $39.00
13914 MACK 13914 FETISH MACK'S LEATHER Jock black Leather 32ish Clean used jock with snap-off codpiece $35.00
13913 UNBRANDED FETISH 13913 FETISH UNBRANDED Shorts black Leather 32 5-pocket jean style short-shorts $39.00
13912 UNBRANDED PANTS 13912 PANTS UNBRANDED 5-Pocket Jean black Leather 32 Good leather $129.00
13911 FORMA "Diamond" BOOTS 13911 BOOTS FORMA "Diamond" Touring black Mix Materl 39 DryTex riding boots $185.00
13910 UNBRANDED JACKET 13910 JACKET UNBRANDED Biker Classic black Leather S Missing liner; makes up for it with extremely rad spikes; full belt $95.00
13909 boston leather ACCESSORY 13909 ACCESSORY boston leather Garrison brown Leather 44 Thick leather, chocolate brown, silver buckle. Nearly new! $30.00
13908  ACCESSORY 13908 ACCESSORY        
13907 Boston Leather ACCESSORY 13907 ACCESSORY Boston Leather Garrison black Leather 44 thick leather, nearly new, silver square buckle. $38.00
13906 RCMP JACKET 13906 JACKET RCMP Patrol jacket blue Textile 46 (fits like 44) Cozy police jacket! $65.00
13905 Nine West BOOTS 13905 BOOTS Nine West ankle black Leather 38 Fashion boots with ankle strap, side zips and fancy buckles. $25.00
13904 Unbranded JACKET 13904 JACKET Unbranded Fashion black Leather Medium Lightweight jacket with shorter sleeves, black paisley print lining $27.00
13903 Genuine Leather PANTS 13903 PANTS Genuine Leather 5 pocket jean style black Leather 32" High waisted, side lacing down the legs, utter new and unworn. Classic 5 pocket style $119.00
13902 PROSPECTOR BOOTS 13902 BOOTS PROSPECTOR Military / Security black Leather 37 - 38 Lace to toe, lightweight security/service/military-esque boot. $65.00
13901  UNKNOWN 13901 UNKNOWN      seee pvt note   SOLD
13899 Misty Mountain SHIRT 13899 SHIRT Misty Mountain Flannel red Textile XL Get your lumberjack on. Red flannel, cozy and warm. $45.00 SOLD
13898 Pendleton SHIRT 13898 SHIRT Pendleton Lodge Shirt red Textile XL Get your lumberjack on. Red wool flannel, cozy and warm. MSRP 150$ CAD $65.00
13897 Icon JACKET 13897 JACKET Icon Café Racer black Textile XS w Never worn (no tags), textile fitted jacket w/all armor, backpad, zip out liner. Sooo nice! MSRP $250 CAD $185.00
13896 KODIAK BOOTS 13896 BOOTS KODIAK Work Boot black Leather 40 EE CSA Steeltoe work boots, new in box $93.00
13895 Harley Davidson BOOTS 13895 BOOTS Harley Davidson Buckle up black Leather 43 Heavy duty buckle boots, steel toe, super cool! Excellent soles and nearly new. $65.00 SOLD
13894 R M Williams BOOTS 13894 BOOTS R M Williams Ankle black Leather 41 Nicely broken in, excellent brand, well conditioned. Strechy ankle, wear to the soles. MSRP $CAD 600. $109.00 SOLD
13893 Linesman BOOTS 13893 BOOTS Linesman Tall black Leather 41 Tall laced linesmans, fantastic soles (recently resoled), green laces, wide calf. $145.00
13892 Gelmok JACKET 13892 JACKET Gelmok Trenchcoat brown Leather 40 Vintage WW2 1940s - AS IS -gorgeous, long trench, deep pockets, belted, excellent liner, double breasted. Missing a couple buttons + small popped seams. Characteristics of horsehide. $319.00
13891 SNAHA BOOTS 13891 BOOTS SNAHA Hiker brown Leather 44-45? Czechoslovakian brand. A few cosmetic blemishes from storage but almost unworn. $45.00
13890 RED WING BOOTS 13890 BOOTS RED WING Classic MOC brown Leather 42 MSRP $360 CAD  CLASSIC MOC STYLE NO. 1907. COPPER ROUGH & TOUGH LEATHER Some wear, tons of life left. $139.00 SOLD
13889 FRYE BOOTS 13889 BOOTS FRYE Engineer black Leather 37-38? Oiltan finish. $328 at Gravity Pope. Some scuffs but very good otherwise.Sole is great. $99.00 SOLD
13888 Vintage VEST 13888 VEST Vintage Gambler + black Leather 40 Sidelacing, green lining, zip inner pockets, spectacular leather, red flame detail, matches Pants #13884 $135.00 SOLD
13887 Original Leather Factory VEST 13887 VEST Original Leather Factory Western black Leather 42 Vancouver-made, top quality. Custom for original owner. Sidelacing, 3 brass snaps, many embellishments $119.00
13886 Original Leather Factory VEST 13886 VEST Original Leather Factory Sidelace black Leather 40 Vancouver-made, top quality. Custom for original owner. Sidelacing, chest pockets, snap front, shirt lapels. Thick leather. $119.00
13885 Original Leather Factory VEST 13885 VEST Original Leather Factory Zip-front black Leather 40 Vancouver-made, top quality. Custom for original owner. Lightweight leather, fitted. $109.00
13884 Original Leather Factory PANTS 13884 PANTS Original Leather Factory 5-pocket Jean black Leather 30 -32 Vancouver-made, top quality. Single piece front leg. RED FLAME DETAIL back pockets. See also vest #13888 $169.00 SOLD
13883 Original Leather Factory PANTS 13883 PANTS Original Leather Factory 5-pocket Jean black Leather 30 -32 Vancouver-made, top quality. Single piece front leg. $149.00 SOLD
13882 Original Leather Factory PANTS 13882 PANTS Original Leather Factory 5-pocket Jean black Leather 28 -30 Vancouver-made, top quality. Single piece front leg. $149.00
13881 Marcus Alexander SHIRT 13881 SHIRT Marcus Alexander Long-Sleeved black Leather MED m Fitted masculine cut. One-piece back panel. $89.00
13880 Original Leather Factory SHIRT 13880 SHIRT Original Leather Factory Short Sleeved black Leather MED m Lambskin. Vancouver-made, top quality. Custom for original owner. Fitted masculine cut. $119.00 SOLD
13879 Original Leather Factory SHIRT 13879 SHIRT Original Leather Factory Short-sleeved black Leather MED m Lambskin. Vancouver-made, top quality. Custom for original owner. Fitted masculine cut. $119.00
13878 TEXAS STEER BOOTS 13878 BOOTS TEXAS STEER Harness tan Leather 37 Some staining to right boot $30.00
13877 DAYTON BOOTS 13877 BOOTS DAYTON Black Beauty black Leather 7.5 EEE Minor sole wear $175.00
13876 OXFORD BOOTS 13876 BOOTS OXFORD Engineer black Leather 43 Super completely waterproof! Brand new. $80.00
13875 HARLEY DAVIDSON PANTS 13875 PANTS HARLEY DAVIDSON 'Black Label' Jeans blue Denim 32 MSRP ~$75 CAD $60.00
13874 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 13874 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Hoodie black Textile 44 Utterly waterproof, reflective, super cozy. MSRP ~$175 CAD $109.00
13873 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 13873 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Practical black Textile 44 MSRP ~$150 CAD $109.00
13872 HARLEY DAVIDSON SHIRT 13872 SHIRT HARLEY DAVIDSON Flannel dark grey Textile 42 MSRP ~$145 CAD $69.00
13871 MATTERHORN BOOTS 13871 BOOTS MATTERHORN Work Boot brown Leather 42.5 CSA Approved, steel toe, 9-hole lace $70.00
13870 PROSPECTOR BOOTS 13870 BOOTS PROSPECTOR Surface Boot tan Leather 38 8-hole laces, Made in Canada! $40.00
13869 KODIAK BOOTS 13869 BOOTS KODIAK Work Boot red Leather 38.5 CSA approved, 12-lace holes, white laces and stitches $109.00 SOLD
13868 DAFFO MODE BOOTS 13868 BOOTS DAFFO MODE Work Boot tan Leather 38.5 CSA approved, leather lining, quad stitch $93.00
13867 KODIAK BOOTS 13867 BOOTS KODIAK Work Boot black Leather 34.5 New with box, CSA-approved, steel toe, MSRP:$125 $93.00
13866 KODIAK BOOTS 13866 BOOTS KODIAK Work Boot black Leather 34.5 New with box, CSA-approved, steel toe, MSRP:$125 $93.00
13865 KODIAK BOOTS 13865 BOOTS KODIAK Work Boot black Leather 35.5 New with box, CSA-approved, steel toe, MSRP:$125 $93.00
13864 KODIAK BOOTS 13864 BOOTS KODIAK Work Boot black Leather 35.5 New with box, CSA-approved, steel toe, MSRP:$125 $93.00
13863 KODIAK BOOTS 13863 BOOTS KODIAK Work Boot black Leather 38 New with box, CSA-approved, steel toe, MSRP:$125 $93.00
13862 KODIAK BOOTS 13862 BOOTS KODIAK Work Boot black Leather 39 New with box, CSA-approved, steel toe, MSRP:$125 $93.00
13861 KODIAK BOOTS 13861 BOOTS KODIAK Work Boot black Leather 36.5 New with box, CSA-approved, steel toe, MSRP:$125 $93.00
13860 HARLEY DAVIDSON BOOTS 13860 BOOTS HARLEY DAVIDSON Short black Leather 38 Brand spankin' new! 5-hole lace up, shortie ankle $109.00
13859 ICON BOOTS 13859 BOOTS ICON Riding black Leather 44.5 Ankle strap, Laces, minor wear $65.00
13858 BUELL GLOVES 13858 GLOVES BUELL Riding black Leather Large Original Eric Bueller, slight wear on pinky, palm, kevlar! $85.00
13857 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 13857 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Riding black Textile Large Liner, Shoulder and elbow pads, pocket for back armour, reflective logo front and back $109.00
13856 GWG JACKET 13856 JACKET GWG Jean blue Denim 40 Tall Vintage 70s GWG (Great Western Garment Company), snap buttons $65.00
13855 FIELDSHEER PANTS 13855 PANTS FIELDSHEER Riding white Textile XXL Zip out liner, knee zip armour pockets, side vents $99.00
13854 OUTBACK TRADING CO. JACKET 13854 JACKET OUTBACK TRADING CO. Bomber Fashion brown Waxd Cottn 44 Waxed cotton / oilskin bomber, hardly worn. Quilted lining. $79.00
13853 VIVA BOOTS 13853 BOOTS VIVA Newent Jodphur brown Leather 44.5 Double strap, roughout leather. $40.00
13852 SHOEPASSION BOOTS 13852 BOOTS SHOEPASSION Fashion brown Leather 44.5 Cozy, mouton lined, Brokeback sheepskin fashion excellence! MSRP ~$580 CAD $95.00
13851 WESCO BOOTS 13851 BOOTS WESCO Boss 15" black Leather 44 A pair of custom Wesco Boss's, 15" tall, utterly gorgeous. MSRP ~$680 CAD $369.00 SOLD
13850 UNBRANDED BOOTS 13850 BOOTS UNBRANDED Patrol Boot black Leather 42 Classic patrol boots; custom wide calf (17" outside circumference) $109.00
13849 GUESS JACKET 13849 JACKET GUESS Fashion Café Racer brown Leather L Plaid lining, stud detailing $99.00
13847 DAYTON BOOTS 13847 BOOTS DAYTON Confederate black Leather 9 E Dayton 9E $89.00
13846 BROOKS JACKET 13846 JACKET BROOKS Bomber black Leather 40 Gorgeous vintage bomber by a collectable brand. Thick flexible leather, zip out fuzzy liner. $189.00
13845 TIMBERLAND BOOTS 13845 BOOTS TIMBERLAND Service Boot (ish) black Leather 44 Nubuck finish, so stylish! Padded ankles, waterproof. MSRP $150 CAD. $59.00
13844 DANIER JACKET 13844 JACKET DANIER Fashion black Leather XL W Floral lining! Cute as heck. $75.00
13843 LEE JACKET 13843 JACKET LEE Jean blue Denim 46 Vintage rider! Unlined. $55.00
13842 LEE JACKET 13842 JACKET LEE Stormrider blue Denim 48 Classic Stormrider. Courdoroy collar, warm grey lining. $49.00
13841 TAP-MOTO JACKET 13841 JACKET TAP-MOTO Sport black Mix Materl 6 All armor except elbows. A wee bit of wear, but overall good condition. $159.00
13840 ICON JACKET 13840 JACKET ICON 'Hella 1000' brown Waxd Cottn XS W Unworn! All armor, zip-out liner, wicked stylish. MSRP $350 CAD $269.00
13839 TOURMASTER JACKET 13839 JACKET TOURMASTER Sport blue Denim XS W Zip out liner, all armor, cellphone pocket. Tagged XS but fits larger. $79.00
13838 DAYTON BOOTS 13838 BOOTS DAYTON Toughie black Leather 42 MSRP $640 CAD. $265.00
13837 WOOLRICH BOOTS 13837 BOOTS WOOLRICH 'Yankee' Service Boot brown Leather 43 Similar to an Alden Indy boot, topstitch design, horween leather. MSRP $437 CAD. $229.00
13836 CLARKS BOOTS 13836 BOOTS CLARKS 'Norton Rise' Lace Up black Leather 43 12 hole lace up. Fantastic condition, unworn, no longer being made. MSRP $280 CAD. $259.00
13835 UNBRANDED SKIRT 13835 SKIRT UNBRANDED Fashion red Leather ~32" Waist A fancy lil red skirt! Pockets on the front, red lining, bottom centre accent zip. $39.00 SOLD
13834 LEATHER MEN JACKET 13834 JACKET LEATHER MEN Biker Classic black Leather Lg W Side lacing, small HD patch on kidney belt area. $109.00
13833 UNBRANDED BOOTS 13833 BOOTS UNBRANDED Military black Leather 42 Steel on soles of heel + toe. $60.00 SOLD
13832 UNBRANDED VEST 13832 VEST UNBRANDED Sidelace black Leather 38 Unlined, vintage condition. $35.00
13831 GOLDEN BOY JACKET 13831 JACKET GOLDEN BOY Classic Biker black Leather 44 Lightweight classic. Multiple condition issues. AS-IS $40.00
13830 LEATHER RANCH JACKET 13830 JACKET LEATHER RANCH Western tan Leather sm w Pretty much the most fringe you can fit on a jacket. $45.00
13829 GAMINO JACKET 13829 JACKET GAMINO 90s Fashion tan Leather MED W Made in Mexico. Butterscotch fashion goodness. Tagged as cattle hide, feels like deerskin. $45.00
13828 LEATHER RANCH JACKET 13828 JACKET LEATHER RANCH Fashion + white Leather SM Retro-fashion, studs and snaps and rhinestones and shoulder pads, short sleeves, O my. $39.00 SOLD
13827 Marquis JACKET 13827 JACKET Marquis Vintage Fashion black Leather 40 chest 30 waist Women's styling. Fringe and snap-front. Tear in liner. AS-IS $45.00
13826 GRANDOE GLOVES 13826 GLOVES GRANDOE Western tan Suede SM W Super fringey, super cool. $20.00 SOLD
13825 SEARS JACKET 13825 JACKET SEARS café racer black Leather 42 Vintage lightweight  café racer. Tons of wear, some tears in liner, some issues with pocket liner. AS-IS $75.00
13824 STUDDED ACCESSORY 13824 ACCESSORY STUDDED BELT black Leather 40 Eagle metal studs! $20.00
13823 REITMAN 13823 JACKET REITMAN'S Fashion café style black Leather 38 W Very soft lightweight leather. $55.00
13822 XEILAMOZA JACKET 13822 JACKET XEILAMOZA Fashion + black Leather SM tall W Very retro-fashionable, poofy sleeve, narrow waist, cut out back. $55.00
13821 FRYE BOOTS 13821 BOOTS FRYE '8R' Harness brown Leather 41 Fantastic condition, square toe. MSRP ~$535 CAD. $299.00
13820 ACTION RAINGEAR 13820 RAINGEAR ACTION Pants black Textile  Waterproof; armored knees $89.00
13819 TOURMASTER PANTS 13819 PANTS TOURMASTER Riding black Leather 46 Cortech riding overalls; knee armor, hip padding, perforated leather $129.00
13818 NEXGEN JACKET 13818 JACKET NEXGEN Touring black Textile 3XL Removable liner, all armor, reflective piping, cordura $109.00
13817 FIRST GEAR RAINGEAR 13817 RAINGEAR FIRST GEAR Jacket black Textile 2XL Waterproof rain jacket; attached storage bag $75.00
13816 VALENTINO VEST 13816 VEST VALENTINO Gambler brown Leather 3XL Adjustable waist; so many pockets!!! $99.00
13815 DIAMOND PLATE JACKET 13815 JACKET DIAMOND PLATE Riding black Leather 2XL Removable liner $109.00
13814 MILITARY BOOTS 13814 BOOTS MILITARY Canadian Army black Leather 39.5 Classic lace-up parade boot $35.00 SOLD
13813 HH RAINGEAR 13813 RAINGEAR HH Jacket blue Textile XL Sailing/navy jacket - waterproof, new with tags $199.00 SOLD
13812 TEKNIC BAGGAGE 13812 BAGGAGE TEKNIC Tank Bag black Textile X Zips into two; rain cover; magnetic tank bag $49.00
13811 ICON JACKET 13811 JACKET ICON Riding black Mesh Tex S W All armor, removable liner $109.00
13810 FIRST GEAR JACKET 13810 JACKET FIRST GEAR Café Racer black Leather XL W By Hein Gericke. Removable liner, "Lady Harley" patch sewn to breast; venting $119.00
13809 FIRST GEAR JACKET 13809 JACKET FIRST GEAR Café Racer black Leather 2XL By Hein Gericke. Removable liner; Harley Davidson patches sewn to back; collar can be switched out; venting $119.00
13808 WETSKINS RAINGEAR 13808 RAINGEAR WETSKINS Pants dark grey Textile L Waterproof overalls $35.00
13807 Harley Davidson RAINGEAR 13807 RAINGEAR Harley Davidson Jacket black Textile XXL Rain jacket with reflective patches $35.00
13806 Harley Davidson RAINGEAR 13806 RAINGEAR Harley Davidson Full suit black Textile XXL Overalls and jacket; reflective patches $55.00
13805 INT 13805 GLOVES INT'L MOTOSPORTS Riding tan Leather med W Unlined. Great leather. MSRP $ 64.99 CAD $55.00
13804 HCI HELMET 13804 HELMET HCI 3/4 white Polycarb XL New in Box. MSRP $179 CAD $135.00
13803 ALPINESTARS BOOTS 13803 BOOTS ALPINESTARS STELLA SMX-1 black Mix Materl 36.5 New in box. MSRP $240 CAD. Tagged women's 5, but fits bigger. $179.00
13802 JOE ROCKET JACKET 13802 JACKET JOE ROCKET Riding black Mix Materl L W Sleeves zip off into vest; room for all armor, removable liner, venting, adjustable waist $225.00
13801 DUCATI JACKET 13801 JACKET DUCATI Riding black Mesh Tex M W Reflective patches, shoulder/elbow armor $195.00
13800 FIRST GEAR PANTS 13800 PANTS FIRST GEAR Riding black Textile 32" waist Padded hips/knees. Goes with #13799 $119.00 SOLD
13799 FIRST GEAR JACKET 13799 JACKET FIRST GEAR Touring black Textile M W Full armor, never worn, new with tags. Removable liner. Goes with #13800 $135.00
13798 DUCATI JACKET 13798 JACKET DUCATI Riding black Leather L W Room for full armor $225.00
13797 DUCATI JACKET 13797 JACKET DUCATI Fashion Café Racer black Leather L Quilted lining; lambskin; beautiful piece! $339.00 SOLD
13796 SPEED & STRENGTH PANTS 13796 PANTS SPEED & STRENGTH Riding blue Denim 30" waist Kevlar riding jeans, new with tags, never worn $99.00
13795 KNOX PANTS 13795 PANTS KNOX Riding black Denim 32 Kevlar riding jeans, new with tags, never worn. $159.00 SOLD
13794 BOULET BOOTS 13794 BOOTS BOULET Harness black Leather 41 Square toe harness boot, some wear to soles at heel but great uppers $119.00
13793 INDIAN JACKET 13793 JACKET INDIAN Bomber black Leather XL m Contrast stitch bomber with a 90's flair. Two inner pockets, Indian Motorcycle embroidery on the back. Standard collar. $159.00 SOLD
13792 BOULET BOOTS 13792 BOOTS BOULET Harness black Leather 42 The classic Canadian-made square toe harness boot. Almost unworn condition. MSRP $250 $179.00 SOLD
13791 ALPINESTARS JACKET 13791 JACKET ALPINESTARS MORA black Textile 2XL Weatherproof. Shoulder and elbow armor, pocket for spine protection. Zip out liner. MSRP $239 CAD $115.00
13790 HARLEY DAVIDSON BOOTS 13790 BOOTS HARLEY DAVIDSON Engineer+ black Leather 46 Shortie sidezip engineer-style boots with shiny, shiny metallic plates on toe and heel. $49.00
13789 FIESSO BOOTS 13789 BOOTS FIESSO Loafer green Leather 44 Dress shoes! Exotic layered leathers, almost no wear. $75.00 SOLD
13788 INDIAN MOTORCYCLE JACKET 13788 JACKET INDIAN MOTORCYCLE Biker Classic black Leather 40 - 42 Red lining, elastic goring, quilt stitch, some sun bleaching. $249.00
13787 DAYTON BOOTS 13787 BOOTS DAYTON X-Boot brown Leather 40 A brown Dayton x-boot! Nice. Some scratching on right toe box. $130.00
13786 HARLEY DAVIDSON BOOTS 13786 BOOTS HARLEY DAVIDSON Western Biker black Leather 41 Non skid sole, HD logo + eagle embroidered on front. $60.00
13785 NOCONA BOOTS BOOTS 13785 BOOTS NOCONA BOOTS Western brown Leather 41 A fancy Western boot. Black heels, interesting leather. $80.00
13784 HOUSE OF HARLOT FETISH 13784 FETISH HOUSE OF HARLOT Mini Skirt black Rubber M Here for a good time, not a long time! Spectacular layered skirt, (very) short in the front, long in the back. Waist: 24" unstretched $23.00 SOLD
13783 THE FEDERATION FETISH 13783 FETISH THE FEDERATION A-line Miniskirt black Rubber 10 Here for a good time, not a long time! Snap closures. Waist: 26" unstretched $15.00 SOLD
13782 JUDY BASHA DESIGNS FETISH 13782 FETISH JUDY BASHA DESIGNS Pants black PVC XS Here for a good time, not a long time! Has a double eyelet belt and front zip. $25.00
13781 POLYMORPHE FETISH 13781 FETISH POLYMORPHE Shirt black Rubber S Latex high neck tank top w/ back zip. Chest: 30" unstretched with a lil wiggle room. MSRP $186 CAD $49.00
13780 BREATHLESS FETISH 13780 FETISH BREATHLESS Leggings black Rubber M Latex high waisted leggings. Waist: 24" unstretched, Hips: 36" unstretched. MSRP ~$162 CAD $39.00 SOLD
13779 UNBRANDED FETISH 13779 FETISH UNBRANDED Hood black Rubber o/s Latex full face hood w/ hole for ponytail. Double side buckle, comes with faux ponytail. $45.00 SOLD
13778 LIP SERVICE FETISH 13778 FETISH LIP SERVICE French Maid Dress black PVC M Comes with apron. MSRP ~$100 CAD $49.00 SOLD
13777 Illegible BOOTS 13777 BOOTS Illegible Logger brown Leather 41ish Vintage condition, lots of wear, drying. One boot has eyelet issues. Matterhorn soles. Sold AS-IS $49.00
13776 CMC JACKET 13776 JACKET CMC Cruiser dark grey Leather XL Venting, zip out liner, expansion side panels, new unworn condition. $249.00
13775 TOURMASTER BOOTS 13775 BOOTS TOURMASTER Riding black Leather 41 Waterproof touring boot $55.00 SOLD
13774 ICON ARMOR 13774 ARMOR ICON Chest white Type: S-M Original tags still on! Spine and chest protection, never worn $115.00
13773 ALPINESTARS PANTS 13773 PANTS ALPINESTARS Riding black Mix Materl 32" waist Armored knees, goes with #13772 $129.00
13772 ALPINESTARS JACKET 13772 JACKET ALPINESTARS Riding black Mix Materl S W Zip-up scuba fit; removable liner; elbow and shoulder armor, waterproof inner pocket. Goes with #13773 $135.00 SOLD
13771 DROSPO JACKET 13771 JACKET DROSPO Taurus black Leather 42 A vintage 70s Café Racer jacket. Made in Canada. Talon zips. Black quilted lining. Freaking handsome! $219.00
13770 TEKNIC JACKET 13770 JACKET TEKNIC Touring black Textile SM w All armor, zip out liner. Weatherproof. $149.00
13769 LEATHER MEN PANTS 13769 PANTS LEATHER MEN Sidelace black Leather 32" waist Jean style with sidelaceing. New unworn vintage deadstock. $109.00
13768 WILSONs PANTS 13768 PANTS WILSONs 5 Pocket Jean black Leather 32" waist Thick, soft, heavy leather. Zip fly. $99.00
13767 WOLFF JACKET 13767 JACKET WOLFF Café Racer black Leather Large W Mandarin collar, quilted liner, grey accents, double zip breast $170.00 SOLD
13766 Filson JACKET 13766 JACKET Filson Duster tan Textile 44-46 Movie magic, artifically distressed. Perfect on the inside. Heavy canvas in a fancy, fancy brand. Wool collar. $250.00
13765 Harley Davidson HOODIE 13765 HOODIE Harley Davidson warm orange Textile Medium mini front zip, cozy, HD branding. $15.00
13764 Blendz HOODIE 13764 HOODIE Blendz warm black Textile Medium Warm black hoodie, "Fromme Falcons" logo. $15.00
13763 Harley Davidson JACKET 13763 JACKET Harley Davidson Riding black Textile Medium W Lightweight, HD branding, zip up. Nearly new! $65.00
13762 Harley Davidson SHIRT 13762 SHIRT Harley Davidson turtleneck white Textile Large W cozy long sleeve shirt with HD branding along the arms. $20.00
13761 Dayton BOOTS 13761 BOOTS Dayton Round toe harness black Leather 41 Customized to accommodate folks with a wider calf! Well conditioned and cared for. A tiny bit of heel wear. $229.00
13760 Dayton BOOTS 13760 BOOTS Dayton Black Beauty black Leather 41 Near new condition, shiny, tall, and pointy toed. $325.00
13759 Dayton BOOTS 13759 BOOTS Dayton Confederates black Leather 41 A solid boot. Some sole wear and nicks to the leather, but very well conditioned and cared for. $139.00 SOLD
13758 Dayton BOOTS 13758 BOOTS Dayton Sidekicks brown Leather 41 Chocolaty brown, pointed toe, high lacing beauties. Nearly brand new! $355.00
13757 J R Leather JACKET 13757 JACKET J R Leather Fancy black Leather Large W Much fancy, so studded! Tons of silver hardware, zip out liner, wrist zips. $175.00 SOLD
13756 Love Leathers CHAPS 13756 CHAPS Love Leathers classic black Leather 24" thigh thick leather, expandable upper thigh section, laced back belt. $139.00
13755 Dona Michi VEST 13755 VEST Dona Michi Button Up black Leather Large W Super soft vest with 5 snaps. Lots of patches! Harley Davidson patches included. $65.00
13754 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 13754 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Cruiser black Leather LRG w Embroidered HD jacket with a dusty rose pink inner hoodie liner. $279.00
13753 First Classic VEST 13753 VEST First Classic Zip up black Leather Large W Female fitted, structured, zip up, side buckle adjustments $109.00
13752 UNBRANDED GLOVES 13752 GLOVES UNBRANDED Wrist Length black Leather L Capacitive touch on fingers, fuzzy lining $20.00 SOLD
13751 A WEAR JACKET 13751 JACKET A WEAR Fashion black Leather S-M W Leather buttons; blue paint on right sleeve $59.00
13750 DANIER JACKET 13750 JACKET DANIER Café Racer black Leather S Tagged M, fits S, nice leather! $139.00 SOLD
13748 DR MARTENS BOOTS 13748 BOOTS DR MARTENS 20-Hole Lace Up black Leather 43 Classic Docs, retails $230CAD new $135.00 SOLD
13747 FIRST PANTS 13747 PANTS FIRST Riding black Leather 34 Tagged 36 but fits 34. Jean style with side lacing $109.00
13746 SILVER BIKE CHAPS 13746 CHAPS SILVER BIKE Riding black Leather 22" thigh 3 snaps at hem $99.00
13745 Danier VEST 13745 VEST Danier Fashion Zip-Up black Leather S W Super cute! $45.00 SOLD
13744 ICON JACKET 13744 JACKET ICON Riding black Textile L All armor, missing a liner $89.00 SOLD
13743 XPD BOOTS 13743 BOOTS XPD Riding Sneaker black Mix Materl 45 MSRP $160USD. Textile and perforated leather. Reflective detailing $129.00
13742 JOE ROCKET RACE SUIT 13742 RACE SUIT JOE ROCKET Two Piece dark grey Leather 44 Some minor road rash, all functions good, all armor. $209.00
13741 WIDDER HEATED 13741 HEATED WIDDER vest+arms black Textile XS-SM W Arm warmers are removable from vest section. On-off switch. $69.00
13740 JOE ROCKET PANTS 13740 PANTS JOE ROCKET OVERPANTS black Textile 38 / XL TALL Hip / knee padding. Weatherproof. White contrast stitch. Inter-Pocket access. $119.00
13739 JOE ROCKET PANTS 13739 PANTS JOE ROCKET Riding black Textile 12 W As new. Hipping padding. Pockets for knee armor. Weatherproof. $109.00
13738 JOE ROCKET JACKET 13738 JACKET JOE ROCKET Rocketgirl black Leather LRG w Scuba fit. White contrast stitching.  As new. All armor, zip out liner. $249.00
13737 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 13737 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Biker Classic brown Leather XL Cool factory-distressed leather. $229.00
13736 MILITARY JACKET 13736 JACKET MILITARY PILOT brown Leather L-XL Shearling / Sheepskin ultrawarm flight jacket. $239.00 SOLD
13735 DAYTON BOOTS 13735 BOOTS DAYTON Toughies black Leather 43ish MSRP $640. Some wear and cracking. $65.00 SOLD
13734 unbranded VEST 13734 VEST unbranded western black Leather 42 braid details, side lacing, 4 snaps. $59.00 SOLD
13733 First Genuine Leather JACKET 13733 JACKET First Genuine Leather Biker Classic black Leather 42 Classic. Half belt and silver hardware. $119.00 SOLD
13732 Roots JACKET 13732 JACKET Roots Bomber brown Leather 40 Super cute, chocolate brown with brown liner. Roots insignia on the inside. $125.00
13731 Unbranded JACKET 13731 JACKET Unbranded Bomber black Leather 44 Heavier leather, zip-up. Note: Some small rips in liner. $65.00
13730 Heavy Duty VEST 13730 VEST Heavy Duty Classic black Leather M W Two pocket, five snap with stars on the snaps. Green lining. Short fit. $75.00
13729 Unbranded CHAPS 13729 CHAPS Unbranded A little Western black Leather 22 A little bit country and a little bit rock n' rock. Adjustable, soft, lovely. $135.00
13728 Danier JACKET 13728 JACKET Danier Café Racer black Leather 40 On the heavier side, café racer styling, mandarin collar, zip up, glossy steel grey liner. $69.00 SOLD
13727 Custom HAT 13727 HAT Custom Military-style black Leather small For a tiny noggin. Soft with a raw leather interior. $25.00
13726 Carhartt PANTS 13726 PANTS Carhartt Overalls black Textile 38" waist So nice! Heavy textile, brass hardware. $39.00 SOLD
13725 Harley Davidson JACKET 13725 JACKET Harley Davidson Jean blue Denim 42 Tailed femme fit, zip-up, HD logo and embroidery on the back. $39.00
13724 Carhartt JACKET 13724 JACKET Carhartt Workman brown Textile 48 Zip up, lovely striped lining, two open front pockets, one zipped breast pocket. $29.00 SOLD
13723 Xllin VEST 13723 VEST Xllin Classic black Leather 46 Four button, two front pockets, Stars emblazoned on the silver snaps. $59.00
13722 Carhartt JACKET 13722 JACKET Carhartt Four pocket brown Textile 42 ish Lovely striped liner, button up. $29.00
13721 Doctor Martens BOOTS 13721 BOOTS Doctor Martens Lace up black Leather 39 "with bouncing soles", glossy black with black laces. Nearly unworn! $55.00 SOLD
13720 unbranded HAT 13720 HAT unbranded Western black Leather XL Made from a beautiful hide, braid and tassle detail, one silver button. $32.00
13719 Converse BOOTS 13719 BOOTS Converse Sneakers red Leather 38.5 Talll red, lace up converse sneakers. Super cute, thick red laces. Rubber soles. $25.00 SOLD
13718 LEVI JACKET 13718 JACKET LEVI Button Up black Denim XL Classic Levi jacket $39.00 SOLD
13717 LEE JACKET 13717 JACKET LEE Button Up blue Denim 46 Classic denim jacket, fits short $35.00
13716 LEE STORMRIDER JACKET 13716 JACKET LEE STORMRIDER Button Up blue Denim 48 Classic Stormrider; tan corduroy collar $45.00 SOLD
13715 TREEN PANTS 13715 PANTS TREEN Riding black Leather 31 waist Vintage, Canadian-made, collectible brand. Suspenders. Small repaired hole. Goes with #13714 Jacket $119.00
13714 TREEN JACKET 13714 JACKET TREEN Café racer black Leather Small Vintage, Canadian-made, collectible brand. Small repaired hole. Goes with #13715 Pants $169.00
13713 SEOICI BAGGAGE 13713 BAGGAGE SEOICI Hip Bag black Textile O/S Double buckle main pocket, two side zip pockets $49.00
13712 XELEMENT VEST 13712 VEST XELEMENT Lightweight black Textile 4XL Mesh, reflective detailing, peek-a-pocket, adjustable sides, back armour $50.00
13711 HARLEY DAVIDSON RAINGEAR 13711 RAINGEAR HARLEY DAVIDSON 2-piece black Textile XL Reflective detailing, mesh liner, hooded, suspender pants, MSRP: $250 (# CONSISTS OF TWO PIECES. THE PRICE IS INCLUSIVE) $169.00
13710 HARLEY DAVIDSON FASHION APPAREL 13710 FASHION APPAREL HARLEY DAVIDSON 2-piece light grey Textile XXL W 2-piece jogger set, blinged out, Burnout style material  (# CONSISTS OF TWO PIECES. THE PRICE IS INCLUSIVE) $25.00
13708 TRUE ELEMENT GLOVES 13708 GLOVES TRUE ELEMENT Gauntlet black Leather XXL Velcro wrist adjustment, lined $39.00
13707 UNBRANDED GLOVES 13707 GLOVES UNBRANDED Knuckle black Leather XXL Perforated leather, hard knuckles, pad, velcro closure $45.00
13706 DAYTON BOOTS 13706 BOOTS DAYTON Rebel brown Leather 38.5 MSRP: $499, minor wear at harness ring, double pull tabs $120.00
13705 SIERRA BOOTS 13705 BOOTS SIERRA Western Biker black Leather 43ish Steel toe tough pull-ons. Lots of scuffs. $55.00
13704 Mustang JACKET 13704 JACKET Mustang STORM RIDER blue Denim 2XL m Insulating and warm. $49.00
13703 BOUTIQUE of LEATHERS JACKET 13703 JACKET BOUTIQUE of LEATHERS Classic Biker black Leather 44 Half belt cruiser-style, faulty pocket zipper $85.00
13702 Unbranded CHAPS 13702 CHAPS Unbranded Classic black Leather 30 3 snaps at bottom, unlined, nice leather. $109.00
13701 EAGLE ACCESSORY 13701 ACCESSORY EAGLE On-Belt Knife Case black Leather small Snap close, embossed with an eagle in flight. Med/sm size belt loop. $12.00 SOLD
13700 ROCKY RANCH HIDES VEST 13700 VEST ROCKY RANCH HIDES Gambler black Leather XL Patchwork leather, side lacing, lined. $49.00
13699 REAL LEATHER VEST 13699 VEST REAL LEATHER Club black Leather L Bonded leather, practically untouched. MSRP ~$100 $75.00
13698 FIELDSHEER PANTS 13698 PANTS FIELDSHEER Riding black Textile 8 W All armor, velcro-in liner. $139.00
13697 RAIN RIDER RAINGEAR 13697 RAINGEAR RAIN RIDER ONE PIECE black Textile LRG TALL 1 pc with bib pocket flap and hood, all built in. MSRP $175 $109.00
13696 RAIN RIDER RAINGEAR 13696 RAINGEAR RAIN RIDER ONE PIECE black Textile MED 1 pc with bib pocket flap and hood, all built in. MSRP $175 $109.00
13695 FIELDSHEER JACKET 13695 JACKET FIELDSHEER Riding black Textile 8 W All armor, zip out liner. $169.00
13694 TREEN CHAPS 13694 CHAPS TREEN Classic black Leather 24" thigh TALL Collectible Canadian brand. Regular length. Vintage. Custom-made for the original owner. VERY tall. $219.00
13693 TREEN CHAPS 13693 CHAPS TREEN Classic black Leather 23" thigh Collectible Canadian brand. Regular length. Vintage. Custom-made for the original owner. $209.00
13692 DROSPO JACKET 13692 JACKET DROSPO Taurus black Leather 12 W Vintage asymmetrical café-style jacket, fitted. Canadian-made. $139.00
13691 FIELDSHEER PANTS 13691 PANTS FIELDSHEER Riding black Textile 2XL TALL m New / unworn. All armor. Zip out liner. $149.00
13690 FIELDSHEER JACKET 13690 JACKET FIELDSHEER Touring black Textile 2XL TALL All armor, zip out liner, perfect condition. $189.00
13689 RED WING BOOTS 13689 BOOTS RED WING 969 Harness black Leather 44.5 A very nice pair of square toe harness boots with little wear. $139.00
13688 Fluevog BOOTS 13688 BOOTS Fluevog clogs, limited edition burgundy Leather 42.5-43 square wood heel, pointy toe. Fancy shoe. $185.00
13687 Hush Puppies BOOTS 13687 BOOTS Hush Puppies Ankle black Leather 44 Lovely ankle boots, strechy ankle fabric, soft leather, little heel wear. $49.00
13686 Blondo BOOTS 13686 BOOTS Blondo Riding tan Leather 43.5 Beautiful fashion boots, aquaprotect (waterguard), side zip, a couple scratches and sole wear. MRSP $275 CAD $189.00
13685 COSA NOVA JACKET 13685 JACKET COSA NOVA Classic Biker black Leather 44 Side lace, all the pockets, black liner, no belt $65.00 SOLD
13684 WEST COAST LEATHER VEST 13684 VEST WEST COAST LEATHER Riding black Leather 44 4 snap front, expansion panels, kidney padding, 2 pocket inside, 2 pocket outside $120.00
13683 GENUINE LEATHER CHAPS 13683 CHAPS GENUINE LEATHER Riding black Leather 20" Side zips, 4 snap ankle, mini pocket $109.00
13682 LEATHER MAN PANTS 13682 PANTS LEATHER MAN Side Lace Racing black Leather 26 Side lacing, Vintage and Unworn! $109.00
13681 FMC SHIRT 13681 SHIRT FMC Button-Up black Leather 40 Button-snap front, two breast pocket, black liner $95.00
13680 LEATHER MAN PANTS 13680 PANTS LEATHER MAN 5-Pocket Jean black Leather 27 Vintage and unworn! $109.00
13679 OUTLOOK VEST 13679 VEST OUTLOOK Gambler tan Leather 41 4 - button, dual front pockets, nice brown liner $55.00
13678 BMW Motorrad DESTOCKED 13678 DESTOCKED BMW Motorrad Café Racer black Textile 46-48 Lightweight, elbow armor included, space for shoulder armor, universal zip, two large zip front pockets. $109.00
13677 Blondo BOOTS 13677 BOOTS Blondo Riding black Leather 43 Sleek fashion riding boots, side zip and strech fabric calf for easy fit. $199.00
13676 Hush Puppies BOOTS 13676 BOOTS Hush Puppies Heeled boot black Leather 43 Tall heeled boot, so nice! Side zip and buckle detail. MRSP $300 CAD $99.00 SOLD
13675 ZARA FOR MEN JACKET 13675 JACKET ZARA FOR MEN Fashion black Leather M Café racer style neck $80.00
13674 ALPINESTARS BOOTS 13674 BOOTS ALPINESTARS Touring black Leather 37.5 Waterproof $45.00
13673 ALPINESTARS "STELLA" JACKET 13673 JACKET ALPINESTARS "STELLA" Touring tan Textile L Removable liner, shoulder/elbow armor, spine padding $119.00
13672 ROADCRAFTER ARMOR 13672 ARMOR ROADCRAFTER Spine Protector black Type: L-XL Spine protection $85.00
13671 SCORPION JACKET 13671 JACKET SCORPION Touring black Textile M W All armor, removable liner, venting, reflective piping $129.00
13670 ICON PANTS 13670 PANTS ICON Riding blue Denim 34 Kevlar riding pants - have been crashed in previously, marked cheap $29.00
13669 UNBRANDED PANTS 13669 PANTS UNBRANDED Riding white Textile 32 Knee armor, hip padding, Cordura, waterproof $119.00 SOLD
13668 ICON ARMOR 13668 ARMOR ICON Knee Armor black Mix Materl M-L Handy! $59.00 SOLD
13667 TOURMASTER BOOTS 13667 BOOTS TOURMASTER Riding black Leather 44 Waterproof $45.00
13666 JOE ROCKET JACKET 13666 JACKET JOE ROCKET Riding black Textile XL All armor, zip-out liner, reflective piping $119.00
13665 UNBRANDED HAT 13665 HAT UNBRANDED Flat Cap black Leather One Size Made in USA, some scuffing $20.00
13664 UNBRANDED HAT 13664 HAT UNBRANDED Flat Cap black Leather One Size Made in USA $25.00 SOLD
13663 UNBRANDED HAT 13663 HAT UNBRANDED Flat Cap black Leather One Size Made in USA $25.00
13662 BELSTAFF JACKET 13662 JACKET BELSTAFF Touring blue Textile XL Padded shoulders, room for elbow and spine armor, zip-out liner, reflective piping $129.00
13661 KOOLAH JACKET 13661 JACKET KOOLAH Wetlander green Waxd Cottn L Made in Australia. Leather trim oilskin $75.00
13660 IXON JACKET 13660 JACKET IXON Riding black Textile SM m All armor. Liner missing. Made in France. $65.00
13659 DANIER JACKET 13659 JACKET DANIER Café Racer black Leather Medium Center zip, mandarin collar, expansion panels on side, bison style leather $65.00
13658 ENJOY PANTS 13658 PANTS ENJOY 5-Pocket Jean black Leather 34 One missing rivet $45.00
13657 W2W PANTS 13657 PANTS W2W 5-pocket Jean brown Leather 34 $45.00
13656 BLUNDSTONE BOOTS 13656 BOOTS BLUNDSTONE Chelsea tan Leather 45 Tan Suede, round toe, great condition MSRP: $230 $150.00
13655 BLUNDSTONE BOOTS 13655 BOOTS BLUNDSTONE Chisel-Toe brown Leather 44 some wear, elastic in great condition $59.00 SOLD
13654 TIMBERLAND BOOTS 13654 BOOTS TIMBERLAND Service black Leather 45ish Camo accent, Red Pull Tab, Waterproof, MSRP: $250 $99.00 SOLD
13653 GERMAN MILITARIA 13653 MILITARIA GERMAN Lightweight khaki Textile 48-50 zip/button front, hood, drawstring $55.00 SOLD
13652 DAYTON BOOTS 13652 BOOTS DAYTON Roughneck / Work brown Leather 45 EEE MSRP $650. Steel toe. Lots of wear and scuffs, but will last for a thousand years. $159.00 SOLD
13651 RED WING BOOTS 13651 BOOTS RED WING Beckman brown Leather 41 From Red Wing's Heritage Service collection. MSRP $500.  Some wear, some scuffs. $129.00 SOLD
13650 ALPINESTARS JACKET 13650 JACKET ALPINESTARS Sport black Leather 46 All armor. Aero hump. No zip-out liner. Perfect condition. $249.00
13649 Leathers by LINDA CHAPS 13649 CHAPS Leathers by LINDA Cruiser black Leather 24" thigh Custom-made for original owner in Langley, BC. No signs of wear. Shorter leg. $175.00
13648 LEATHER RANCH JACKET 13648 JACKET LEATHER RANCH Classic Biker black Leather 44 Four snaps at belt level and a half-belt with a very fancy belt buckle. $159.00
13647 JOE ROCKET PANTS 13647 PANTS JOE ROCKET Riding black Textile 26 zip/velcro/buckle waist, tear in liner, two large zip pockets $70.00
13646 AGV SPORT JACKET 13646 JACKET AGV SPORT Riding black Leather Small Full armour, double front pockets, snap wrists $150.00
13645 FIRST GEAR JACKET 13645 JACKET FIRST GEAR Kilimanjaro black Textile SM Weatherproof touring jacket. MSRP $379.99 CAD $159.00
13644 ALPINESTARS BOOTS 13644 BOOTS ALPINESTARS Ridge black Mix Materl 43 Waterproof short sport boots with very little use. $135.00 SOLD
13643 OXFORD BOOTS 13643 BOOTS OXFORD Touring black Leather 44 Bone Dry waterproofing $45.00
13642 VANSON JACKET 13642 JACKET VANSON Café Racer black Leather S Venting $349.00
13641 TEKNIC JACKET 13641 JACKET TEKNIC Riding black Textile 50 Tags still on, removable liner $199.00
13640 VANSON "KATANA" JACKET 13640 JACKET VANSON "KATANA" Café Racer red Leather S Venting $349.00
13639 VANSON "KATANA" JACKET 13639 JACKET VANSON "KATANA" Café Racer dark grey Leather L Venting $349.00
13638 JOE ROCKET JACKET 13638 JACKET JOE ROCKET Ballistic black Textile S W Removable liner, reflective piping, armor capable $119.00
13637 BULLSON JACKET 13637 JACKET BULLSON Touring black Textile M Weatherproof, removable liner, large logo on back, lots of reflective detailing, retails over $700 new. $399.00
13636 DAINESE ARMOR 13636 ARMOR DAINESE Upper Limb black Polycarb o/s New in box CE-rated armor set (elbows, shoulders) for Dainese jackets. Velcro attachments. $55.00
13635 HEIN GERICKE JACKET 13635 JACKET HEIN GERICKE Café Racer black Leather S W Tags still on, lots of venting $219.00
13634 KAWASAKI JACKET 13634 JACKET KAWASAKI Riding green Leather S Removable liner, venting $189.00
13633 TEKNIC JACKET 13633 JACKET TEKNIC Riding black Leather M Underarm venting, all armor $189.00
13632 VANSON JACKET 13632 JACKET VANSON Café Racer red Leather L Perforated leather $439.00
13631 TEKNIC JACKET 13631 JACKET TEKNIC Riding blue Leather M Armored shoulders, perforated leather $199.00 SOLD
13630 UNBRANDED PANTS 13630 PANTS UNBRANDED Riding black Leather 32" waist Armored knees, hip padding $209.00
13629 JOE ROCKET JACKET 13629 JACKET JOE ROCKET Riding black Leather M Perforated leather, spine padding, elbow armor $189.00
13628 VANSON PANTS 13628 PANTS VANSON Riding black Leather 26" waist 4-pocket jean style; back pockets snap closed $289.00
13627 VANSON JACKET 13627 JACKET VANSON Café Racer black Leather 36 -38 White lining, yellow Vanson logo at right breast, underarm ventilation $409.00 SOLD
13626 STAR YAMAHA JACKET 13626 JACKET STAR YAMAHA Classic Biker black Leather 2XL Star Motorcycles logo embroidered on back; quilted beige lining $119.00 SOLD
13625 Permer Tex PANTS 13625 PANTS Permer Tex Riding black Textile 30-34 Brand new w/tags. Adjustable waist, removable suspenders, zip in liner. Waterproof, windproff. $125.00
13624 Joe Rocket JACKET 13624 JACKET Joe Rocket Touring blue Textile 3XL Brand new w/tags. Light mesh jacket, all armor. $104.00
13623 Joe Rocket JACKET 13623 JACKET Joe Rocket Touring green Textile 40 Very visable lime green. Chinch waist and arms. Zip out liner, all armor. $129.00 SOLD
13622 Joe Rocket JACKET 13622 JACKET Joe Rocket Touring black Textile Small Mesh/perforated fabric jacket. All armor. $45.00
13621 Vanson SHIRT 13621 SHIRT Vanson Protective black Textile XXL Mesh motorcycle shirt for under-wear. Reinforced shoulders and elbows. MRSP $200 CAD $149.00
13620 Teknic JACKET 13620 JACKET Teknic Lightning green Leather 46-48 Brand new, never worn. Café racer, armorable, waise cinches, textile under arms. MRSP $380 CAD $219.00
13619 Teknic JACKET 13619 JACKET Teknic Riding blue Leather 46 Black and white horizonal stripe across the chest. Snap out liner, back pad included, space for shoulder and elbow armor. $199.00
13618 Permer Tex JACKET 13618 JACKET Permer Tex Touring black Textile 44 Brand new w/tags. Waterproof, windproof, zip out liner. Many pockets and all armor. $169.00
13617 Vanson JACKET 13617 JACKET Vanson Riding black Leather 40 A splash of the 90s. Heavy cowhide, padded elbows and shoulders. $449.00
13616 Vanson JACKET 13616 JACKET Vanson Star Jacket black Leather 44-46 Older model. Large Yamaha logo patch on the back. Armorable, universal zip. Yamaha on the arms. General wear but still excellent. MRSP $1200 CAD $619.00
13615 Joe Rocket JACKET 13615 JACKET Joe Rocket Touring black Mix Materl 44 Brand new w/ tags. All armor, reflective piping, zip out liner, cinch arms and waist. $189.00
13614 Vanson PANTS 13614 PANTS Vanson Riding black Leather 28 Rare, vintage "Vanson Associates of Boston". Hip and knee padding, spot for knee armor. High-waisted. $285.00
13613 BMW PANTS 13613 PANTS BMW Racing blue Leather 34 Vintage. Goes with jacket #13608. Red lining, universal zip. *** Knee padding disintegrating into powdery residue! AS-IS *** $59.00
13612 R. Jays GLOVES 13612 GLOVES R. Jays Racing black Mix Materl Medium Kevlar, Cordura fabric, armored knuckles, velcro wrists. Barely used. $45.00
13611 Kombi GLOVES 13611 GLOVES Kombi Warm Riding blue Leather Medium Captain Freedom! Warm fuzzy interior, wrist zips. New w/tags. $38.00
13610 Unbranded ARMOR 13610 ARMOR Unbranded Torso black Textile Medium Full chest/back/torso body armor. Never used! $119.00
13609 Permer Tex PANTS 13609 PANTS Permer Tex Riding black Textile 32-34 Brand new w/tags. Adjustable waist. Armored, zip out liner, waterproof, removable suspenders, reflective piping. $125.00 SOLD
13608 BMW JACKET 13608 JACKET BMW Café Racer blue Leather 40 Lightweight, red lining, universal zip. *** Elbow padding disintegrating into powdery residue! AS-IS *** $59.00
13607 Vanson PANTS 13607 PANTS Vanson Racing black Leather 38 Heavy leather. Pucks, armored, seen some wear. Universal zip, "D" from Ducati is missing. $189.00
13606 Vanson JACKET 13606 JACKET Vanson Classic Biker Plus black Leather 38 unisex So much fringy goodness. Side lacing, belt loops, vintage. $465.00
13605 Teknic JACKET 13605 JACKET Teknic Hurricane black Textile 40-42 Brand new w/tags. Power skin, waterproof, windproof, zip in liner, reflective piping, all armor. MRSP $379.99 CAD $285.00
13604 Joe Rocket JACKET 13604 JACKET Joe Rocket Touring blue Textile 42-44 brand new w/ tags. Perforated mesh, all armor, cinch waist. $63.00
13603 Joe Rocket JACKET 13603 JACKET Joe Rocket Touring black Textile Medium W Brand new with tags. Perforated mesh with all armor, reflective piping. $45.00
13602 Vanson JACKET 13602 JACKET Vanson Satellite black Leather  Brand new, never worn, with tags. Armorable, nylon mesh lining, black hardware. Double layered leather at shoulders & elbows. MRSP $1013 CAD $719.00
13601 Vanson JACKET 13601 JACKET Vanson Technical yellow Leather 44 Sleek, race-style. Elbow & shoulder armor, space for backpad. Athletic mesh lining. Some perforated leather, textile underarms. MRSP $1013 CAD $589.00
13600 Vanson JACKET 13600 JACKET Vanson ProPerf Mark2 Sport Rider black Leather 44 Perforated leather, shoulder & elbow armor, space for backpad. Athletic mesh lining, black hardware. MSRP $975 CAD $489.00
13599 Vanson JACKET 13599 JACKET Vanson Racing black Leather 44 Race-style jacket, many pin holes on the front and back. Padded elbows and shoulders. Suzuki patches removed. $249.00
13598 Vanson JACKET 13598 JACKET Vanson Highwayman (custom) blue Leather 44 Custom tri-coloured in heavy cowhide. Amazing leather. Quilted lining, full belt, silver hardware. Two lapel pinholes. MRSP $1000 CAD $725.00
13597 RedWing BOOTS 13597 BOOTS RedWing Lace up black Leather 44.5 A wee toe scuff and some sole wear but otherwise dandy. White sole. $119.00 SOLD
13596 R M Williams BOOTS 13596 BOOTS R M Williams Ankle black Leather 43.5-44 Made in Australia. Retails new 600$+ CAD $199.00
13595 Filson VEST 13595 VEST Filson Western Vest black Textile XL Nice wool vest. Button up, multi-pocket, smart-lookin'. Lapels and tapered hem. $139.00
13594 TCI GLOVES 13594 GLOVES TCI Gauntlet black Leather M Thinsulate lining $45.00
13593 DAKINE GLOVES 13593 GLOVES DAKINE Gauntlet black Textile M Waterproof $35.00 SOLD
13592 WRANGLER BOOTS 13592 BOOTS WRANGLER Western tan Leather 42 D Leather/suede, very nice $49.00
13591 UNBRANDED CHAPS 13591 CHAPS UNBRANDED Riding black Leather 28" thigh Braiding detail $119.00
13590 Illegible DESTOCKED 13590 DESTOCKED Illegible Classic Biker black Leather L Back venting $129.00
13589 HARLEY DAVIDSON SHIRT 13589 SHIRT HARLEY DAVIDSON Button-Up black Leather M Button-up leather shirt $89.00 SOLD
13588 LEATHER RANCH VEST 13588 VEST LEATHER RANCH Fashion black Leather XS Cross-over buckle detail $45.00
13587 Harley Davidson CHAPS 13587 CHAPS Harley Davidson Riding black Mix Materl 24" thigh Elasticated thigh expansion panels. Great condition! $139.00
13586 Harley Davidson CHAPS 13586 CHAPS Harley Davidson Riding black Mix Materl 22" thigh Leather chaps with stretchy elasticated panels at thighs $119.00
13585 COSA NOVA JACKET 13585 JACKET COSA NOVA Fashion Biker black Leather M Silky lining $85.00
13584 BOUTIQUE OF LEATHERS JACKET 13584 JACKET BOUTIQUE OF LEATHERS Café Racer black Leather 42 Vintage jacket, 30+ years old, wearing pink with age $145.00
13583 UNBRANDED GLOVES 13583 GLOVES UNBRANDED Gauntlet black Leather L Beginning to peel at fingers $20.00 SOLD
13582 AUCLAIR GLOVES 13582 GLOVES AUCLAIR Gauntlet black Leather L Knuckle padding $29.00
13581 DAKOTA GLOVES 13581 GLOVES DAKOTA Gauntlet black Leather L Padded knuckles, Heatlocker insulated $39.00
13580 DAYTON BOOTS 13580 BOOTS DAYTON Black Beauty black Leather 43 Stacked sole; some nails missing. Dayton size 9 $129.00
13579 DAYTON BOOTS 13579 BOOTS DAYTON Romeo black Leather 44ish Comfortable slip-on $129.00 SOLD
13578 FRYE BOOTS 13578 BOOTS FRYE 12R Harness black Leather 44.5 The classic square toed harness boot. Msrp $547.52 CAD $139.00 SOLD
13577 DAYTON BOOTS 13577 BOOTS DAYTON Black Beauty black Leather 40 Black Beauty, Good condition, $140.00
13576 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 13576 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Classic Biker black Leather XL D-pocket, back vent, belt waist, back and shoulders embroidery $170.00
13575 VIKING RAINGEAR 13575 RAINGEAR VIKING Full Set blue Textile XL Jacket and pants set, waterproof, Adjust waist $50.00
13574 DAINESE ARMOR 13574 ARMOR DAINESE Back red Mix Materl  Spine armour, buckle strap $80.00
13573 UNBRANDED BAGGAGE 13573 BAGGAGE UNBRANDED Side Bags black Textile Small Lil bags! Main zip pocket with smaller zip pocket also drawstring pockets, connector $27.00
13572 AIR TECH BOOTS 13572 BOOTS AIR TECH Riding black Leather 44 Almost new, velcro/zip closure, original box $199.99
13571 JOE ROCKET BOOTS 13571 BOOTS JOE ROCKET Riding black Leather 44 MUCH WEAR, velcro closure, hook n loop feature $25.00
13570 TEKNIC PANTS 13570 PANTS TEKNIC Riding black Leather 36 Built-in soft padding knees and hips and kidney, can pair with #13569, two front pockets, hook n loop waist $149.00
13569 TEKNIC JACKET 13569 JACKET TEKNIC Riding black Leather 46 Venting, some wear, built-in soft padding, four front pockets, right sleeve pocket, perforated accents, waist snaps, can pair with #13570 $145.00
13568 BIAN VARIANI JACKET 13568 JACKET BIAN VARIANI Riding blue Leather Large Tall Full armour, race-rated spine, front styled-armour, wrist zips, waist cinch, two pockets $290.00
13567 TEKNIC JACKET 13567 JACKET TEKNIC Riding blue Textile 48 lots of wear, sun faded, removeable collar, adjust waist $45.00
13566 NEW AGE MOTORCYCLE HEATED 13566 HEATED NEW AGE MOTORCYCLE vest black Textile 46 Green liner, double front pocket, main zip, quilt stitch $45.00
13565 NEW AGE MOTORCYLE HEATED 13565 HEATED NEW AGE MOTORCYLE vest black Textile 46 double front pocket, main zip, plug in pocket, quilt stitch $65.00 SOLD
13564 BULLSON JACKET 13564 JACKET BULLSON Riding red Textile XXL Elbow and shoulder pads, Full Liner, Adjustable waist, Wrist zips, Double button breast $150.00
13563 JOE ROCKET BAGGAGE 13563 BAGGAGE JOE ROCKET Top Bag black Textile O/S 2 zip pockets, top handle, bungee web, bottom bungees, shoulder strap $50.00
13562 TREEN CUSTOM JACKET 13562 JACKET TREEN CUSTOM Classic Biker black Leather M Side lacing, zip pockets $139.00
13561 DANIER JACKET 13561 JACKET DANIER Trench black Leather L Nice leather, retails $700CAD new $180.00
13560 BOULET DESTOCKED 13560 DESTOCKED BOULET Western black Leather 43 Native war bonnet design  
13559 ALPINESTARS GLOVES 13559 GLOVES ALPINESTARS Gauntlet black Leather S W Knuckle padding $35.00 SOLD
13558 JOE ROCKET JACKET 13558 JACKET JOE ROCKET Riding black Textile L W Flattering scuba fit, elbow/shoulder armor (back is armorable), zip out liner $129.00
13557 RED WING BOOTS 13557 BOOTS RED WING Work Boot 2412 brown Leather 42 Goretex, CSA approved work boots. Made in USA $189.00
13556 DURANGO BOOTS 13556 BOOTS DURANGO FLAMING red Leather 43EE Flame pattern on a square toe cavalry /western style boot. Slight toe wear. $79.00
13555 CANADA WEST BOOTS 13555 BOOTS CANADA WEST Harness black Leather 40 Square-toed. $69.00 SOLD
13554 DAYTON BOOTS 13554 BOOTS DAYTON Black Beauty black Leather 40 Double-soled. $159.00 SOLD
13553 NORTH BOUND FETISH 13553 FETISH NORTH BOUND Bralette black Leather 32 -34" Barely a bra at all. :-) MSRP $96 CAD  Loops for bra straps, no straps. Elastic back strap will want replacing soon. $24.00 SOLD
13552 GAP PANTS 13552 PANTS GAP 5-pocket jean black Leather 30" hip-waist Low-rise bootcut leather jeans. Measurement is in inches at "waistband". $75.00 SOLD
13551 Filson BOOTS 13551 BOOTS Filson chukka brown Leather 43 chocolate brown, 5 eye lace up, teeny divit left heel. $129.00 SOLD
13550 Red Wing BOOTS 13550 BOOTS Red Wing Service Boot black Leather 40 A little heel wear, overall solid boot! Harder toe cap. Reference # 8107 $119.00
13549 Unbranded FASHION APPAREL 13549 FASHION APPAREL Unbranded Midlength black Leather Medium On the longer side, deep front pockets, button up. $28.00 SOLD
13548 Pelle Collezion FASHION APPAREL 13548 FASHION APPAREL Pelle Collezion Midlength black Leather 38 Dressy Casual $41.00
13547 bikers club SHIRT 13547 SHIRT bikers club Button up black Leather Small Spiffy snap-up leather shirt. Several inner pockets. $45.00
13546  Bikers Club SHIRT 13546 SHIRT  Bikers Club Button Up black Leather Large Spiffy snap-up leather shirt. Several inner pockets. $45.00
13545 Bikers club SHIRT 13545 SHIRT Bikers club Button Up black Leather Medium Spiffy snap-up leather shirt. Several inner pockets. $45.00
13544 Biker Club SHIRT 13544 SHIRT Biker Club Button up black Leather Small Spiffy snap-up leather shirt. Several inner pockets. $45.00
13543 Doc Martens BOOTS 13543 BOOTS Doc Martens Slip on black Leather 39 Made in England! Spiffy, stich detailing $75.00
13542 Genuine Leather JACKET 13542 JACKET Genuine Leather Café Racer black Leather 38 Sweet jacket, padded elbows and shoulders (not armorable), zip out liner, mandarine collar $169.00
13541 Dainese BOOTS 13541 BOOTS Dainese Racing black Mix Materl 41 Very nice. Course in Air Boots. Back zip, and all the protection. $199.00
13540 TCX BOOTS 13540 BOOTS TCX Sneaker blue Mix Materl 42 Denim exterior, reinforced ankles, suede details. Nice. Style no longer made! $89.00
13539 Icon GLOVES 13539 GLOVES Icon Gauntlet black  Medium Armored gloves, cushioned palm, perforated areas. $35.00 SOLD
13538 ogio BAGGAGE 13538 BAGGAGE ogio Tank bag black Textile Small Large main pocket, a couple small ones. Magnetic, comes with shoulder strap. $45.00 SOLD
13537 Klim PANTS 13537 PANTS Klim Traverse black Textile 28-32 Adjustable waist, gore-tex, waterproof zips, space for hip pads and knee armor (not included) MRSP: 399$ US $219.00
13536 NATHA BOOTS 13536 BOOTS NATHA Harness brown Leather 42 7" high ankle zip, square toe harness. Lightweight. Pull-up leather. $30.00 SOLD
13535 GIALI PANTS 13535 PANTS GIALI RIDING JEANS blue Denim 28 Padded hips, knees and butt. $40.00
13534 GRINDERS BOOTS 13534 BOOTS GRINDERS British burgundy Leather 38.5 10-hole boots. Glossy varigated colour, steel toes, fancy lugs. $200 CAD new $99.00 SOLD
13533 GREEN PEA CUSTOM PANTS 13533 PANTS GREEN PEA CUSTOM Sport black Mix Materl 22 - 24 52" hip (not waist) Handmade by fashion designer. Italian leather and textile. Fits curvy. CE-rated knee-armor. $419.00
13532 WESCO BOOTS 13532 BOOTS WESCO Tall black Leather 44 VERY Tall Wescos, near-perfect soles, great oil-skin $1,560.00
13531 POWER TRIP JACKET 13531 JACKET POWER TRIP MESH black Mesh Tex MED Summer riding jacket. No shoulder armor, but spine and elbow. $85.00
13529 ICON ARMOR 13529 ARMOR ICON Field Armor Vest black Mix Materl Reg Spine and chest protection, minor signs of wear $125.00
13528 JOE ROCKET JACKET 13528 JACKET JOE ROCKET Riding red Leather 44 No armour, Funky-Ass liner! Jordan Motorsports w/ Joe Rocket, extra patches and gear $309.00
13527 TCX BOOTS 13527 BOOTS TCX Riding Sneaker black Textile 44 Eight-hole lace, ankle casual style, Waterproof, minor liner tears, spare laces $80.00
13526 JOE ROCKET JACKET 13526 JACKET JOE ROCKET Riding black Textile Medium Full armour, Zip liner, Vents, Elbow Adjust, waterproof $129.99
13525 VASQUE BOOTS 13525 BOOTS VASQUE Patrol black Mix Materl 40 NON-LEATHER EXTERIOR -  FLAKING - NOT FOR RIDING, leather liner and soles, costume quality $25.00
13524 RAGTRADE CHAPS 13524 CHAPS RAGTRADE Riding black Leather 22" Thigh 3 ankle snaps, full zip, stretch panel, Liner, Brass YKK zips $169.00
13523 Unbranded FETISH 13523 FETISH Unbranded Skirt black Leather Small Leather bondage skirt with silver hardware and several buckled straps. $26.00
13522 the Leather Factory PANTS 13522 PANTS the Leather Factory Straight leg black Leather 28 Soft pants, original Leather Factory. $26.00
13521 Unbranded SKIRT 13521 SKIRT Unbranded  black Leather Medium Straight black skirt $15.00
13520 Royal Marines MILITARIA 13520 MILITARIA Royal Marines Sweater green Textile 46 General issue British military, really nice! Rib knit. $35.00 SOLD
13519 Royal Marines MILITARIA 13519 MILITARIA Royal Marines Sweater green Textile 46 General issue British military, really nice! Rib knit. $35.00 SOLD
13518 Tuf Mac BOOTS 13518 BOOTS Tuf Mac Lace up black Leather 43.5 Vintage Canadian brand. 9 eye lace up, some general wear $35.00
13517 Akaso JACKET 13517 JACKET Akaso Riding black Leather 42 Size cinches, some general wear, asymetrical zip, cushioning in the elbows and shoulders. $159.00
13516 Unbranded SKIRT 13516 SKIRT Unbranded Straight black Leather 15/16 ish Black leather skirt! $35.00 SOLD
13515 Custom FETISH 13515 FETISH Custom Skirt black Leather 30" Custom made skirt! Fancy! $55.00
13514 Tourmaster BAGGAGE 13514 BAGGAGE Tourmaster Top Bag black Textile Medium Contains removable cooler. Rain cover. Reflective piping. Beautiful condition. Retails $250 CAD $189.00
13513 MILWAUKEE BOOTS 13513 BOOTS MILWAUKEE 6" lace-up black Leather 44.5 Lace-up, side-zip, and ankle strap. Lots of wear. Fully functional. $39.00 SOLD
13512 CMC PANTS 13512 PANTS CMC OVERPANTS black Leather 34 Sidezips and ankle snaps. Fit 34 - 38 $189.00
13511 CMC JACKET 13511 JACKET CMC Cruiser black Leather XL M Zip out liner, many vents. Center zip, mandarin collar. $229.00
13510 CMC JACKET 13510 JACKET CMC Cruiser black Leather 44 Tagged 2xl. Fits Women's size 16. Zip out liner, many vents. Center zip, mandarin collar. $279.00
13509 BLACKJACK HEATED 13509 HEATED BLACKJACK VEST black Textile 46 In perfect condition. $85.00 SOLD
13508 CMC GLOVES 13508 GLOVES CMC gauntlet black Leather SM New, unworn simple unlined gauntlet. $28.00
13507 WATSON 13507 GLOVES WATSON's Gauntlet, short black Leather XXL Unlined. $22.00 SOLD
13506 Dayton BOOTS 13506 BOOTS Dayton Black Beauty black Leather 41-42 Nice old Daytons! $129.00
13505 unbranded FETISH 13505 FETISH unbranded mini dress black Textile S-M strapless, zip front, corset tie back. $18.00
13504 Leather Men FETISH 13504 FETISH Leather Men Shorts black Leather 30 Jean style shorts $55.00
13503 Leather men FETISH 13503 FETISH Leather men Shorts black Leather 28 Genuine leather shorts! $50.00
13502 Nomex RACE SUIT 13502 RACE SUIT Nomex one piece black Textile 46 ish fireproof, cutproof, heavy duty $56.00
13501 Nelson Rigg RAINGEAR 13501 RAINGEAR Nelson Rigg Retro blue Textile xs men Retro rain suit $20.00
13500 Danier FETISH 13500 FETISH Danier Bustier black Leather Medium Black suede, v-neck, shiny gold metal detail. 30" waist ish. $15.00
13498 DANIER PANTS 13498 PANTS DANIER Femme black Leather 16 W Fashionably good. Room for a bit of booty. $65.00 SOLD
13497 CUSTOM PANTS 13497 PANTS CUSTOM High-waisted black Leather 22 W Elastic waist, very high rise. $69.00
13496 UNBRANDED PANTS 13496 PANTS UNBRANDED Vintage black Leather 30 - 32 Est. 1940s. Horsehide. Talon zips. Racing -style. Needs some re-stitching. As-is. $239.00
13495 CUSTOM PANTS 13495 PANTS CUSTOM Riding black Leather 40-42 New, unworn. Custom-made for original owner (arrived too large). Short leg, short rise, leg stripe. $225.00
13494 RED WING BOOTS 13494 BOOTS RED WING IRON RANGER brown Leather 41-42 Scrumptious leather, a bit of wear, some colouration from indigo denim dye at top. Cap toe. MRSP $360 CAD $219.00 SOLD
13493 Taylor JACKET 13493 JACKET Taylor Police Jacket brown Leather 42 Police Uniform Jacket, vintage goodness! $189.00
13492 MOB JACKET 13492 JACKET MOB Riding black Leather Medium W Center zip, tan panels, side lacing and braid details. $108.00
13491 Unbranded BOOTS 13491 BOOTS Unbranded Tall black Leather 41 Tall sexy boots, wide calf and slight heel hole $27.00
13490 Marlborough BOOTS 13490 BOOTS Marlborough Riding Boot brown Leather 39.5 Made in England $144.00
13489 Steve Madden BOOTS 13489 BOOTS Steve Madden Riding brown Leather 38 $24.00
13488 Doc Marten BOOTS 13488 BOOTS Doc Marten Lace up brown Leather 39 Comfy docs with padded ankles. $29.00
13487 Goronimo BOOTS 13487 BOOTS Goronimo Oxfords black Leather 39 crepe soled and comfy oxfords. Red laces! $27.00
13486 UNBRANDED BOOTS 13486 BOOTS UNBRANDED Fashion/Fetish black Suede 38ish Thigh-high black suede flats… amazing $60.00
13485 ROLAND SANDS JACKET 13485 JACKET ROLAND SANDS Café Racer tan Waxd Cottn L Has pockets for armor $145.00 SOLD
13484 CUSTOM ACCESSORY 13484 ACCESSORY CUSTOM Hat black Leather SM Handmade, floral lining $25.00
13483 Mack 13483 FETISH Mack's Leathers Corset black Leather SM Vintage 1970s Vancouver-made unboned corset. Lace-up front and back. $75.00 SOLD
13482 UNBRANDED FETISH 13482 FETISH UNBRANDED Bralette black Leather S Leather shirt, bikini tie $25.00 SOLD
13481 OCEAN WEST PANTS 13481 PANTS OCEAN WEST Fashion black Leather 30 5-pocket jean style $39.00 SOLD
13480 GOLDEN SWALLOW JACKET 13480 JACKET GOLDEN SWALLOW Fashion black Leather XL W Long Blazer $45.00
13479 CORDOVAN VEST 13479 VEST CORDOVAN Fashion Gambler brown Leather L Diamond weaving effect on front pockets, wooden buttons, beautiful! $65.00
13478 UNBRANDED BOOTS 13478 BOOTS UNBRANDED Western Riding black Leather 43 D Have been dyed from brown to black $39.00
13477 POLO RALPH LAUREN BOOTS 13477 BOOTS POLO RALPH LAUREN Andres III black Leather 48 D Very cool! Zips, laces, and buckles. $99.00
13476 UNBRANDED BOOTS 13476 BOOTS UNBRANDED Military black Leather 45 Swedish Military boots, insulated $75.00
13475 SYMAX JACKET 13475 JACKET SYMAX Classic Biker black Leather L Vintage '80s biker jacket, great condition, minor damage to liner $195.00 SOLD
13474 UNBRANDED JACKET 13474 JACKET UNBRANDED Fashion Café Racer black Leather L Nice vintage-y styling $85.00 SOLD
13473 RED WING BOOTS 13473 BOOTS RED WING Pecos black Leather 41 Freakin' excellent boots in freakin' excellent condition! $129.00
13472 COCOY DESTOCKED 13472 DESTOCKED COCOY Western brown Leather 41 Classic Western boot $45.00
13471 BOULET BOOTS 13471 BOOTS BOULET Western Work Boot brown Leather 41 EEE CSA approved steel-to; as new $72.00 SOLD
13470 DAYTON BOOTS 13470 BOOTS DAYTON Black Beauty black Leather 42 Retails over $500CAD new $119.00
13469 COSA NOVA JACKET 13469 JACKET COSA NOVA Biker Classic + black Leather 40 Skull studs on shoulders and belt. Sidelacing currently in a lovely shocking pink. $109.00
13468 unbranded FETISH 13468 FETISH unbranded snap strap black Leather Med. adusts to two sizes with snaps. $7.00 SOLD
13467 CUSTOM FETISH 13467 FETISH CUSTOM GEE black Leather SM men's Leather G with elastic straps. $14.00
13466 CUSTOM FETISH 13466 FETISH CUSTOM 2-ring black Mix Materl o/s one big ring, one small ring $12.00 SOLD
13465 STEEL FETISH 13465 FETISH STEEL RING silver Metal o/s Shiny! $32.00
13464 CUSTOM FETISH 13464 FETISH CUSTOM WRISTBAND black Leather SM 3-snap close. $15.00 SOLD
13463 ARMBAND FETISH 13463 FETISH ARMBAND Simple black Leather 13" Adorn your biceps. Plain leather, 2 snaps. $16.00 SOLD
13462 ARMBAND FETISH 13462 FETISH ARMBAND Simple black Leather 12" Adorn your biceps. Plain leather, 4 grommets, lace-up $15.00
13461 ARMBAND FETISH 13461 FETISH ARMBAND Plain black Leather 12" Adorn your biceps. Plain leather, one snap. $13.00
13460 ARMBAND FETISH 13460 FETISH ARMBAND CHROME STEEL silver Metal 12" Adorn your biceps. $125.00 SOLD
13459 CUSTOM FETISH 13459 FETISH CUSTOM BODY HARNESS black Leather SM m Flexible leather. Multiple parts. $125.00
13458 RAGTRADE CLO. PANTS 13458 PANTS RAGTRADE CLO. 501 Cut black Leather 30" waist Heavy, supple leather. 1 pc leather front & back of leg. Custom made for original owner. Lining requires a restitch in one spot. $309.00 SOLD
13457 CUSTOM FETISH 13457 FETISH CUSTOM SHORT SHORTS black Leather 28" waist Belt loops. Zip close. $29.00 SOLD
13456 CUSTOM FETISH 13456 FETISH CUSTOM SHORT SHORTS black Leather 30" waist Side zip lace-up crotch, very cuite shorts. Some leather glue spots at zipper tape. $32.00
13455 CUSTOM FETISH 13455 FETISH CUSTOM Underwear black Leather 30" waist Spectacular leather, fully lined. Elastic at sides showing some signs of aging. $32.00
13454 GOORIN BROS HAT 13454 HAT GOORIN BROS Cap tan Suede LRG m made in the USA. ($100 CAD new) $42.00 SOLD
13453 RED WING DESTOCKED 13453 DESTOCKED RED WING Moc Toe Work Boot (8180) green Leather 42 D Red Wing Heritage line, made in USA. Kangaroo leather, Vibram sole $215.00
13452 RED WING BOOTS 13452 BOOTS RED WING Engineer (2990) black Leather 41.5 D Red Wing Heritage line, made in USA. $299.00
13451 RED WING BOOTS 13451 BOOTS RED WING Brogue Ranger (8127) brown Leather 41 D Red Wing Heritage line. Some wear to tongues. $309.00 SOLD
13450 DAYTON BOOTS 13450 BOOTS DAYTON Rebel black Leather 36 Dayton size 4.5; standard Women's 5.5. Freshly re-soled $109.00
13449 LATITUDE JACKET 13449 JACKET LATITUDE Fashion black Leather 50 Diamond quilted lining, zipped chest pockets, beautiful leather $75.00 SOLD
13448 DROSPO 13448 JACKET DROSPO 'TAURUS' Café Racer white Leather Sm Vintage! Venting, reinforced elbows, diagonal colouring. $175.00
13447 m0851 BAGGAGE 13447 BAGGAGE m0851 Hunter's Satchel brown Leather o/s Canadian-made very high end brand. "Soft" version. Unlined leather. MSRP $450 CAD $249.00
13446 BOULET BOOTS 13446 BOOTS BOULET Western black Leather 37 New soles and heel on a nicely-worn boot. $59.00
13445 BLACK SHEEP JACKET 13445 JACKET BLACK SHEEP Fashion burgundy Leather 38 Vintage jacket, great colour. Short sleeves. $50.00
13444 NETO JACKET 13444 JACKET NETO Fashion brown Leather 36 Vintage jacket in great condition. $50.00
13443 DANIER HAT 13443 HAT DANIER Newsie brown Leather L/XL $19.00 SOLD
13442 VESPA BAGGAGE 13442 BAGGAGE VESPA Messenger brown Leather o/s Beautiful leather, practical courier-style shoulder bag. Some wear at edges. One inner pocket zip is seized. $99.00 SOLD
13441 FLUEVOG BOOTS 13441 BOOTS FLUEVOG Malcolm brown Leather 40 A sweet little ankle boot from Fluevog's "Living" family $65.00
13440 Fox RAINGEAR 13440 RAINGEAR Fox Rain Suit yellow Textile XL Full waterproof rainsuit, rib knit wrists, button up legs, three large outer pockets. $45.00
13439 Georgia boot BOOTS 13439 BOOTS Georgia boot lace up brown Leather 41 10 eye lace ups, padded ankles, thick soles (recently repaired). $55.00
13438 DAYTON DESTOCKED 13438 DESTOCKED DAYTON Ranger+ black Leather 38.5 MSRP $650. Unusual bump toe on a classic Ranger profile. Soles and upper in great condition. $185.00
13437 SCORPION JACKET 13437 JACKET SCORPION Touring black Textile MED All armor, zip-out liner missing. Weatherproof. $119.00
13436 LEE JACKET 13436 JACKET LEE Jean blue Denim 44 short Great condition. Rounded chest pockets. $35.00 SOLD
13435 SPURS ACCESSORY 13435 ACCESSORY SPURS Solid Nickel silver Mix Materl o/s Vintage 1950s boot spurs. Smooth circular rowels. $35.00
13434 SWEDISH VINTAGE 13434 VINTAGE SWEDISH COURIER SUIT 2 pc black Leather MED-LRG TWO PIECE SUIT. Swedish Army. 1940s Horsehide. Wool liner. Size: Jckt:43ish: Pants: 36ish. One owner since '84. $799.00
13433 Canadian Army BOOTS 13433 BOOTS Canadian Army Garrison black Leather 39 Very rare. Only made from 1988/89 until about 1994 ("H.H. Brown" probably). $95.00 SOLD
13432 BILT PANTS 13432 PANTS BILT Storm Overpant black Textile 32 Armorable, side zips. Repaired lower leg.  Zip-out liner, weatherproof. MSRP $179 CAD $79.00 SOLD
13431 Boutique of Leathers PANTS 13431 PANTS Boutique of Leathers 5 pocket black Leather 28" waist 40" hip. Women's fit. $75.00
13430 NEW ROCK BOOTS 13430 BOOTS NEW ROCK Goth purple Leather 37 Cap toe, dogmaster strap, lace-up, platform sole, and all the fabulousness in the world. $149.00
13429 TRIUMPH ACCESSORY 13429 ACCESSORY TRIUMPH Belt Buckle brown Type: Standard Triumph logo belt buckle, vintage $45.00
13428 LEE DESTOCKED 13428 DESTOCKED LEE Selvedge blue Denim 33-34 Raw denim selvedge jeans with button fly. Comes with a spare button & original stitching thread. No riding features. $135.00
13427 JBJ DESTOCKED 13427 DESTOCKED JBJ Selvedge blue Denim 34 Japan Blue Jeans. Raw selvedge denim with button fly. No riding features. $139.00
13426 BIG JOHN DESTOCKED 13426 DESTOCKED BIG JOHN Selvedge blue Denim 34 Japanese-made raw denim selvedge jeans. No riding features. $185.00
13425 RGT DESTOCKED 13425 DESTOCKED RGT Selvedge black Denim 33 Rogue Territory selvedge raw denim jeans, button fly. No riding features. $175.00
13424 TELLASON DESTOCKED 13424 DESTOCKED TELLASON Selvedge blue Denim 33 Raw denim. Vintage styling with button fly. No riding features. $170.00
13423 RGT DESTOCKED 13423 DESTOCKED RGT Selvedge blue Denim 33 Rogue Territory selvedge jeans, raw denim. No riding features. $169.00
13422 LEVI LVC DESTOCKED 13422 DESTOCKED LEVI LVC 1944 Replica Selvedge blue Denim 34" waist Levi's Vintage Collection, 1944 Replica. Union made selvedge jeans with vintage styling, button fly, raw denim. Retails $285USD. No riding features. $0.00
13421 SYOAIYA DESTOCKED 13421 DESTOCKED SYOAIYA Pure Blue Japan "PBJ" blue Denim 33-34 Made by Syoaiya, aka "Pure Blue". Japanese-made raw denim jeans. Retails approx. $388CAD. No riding features. $230.00
13420 TELLASON JACKET 13420 JACKET TELLASON Selvedge blue Denim 42 Raw denim coverall jacket. Retails $240USD new. No riding features. $180.00 SOLD
13419 EAT DUST JACKET 13419 JACKET EAT DUST Selvedge blue Denim 42 Fit 673 Japanese indigo raw selvedge denim. Collar in blue corduroy. Retails $360CAD. No riding features. $225.00 SOLD
13418 CHRISTIAN DUMAS JACKET 13418 JACKET CHRISTIAN DUMAS Fashion black Leather 3XL Striped lining, cinching at waist, super soft! $59.00
13417 TEKNIC JACKET 13417 JACKET TEKNIC Riding black Textile XL Zip out liner, armored elbows and spine, reflective detailing $130.00
13416 OUTDOOR OUTFITS LTD JACKET 13416 JACKET OUTDOOR OUTFITS LTD Bomber blue Textile 2XL Warm fuzzy bomber coat with gold buttons $40.00
13415 SCHOTT JACKET 13415 JACKET SCHOTT FLT7 brown Leather 42 MRSP $1050 CAD  Original issue Felix the cat on back. $549.00
13414 NAKED & FAMOUS DESTOCKED 13414 DESTOCKED NAKED & FAMOUS JEANS blue Denim 34 Ultra-heavy 22 Oz. Selvedge ELEPHANT denim. (no other riding features)  MSRP $190 CAD $165.00
13413 Tellason JACKET 13413 JACKET Tellason Selvedge blue Denim 42-44 MSRP $260 USD 12.5 OZ weight. Near-perfect condition.No riding features. $219.00 SOLD
13412 UNBRANDED PANTS 13412 PANTS UNBRANDED Riding black Leather 40 With suspenders $139.00 SOLD
13411 THOR ARMOR 13411 ARMOR THOR Racing black Mix Materl S Armored mesh shirt for racing $99.00 SOLD
13410 Harley Davidson ACCESSORY 13410 ACCESSORY Harley Davidson Stand Coaster black Type: N/A Harley stand coaster! Allows you to park your bike on gravel/hot tarmac without the stand sinking in $5.00 SOLD
13409 JOE ROCKET PANTS 13409 PANTS JOE ROCKET Riding black Textile 38" waist Kevlar riding pants, armored knees $99.00
13408 SHIFT PANTS 13408 PANTS SHIFT Riding blue Denim 36 Kevlar riding jeans $109.00
13407 DRAGGIN JEANS PANTS 13407 PANTS DRAGGIN JEANS Riding blue Denim 32" waist Kevlar riding jeans $119.00 SOLD
13406 DAYTON BOOTS 13406 BOOTS DAYTON Rebel black Leather 39 Some sole wear & some toe scuffing. Dayton size 6E = Men's 7 $189.00
13405 BOULET BOOTS 13405 BOOTS BOULET Western Biker black Leather 39.5 Silver snaps $69.00
13404 JACK DANIEL 13404 BOOTS JACK DANIEL'S Western Fancy black Leather 39 EE So fancy! JD buckles, embroidery, etc $85.00 SOLD
13403 DONA MICHI VEST 13403 VEST DONA MICHI Snap Front Fashion black Leather 3XL W Several patches (Harley, "Wild Breed"). Tagged 3X, fits 2X $75.00
13402 WOLFF VEST 13402 VEST WOLFF Gambler black Leather 2XL Side lacing, Canadian brand $85.00 SOLD
13401 ORIGINAL LEATHER FACTORY JACKET 13401 JACKET ORIGINAL LEATHER FACTORY Café Racer black Leather 2XL Reflective piping detail. Top of the line brand, made in Canada $209.00
13400 Harley Davidson VEST 13400 VEST Harley Davidson Femme black Mix Materl 2XL W Leather Harley vest with textile side panels, curvy fit, HD logo on the back $109.00
13399 Harley Davidson RAINGEAR 13399 RAINGEAR Harley Davidson Full Suit black Textile XL W Original tags still on; "Moxie" rain suit; comes with storage pouch. Retails $150 USD new $119.00
13398 Harley Davidson HEATED 13398 HEATED Harley Davidson Touring Jacket black Textile L Heated Harley jacket $229.00
13397 WATSON GLOVES 13397 GLOVES WATSON Riding black Leather M W Classic Watson gloves $35.00
13396 XPERT CHAPS 13396 CHAPS XPERT Riding black Leather 24" thigh Beautiful leather! Original tags still attached; retails $300 new $189.00
13395 GENUINE LEATHER ACCESSORY 13395 ACCESSORY GENUINE LEATHER Wallet black Leather N/A Classic chain wallet $25.00 SOLD
13394 LAURENCE ROY CHAPS 13394 CHAPS LAURENCE ROY Slip-on/Single Chaps black Leather 26" thigh One-leg-at-a-time chaps! $89.00
13393 BELSTAFF RAINGEAR 13393 RAINGEAR BELSTAFF Jacket black Textile M W Touring length rain jacket, reflective stripe $27.00
13392 Harley Davidson JACKET 13392 JACKET Harley Davidson Practical Bomber black Textile XL W Zip front $75.00
13391 BUFFALO JACKET 13391 JACKET BUFFALO Fashion black Leather 42 New w/ tags. Moto styling, super cute. $130.00
13390 SEARS JACKET 13390 JACKET SEARS Fashion black Leather 40 Vintage lightweight café racer, quilted lining. Note: seized zipper on left pocket. $70.00 SOLD
13389 BED STU BOOTS 13389 BOOTS BED STU Harness brown Leather 42.5 Round toe, some scuffing on toe boxes. Side zip. $75.00
13388 DOUBLE H BOOTS BOOTS 13388 BOOTS DOUBLE H BOOTS Harness brown Leather 42.5 Unworn but slightly damaged from storage. Sq. toe, size zip, soles in good condition. $150.00
13387 ARIAT BOOTS 13387 BOOTS ARIAT 'Dalton Wide Square Toe' brown Leather 43.5 A western workboot! Sq toe w/ slight scuffing, brand new with tags. Note: not steeltoe. MSRP ~$160 CAD. $89.00
13386 TANNER GOODS ACCESSORY 13386 ACCESSORY TANNER GOODS 'Utility Bifold' Wallet brown Leather o/s MSRP $125 CAD. $69.00 SOLD
13385 G-STAR RAW VEST 13385 VEST G-STAR RAW Insulated Denim blue Textile 44 Raw denim, insulated, corduroy lining  MSRP ~$230 CAD. $129.00
13384 AUNTS & UNCLES BAGGAGE 13384 BAGGAGE AUNTS & UNCLES 'Riley' Messenger Bag brown Leather Sm Plaid lining, tablet pouch, fantastic condition. MSRP $260 CAD. $169.00 SOLD
13383 NAKED AND FAMOUS ACCESSORY 13383 ACCESSORY NAKED AND FAMOUS BELT brown Leather 36 A solid, sturdy belt. MSRP $98 CAD. $65.00
13382 FILSONS VEST 13382 VEST FILSONS Mackinaw Wool green Textile 40 As-new condition, 100% virgin wool. MSRP $185 CAD. $129.00 SOLD
13381 SCHOTT JACKET 13381 JACKET SCHOTT 'Easy Rider' (model 671) black Leather 42 Vintage styling, sherpa vest liner,  24" sleeves. MSRP ~$850 CAD. $499.00 SOLD
13380 SCHOTT JACKET 13380 JACKET SCHOTT 'Classic Racer' (model 141) black Leather 42 Excellent condition. Sherpa vest liner, 25" sleeve. MSRP ~$950 CAD. $699.00 SOLD
13379 SOFARI JACKET 13379 JACKET SOFARI Classic Biker black Leather 48 Zip-out liner, Sidelace $119.00 SOLD
13378 DIAMOND JACKET 13378 JACKET DIAMOND Classic Biker black Leather 44 chest Shortie, sidelace. $95.00 SOLD
13377 Outlook VEST 13377 VEST Outlook Bar vest black Leather 34" Light bar vest. Buckle detail on the back. General wear, one missing button, pinholes. $19.00 SOLD
13376 Giorgio Milenti VEST 13376 VEST Giorgio Milenti Gambler black Leather Small Lightweight, 5 snap, four front pockets. Loose threads and some tears in liner, general wear. $35.00 SOLD
13375 US NAVY MILITARIA 13375 MILITARIA US NAVY Full Uniform black Textile Medium/32" waist Technically it's navy blue, but the colour is nearly black. Patch on the  right sleeve: eagle and three red chevrons. Medium top (42"), 32" waist pants. $89.00
13374 US NAVY MILITARIA 13374 MILITARIA US NAVY Full Uniform white Textile Small/34 L White navy uniform including shirt and pants! So crisp! Top is Small, pants are a 34" waist. Patches on both arms "USS Abraham Lincoln" $89.00
13373 HARLEY DAVIDSON BOOTS 13373 BOOTS HARLEY DAVIDSON Riding black Leather 38 Short Boot, 6- eye, Ankle Buckle, Minor damage on top $65.00 SOLD
13372 PAWELKS BOOTS 13372 BOOTS PAWELKS Dress black Leather 43.5 Italian-made goodyear-welted fancy pointy-toed ankle boots. $39.00 SOLD
13371 COMBAT MILITARIA 13371 MILITARIA COMBAT COAT brown Textile Med Reg Lightweight brown digital desert camo combat coat. $49.00
13370 COMBAT MILITARIA 13370 MILITARIA COMBAT COAT khaki Textile XL Lightweight faded camoflauge combat coat. $49.00
13369 COMBAT MILITARIA 13369 MILITARIA COMBAT JACKET khaki Textile 46" Faded camoflauge lightweight unisex combat coat. $49.00
13368 NETHERLANDS MILITARIA 13368 MILITARIA NETHERLANDS SHIRT khaki Textile 42" Green camoflauge heavy overshirt, Netherlands military. "Korps Mariniers" patch on left arm. $45.00 SOLD
13367 Tru-Spec MILITARIA 13367 MILITARIA Tru-Spec COAT khaki Textile Large Long Lightweight combat coat, faded digital camo pattern. $49.00
13366 COMBAT MILITARIA 13366 MILITARIA COMBAT COAT khaki Textile Med Long New with tags. Digital camo pattern, lightweight combat coat. $49.00
13365 US ARMY MILITARIA 13365 MILITARIA US ARMY JACKET brown Textile MED Reg Brown digital desert camoflauge pattern. $49.00
13364 US Army MILITARIA 13364 MILITARIA US Army JACKET brown Textile MED Reg Brown digital desert camoflauge pattern. $49.00
13363 Canadian MILITARIA 13363 MILITARIA Canadian PANTS khaki Textile 28 S faded digital camoflauge pattern. $52.00
13362 Canadian MILITARIA 13362 MILITARIA Canadian PANTS khaki Textile 40 R Faded digital pattern camoflauge. $52.00
13361 Canadian MILITARIA 13361 MILITARIA Canadian JUMPSUIT green Textile med captain's flight suit. $89.00
13360 US NAVY MILITARIA 13360 MILITARIA US NAVY JACKET tan Textile LRG TALL Tri-color desert camouflage pattern. Ripstop. Summer weight. $49.00
13359 US NAVY MILITARIA 13359 MILITARIA US NAVY JACKET tan Textile LRG REG Tri-color desert camouflage pattern. Ripstop. Summer weight. $49.00
13358 US NAVY MILITARIA 13358 MILITARIA US NAVY JACKET tan Textile LRG REG Tri-color desert camouflage pattern. Ripstop. Summer weight. $49.00
13357 US NAVY MILITARIA 13357 MILITARIA US NAVY JACKET tan Textile SM REG Tri-color desert camouflage pattern. Ripstop. Summer weight. $49.00
13356 US NAVY MILITARIA 13356 MILITARIA US NAVY JACKET tan Textile LRG REG Tri-color desert camouflage pattern. Winter weight. "US NAVY" tags. $49.00
13355 AIR FORCE MILITARIA 13355 MILITARIA AIR FORCE JACKET khaki Textile LRG Digital camo pattern. Men's utility jacket. (Air force tags removed) $49.00
13354 AIR FORCE MILITARIA 13354 MILITARIA AIR FORCE JACKET khaki Textile 48 TALL Digital camo pattern. Men's utility jacket. AIR FORCE TAGS attached. $59.00
13353 AIR FORCE MILITARIA 13353 MILITARIA AIR FORCE JACKET khaki Textile 48 TALL Digital camo pattern. Men's utility jacket. AIR FORCE TAGS attached. $59.00
13352 AIR FORCE MILITARIA 13352 MILITARIA AIR FORCE JACKET khaki Textile 48 TALL Digital camo pattern. Men's utility jacket. AIR FORCE TAGS attached. $59.00
13351 EAST GERMAN MILITARIA 13351 MILITARIA EAST GERMAN Coat khaki Textile med Raindrop pattern camo. $55.00 SOLD
13350 COMBAT MILITARIA 13350 MILITARIA COMBAT COAT green Textile SMALL m Lightweight combat jacket. Name "Bali" $45.00
13349 US ARMY MILITARIA 13349 MILITARIA US ARMY COAT tan Textile SM REG Desert combat coat. Chocolate chip pattern camouflage. $49.00
13348 US ARMY MILITARIA 13348 MILITARIA US ARMY COAT tan Textile SM REG Desert combat coat. Chocolate chip pattern camouflage. (printing on collar) $49.00
13347 PROPPER MILITARIA 13347 MILITARIA PROPPER BDU COAT khaki Textile MED REG New with Tags. Tiger Camo. $55.00
13346 US ARMY MILITARIA 13346 MILITARIA US ARMY JACKET khaki Textile MED SHORT Woodland camouflage, summerweight, ripstop, 4-pocket front, button-up. $39.00
13345 CANADIAN MILITARIA 13345 MILITARIA CANADIAN NURSE TOP khaki Textile 42 Women's-fit shirt for nurses. $39.00
13344 PORTUGAL MILITARIA 13344 MILITARIA PORTUGAL SHIRT khaki Textile 40 New/unworn. DPM pattern Portuguese military shirt. $49.00 SOLD
13343 CANADIAN MILITARIA 13343 MILITARIA CANADIAN TANK SUIT khaki Textile 40-42 Drive tanks in this onesie. Handle on yoke so your friends can fetch you along in an emergency. $75.00
13342 CANADIAN MILITARIA 13342 MILITARIA CANADIAN TANK SUIT khaki Textile 42-44 Drive tanks in this onesie. Grenade rings on zippers. Handle on yoke so your friends can fetch you along in an emergency. $75.00
13341 US AIRFORCE MILITARIA 13341 MILITARIA US AIRFORCE G SUIT khaki Textile MED SHORT Rare. Technical Fighter pilot flightsuit. $119.00
13340 Canadian MILITARIA 13340 MILITARIA Canadian JUMPSUIT orange Textile SM TALL SEARCH & RESCUE flight suit. $89.00 SOLD
13339 IRAQ MILITARIA 13339 MILITARIA IRAQ TWO PIECE SET tan Textile SMALL m Unworn IRAQ military SET: jacket / pants, Digital desert camouflage. Gotta go as a set. $99.00
13338 Canadian MILITARIA 13338 MILITARIA Canadian Royal Regiment blue Textile 28-32 Red stripe officer's pant. $59.00
13337 ULTRA FORCE MILITARIA 13337 MILITARIA ULTRA FORCE Cap khaki Textile LRG New with tags. $13.00
13336 ULTRA FORCE MILITARIA 13336 MILITARIA ULTRA FORCE Cap khaki Textile LRG New with tags. $13.00
13335 ULTRA FORCE MILITARIA 13335 MILITARIA ULTRA FORCE Cap khaki Textile LRG New with tags. $13.00
13334 US ARMY MILITARIA 13334 MILITARIA US ARMY JACKET khaki Textile MED REG Woodland camouflage, winterweight, 4-pocket front, button-up. $45.00
13333 US ARMY MILITARIA 13333 MILITARIA US ARMY JACKET khaki Textile MED REG Woodland camouflage, winterweight, 4-pocket front, button-up. $45.00
13332 US ARMY MILITARIA 13332 MILITARIA US ARMY JACKET khaki Textile med Woodland camouflage, winterweight, 4-pocket front, button-up. $49.00
13331 US ARMY MILITARIA 13331 MILITARIA US ARMY JACKET khaki Textile med Woodland camouflage, summerweight, ripstop, 4-pocket front, button-up. $39.00
13330 US ARMY MILITARIA 13330 MILITARIA US ARMY JACKET khaki Textile MED LONG Woodland camouflage, winterweight, 4-pocket front, button-up. "Sanders" tags. $49.00
13329 US ARMY MILITARIA 13329 MILITARIA US ARMY JACKET khaki Textile LRG REG Woodland camouflage, summerweight, ripstop, 4-pocket front, button-up. $39.00 SOLD
13328 Replica JACKET 13328 JACKET Replica Mouton Pilot brown Leather 42 Replica pilot's jacket, fuzz-lined. $109.00
13327 WOLFMAN BAGGAGE 13327 BAGGAGE WOLFMAN DRYBAG DUFFLE yellow Rubber Big Utterly waterproof bag. MSRP $200 CAD. $119.00
13326 BRISTOL GLOVES 13326 GLOVES BRISTOL Gauntlets black Leather MED Stiff cuffs, warm padding, collectable brand. $59.00
13325 Watson GLOVES 13325 GLOVES Watson Welder light grey Suede LRG Work gloves, tough enough for riding $5.00
13324 FIRM GRIP GLOVES 13324 GLOVES FIRM GRIP Mechanic-style dark grey Textile LRG Knuckle armor, Motocross-style $25.00
13323 COVINGTON GLOVES 13323 GLOVES COVINGTON Wrist-length black Leather XL Fleece-lined, velcro wristband. $35.00
13322 TRIUMPH JACKET 13322 JACKET TRIUMPH café racer dark grey Leather 46 Pockets for limb armor. $209.00
13321 AVIREX JACKET 13321 JACKET AVIREX Biker Classic black Leather 42 D-Pocket design. Patch on back: "Avirex Miss .45". Liner decorated with nekkid ladies. $309.00
13320 AVIREX JACKET 13320 JACKET AVIREX Varsity purple Leather 40 Alaskan Wild Bears team issue. $99.00
13319 AVIREX VEST 13319 VEST AVIREX Riding black Leather LRG m 2nd annual freedom run issue. Bi-tone. Nekkid ladies in the liner. $189.00
13318 CANADA WEST BOOTS 13318 BOOTS CANADA WEST Harness black Leather 40 Square toe, some sole wear at heels $79.00
13317 UNBRANDED BOOTS 13317 BOOTS UNBRANDED Western black Leather 40 D Very fancy! So much silver bling $50.00 SOLD
13316 DURANGO BOOTS 13316 BOOTS DURANGO Harness black Leather 39 D Square toe, shortie. Look at those immaculate soles! $79.00
13315 GENUINE LEATHER CHAPS 13315 CHAPS GENUINE LEATHER Riding black Leather 24" thigh Brand new, mesh lining $79.00
13314 XELEMENT CHAPS 13314 CHAPS XELEMENT Riding black Leather 26" thigh Brand new $99.00
13313 DAINESE GLOVES 13313 GLOVES DAINESE Gauntlet black Leather L Carbon fibre knuckle armor, yellow contrast stitch $109.00 SOLD
13312 ALPINESTARS GLOVES 13312 GLOVES ALPINESTARS Racing black Leather L, fits smaller Carbon fibre knuckle armor; some sun fading $35.00 SOLD
13311 OXFORD BAGGAGE 13311 BAGGAGE OXFORD Tank Bag black Textile Large Clear map pocket; magnetic; can convert into backpack! $75.00 SOLD
13310 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 13310 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Classic Biker black Leather 44-46 rare original USA-made jacket in impeccable condition. Tagged L, fits genererous. $389.00 SOLD
13309 BRISTOL JACKET 13309 JACKET BRISTOL Classic Biker burgundy Leather LRG W Stud detail, flair waist, lighter leather $109.00
13308 SAM BROWNE ACCESSORY 13308 ACCESSORY SAM BROWNE Belt black Leather sm Classic military style belt with shoulder strap $75.00
13307 UNBRANDED ACCESSORY 13307 ACCESSORY UNBRANDED Belt black Leather sm Mosaic-patterned studs $75.00 SOLD
13306 UNBRANDED ACCESSORY 13306 ACCESSORY UNBRANDED Belt black Leather sm Black leather belt with coffin-shaped studs; wide, plain silver buckle $75.00
13305 MUIR HAT 13305 HAT MUIR Leatherman black Leather 7-1/4 VERY Vintage genuine cap from Muir Cap & Regalia. (poss 1960s) Some patina of wear, slight brim damage. All black. $75.00 SOLD
13304 MUIR HAT 13304 HAT MUIR Leatherman black Leather 7 Vintage genuine cap from Muir Cap & Regalia. Silver hat bands and silver brim edge. $85.00 SOLD
13303 unbranded CHAPS 13303 CHAPS unbranded Bar black Leather 22" thigh Classic bar chaps, heavy inside zips, unlined. $119.00 SOLD
13302 TAUBER 13302 CHAPS TAUBER's of CA Bar black Leather 20" thigh Lace-up front and back, brass inner leg zips, gleaming vintage leather. Collectable brand. $189.00 SOLD
13301 LEATHER FOREVER PANTS 13301 PANTS LEATHER FOREVER 5-pocket Jean black Leather 28 - 30 Sleek unlined leather jeans, classic styling. Made in SF. $139.00 SOLD
13300 LANGLITZ PANTS 13300 PANTS LANGLITZ Vintage Riding black Leather 28-30 Vintage riding pants. Unlined. Talon zips, brass hardware. Zip pockets, high waist. $179.00 SOLD
13299 ORIGINAL LEATHER FACTORY JACKET 13299 JACKET ORIGINAL LEATHER FACTORY café racer + black Leather 42 Custom-made piece from a local Vancouver maker. $279.00 SOLD
13298 DACK 13298 BOOTS DACK'S Equestrian brown Leather 42.5 Circa 1925 vintage riding boots: amazing condition. Made in Canada. Leather soles. Fantastic brand making boots since 1835. $219.00
13297 POLICE BOOTS 13297 BOOTS POLICE Patrol black Leather 42.5 Equestrian-style motorcycle boots. Slender shaft. Non-skid sole (some wear) $99.00
13296 POLICE BOOTS 13296 BOOTS POLICE PATROL burgundy Leather 43EEE Strathcona / RCMP style. Heavy soles. Almost unworn. Pebble finish. 19" tall shaft. Seiberling sole. Dark Oxblood-Brown $289.00 SOLD
13295 POLICE BOOTS 13295 BOOTS POLICE PATROL black Leather 9.5 Mountie/Strathcona-style knee high. Stamped MP for motor patrol. Steel heel plate. Sullivan's soles. Vintage. $209.00
13294 unknown BOOTS 13294 BOOTS unknown PATROL black Leather 42.5 Knee-high motorcycle patrol boots, Police / Strathcona / RCMP style. Biltrite double half-sole and heel, almost no wear. $209.00 SOLD
13293 JUSTIN BOOTS 13293 BOOTS JUSTIN Western black Leather 42E Nice detailing. Topy sole. Heels will need resole soon. $65.00 SOLD
13292 BOULET BOOTS 13292 BOOTS BOULET Western brown Leather 42.5 Lizard toe, Canadian-made, leather-soled. Nice underslung heel. $89.00 SOLD
13291 SANDERS BOOTS 13291 BOOTS SANDERS Western Tall brown Leather 42.5 A spectacular pair of  handcrafted ultra-tall ultra-quality cowboy boots. $109.00
13290 FOX PANTS 13290 PANTS FOX Racing MX black Textile 28" waist Some hip padding $25.00
13289 FRYE BOOTS 13289 BOOTS FRYE Campus Plus brown Leather 39 Retro! 8" high side zip, close fitting fashion boot with stack heel $119.00
13288 RUKKA JACKET 13288 JACKET RUKKA Touring green Textile S Goretex, cordura, removable liner, padding at elbows/shoulders/spine $135.00 SOLD
13287 LEVI 13287 JACKET LEVI's 1936 re-issue blue Denim 42 Modern Japanese edition, similar: LEVI's Type 1 1936 with double front pleats, plus gold threading. Wow! MSRP $398 USD $149.00
13286 LEVI 13286 JACKET LEVI's TRUCKER blue Denim 44-46 As-new condition. The Selvedge Vintage styled denim trucker/jean jacket. MSRP $198 $119.00 SOLD
13285 UNBRANDED VEST 13285 VEST UNBRANDED Jean blue Denim XXL m 6-pocket Levi's style $30.00 SOLD
13284 TRIUMPH JACKET 13284 JACKET TRIUMPH Café Racer blue Textile L Zip-out liner, shoulder/elbow armor $219.00 SOLD
13283 TRIUMPH JACKET 13283 JACKET TRIUMPH Café Racer black Leather M Zip-out liner, elbow/shoulder armor, back is also armorable, venting MSRP $585 CAD $349.00 SOLD
13282 TEKNIC JACKET 13282 JACKET TEKNIC Touring black Textile L Zip-out liner, all armor $159.00 SOLD
13281 ALPINESTARS BOOTS 13281 BOOTS ALPINESTARS Short Touring black Leather 43 Waterproof! Great condition $75.00 SOLD
13278 TEXAS BOOTS 13278 BOOTS TEXAS Roper black Leather 40 Two types of leather, pull loops, cool red stitch $49.00
13277 UNIK BAGGAGE 13277 BAGGAGE UNIK TOP BAG black Textile Big Used for one month. Reflective decal. Rain cover. $75.00
13276 unbranded JACKET 13276 JACKET unbranded Flared black Leather XXL w Car coat length women's flared jacket with embroidery detail. Some original embroidery missing, rest is symmetrical. $49.00 SOLD
13275 ICON BOOTS 13275 BOOTS ICON Touring Sneaker white Mix Materl 42.5 Lots of wear to left toe but still perfectly functional $40.00
13274 NELSON-RIGGS BAGGAGE 13274 BAGGAGE NELSON-RIGGS Saddlebags black Textile N/A Reflective piping $59.00 SOLD
13273 GUARDIAN ACCESSORY 13273 ACCESSORY GUARDIAN Bike Cover blue Textile N/A Waterproof $49.00 SOLD
13272 CUSTOM ACCESSORY 13272 ACCESSORY CUSTOM BELT + POUCH black Leather small Brass hardware, two (2prong) buckles. Nice leather. $36.00 SOLD
13271 HARLEY DAVIDSON BOOTS 13271 BOOTS HARLEY DAVIDSON High Block Heel black Leather 42.5 Side zip and strap detail. 3" heel and a bit of a platform. $59.00 SOLD
13270 British MILITARIA 13270 MILITARIA British JACKET green Textile 42 Designed for leaping out of perfectly good aeroplanes. $65.00 SOLD
13269 British MILITARIA 13269 MILITARIA British JACKET green Textile 44 Designed for leaping out of perfectly good aeroplanes. $65.00
13268 Canadian MILITARIA 13268 MILITARIA Canadian JACKET light grey Textile 42 Digital pattern, greenish grey. Patches removed. $65.00 SOLD
13267 US ARMY MILITARIA 13267 MILITARIA US ARMY JACKET green Textile MED Woodland Camouflage. Summerweight, rare. See also PANTS #13263 $65.00
13266 Canadian MILITARIA 13266 MILITARIA Canadian JACKET light grey Textile 44 Digital Patterns. Patches removed. See also PANTS #13260 $65.00
13265 US ARMY MILITARIA 13265 MILITARIA US ARMY PANT tan Textile SM LONG "Chocolate chip" 6-colour camoflage pattern. $52.00
13264 US Army MILITARIA 13264 MILITARIA US Army PANT tan Textile SM X-SHORT "Chocolate chip" 6-colour camoflage pattern $52.00
13263 US ARMY MILITARIA 13263 MILITARIA US ARMY PANT khaki Textile 32 Woodland Camouflage Summerweight, rare. See also JACKET 13267 $52.00 SOLD
13262 US ARMY MILITARIA 13262 MILITARIA US ARMY PANT tan Textile SM-LONG 3 colour pale tan Desert camouflage $52.00
13261 Canadian Navy MILITARIA 13261 MILITARIA Canadian Navy PANT black Textile 32 Unworn. Deep black. $55.00
13260 Canadian MILITARIA 13260 MILITARIA Canadian PANT light grey Textile 34 R Faded Digital Pattern camouflage. See also JACKET #13266 $52.00
13259 ULTRAFORCE MILITARIA 13259 MILITARIA ULTRAFORCE HAT khaki Textile 7-5/8 -XL Utility cap, 100% cotton. New with tags. $13.00
13258 BOUTIQUE OF LEATHERS JACKET 13258 JACKET BOUTIQUE OF LEATHERS Café black Leather 44 Unique! Double front zip, extra arm zips, double button café collar, expansion panels $235.00 SOLD
13257 BRISTOL JACKET 13257 JACKET BRISTOL Racing black Leather 44 All the cool details, two-side belt, unique zip/lapel, great stitching and ribbing, WOW! $165.00
13256 R.C.M.P. MILITARIA 13256 MILITARIA R.C.M.P. Red serge uniform red Textile SM mens FIVE PIECE VINTAGE SET (jacket, pants, shirt, belt, hat) Fits 36-38 chest, 30 pant, 7-1/8 hat (principal cap, not a stetson). $329.00
13255 MILLERCRAFT BOOTS 13255 BOOTS MILLERCRAFT Equestrian black Leather 43.5 1970 vintage, New York made. Impeccable condition and shine. Built-rite/catspaw soles, comes with boot-stretchers and SPURS $115.00
13254 CUSTOM BOOTS 13254 BOOTS CUSTOM Patrol black Leather 43.5 Engineer-style strap, tall shaft. Vintage. Lug sole. $85.00 SOLD
13253 VICTORS BOOTS 13253 BOOTS VICTORS Equestrian brown Leather 43.5 Texas A&M uniform issue. Vintage. Comes with boot pulls, shoe trees, spurs, and bootbags. $189.00 SOLD
13252 DAYTON BOOTS 13252 BOOTS DAYTON Tall ENGINEER black Leather 43.5 Custom made vintage boots with 15" shafts, double top buckle, double soles. $185.00
13251 RCMP BOOTS 13251 BOOTS RCMP High Browns brown Leather 43.5 The quintessential Mountie boot. Vintage. Very minor use, impeccable uppers. $289.00 SOLD
13250 A-WEAR JACKET 13250 JACKET A-WEAR Fashion black Leather Medium Thick leather, blazer style, missing button $40.00
13249 BRISTOL JACKET 13249 JACKET BRISTOL Café Racer Plus black Leather 42 Vintage Golden Crown 2-zip jacket. No armor, quilt-stitch, kidney padding, waist belt. Lots of pockets! $239.00
13248 DR MARTENS BOOTS 13248 BOOTS DR MARTENS Eight-Hole Lace Up black Leather 39.5 From England. Shiny snakeskin pattern on leather, so goth! Some wear but soles are immaculate $49.00 SOLD
13247 FREEBASE DESTOCKED 13247 DESTOCKED FREEBASE Military green Textile L US Military-style vest, sleeves cut off, patches & buttoned pockets $45.00
13246 BRIXTON VEST 13246 VEST BRIXTON Club Style black Textile M Thick, super toasty vest for fall/winter! $70.00 SOLD
13245 ASTRO JACKET 13245 JACKET ASTRO Vintage red Leather 42 Vintage sporting-style jacket, great front zip. Tons of dings, pokes, scuffs and stains… but still retaining a certain something. AS-IS $39.00 SOLD
13244 FRYE BOOTS 13244 BOOTS FRYE Vintage Roper brown Leather 42.5 C Gorgeous old FRYE boots from back when they were the John A. Frye Shoe Company. Catspaw heels. $55.00
13243 JOE ROCKET GLOVES 13243 GLOVES JOE ROCKET Gauntlet black Leather MED Weathered look. Some scratches on the armored knuckles. $39.00 SOLD
13242 BOBSTER EYE-WEAR 13242 EYE-WEAR BOBSTER GOGGLE set black Mix Materl o/s Three-lens colour set, elastic headstrap. Cruiser II style. $29.00 SOLD
13241 JOE ROCKET JACKET 13241 JACKET JOE ROCKET Sport black Mix Materl 44 All armor, zip out waterproof liner (also a light jacket). Mesh breathable front. As-new condition. $229.00
13240 ORIGINAL LEATHER FACTORY PANTS 13240 PANTS ORIGINAL LEATHER FACTORY Cruiser black Leather 32 Impeccable vintage custom-made piece from a local Vancouver maker. Expansion panels, zip, reinforced knees. $209.00
13239 ORIGINAL LEATHER FACTORY JACKET 13239 JACKET ORIGINAL LEATHER FACTORY Vintage café black Leather 42 TALL Impeccable vintage custom-made piece from a local Vancouver maker. $309.00
13238 DROSPO JACKET 13238 JACKET DROSPO Taurus brown Leather 40 Vintage 80s café racer style. Collectible Canadian (Quebec) brand. Perfect function. Quilt stitch. $239.00
13237 TEKNIC GLOVES 13237 GLOVES TEKNIC Gauntlet black Leather MED W Spectacular oiltan feel. Joint protection. $49.00 SOLD
13236 First Gear PANTS 13236 PANTS First Gear Overpant black Textile 8 W Zip out liner. Knee armor. $89.00
13235 Military BOOTS 13235 BOOTS Military Parade black Leather 40 Canadian 6" service boots with a thick steel toe profile. $65.00
13234 Custom FETISH 13234 FETISH Custom Gauntlet Restraints black Leather M-L Fetish restraints, cute! $45.00 SOLD
13233 BELSTAFF JACKET 13233 JACKET BELSTAFF Riding "Stormshield" yellow Textile L Liner; shoulder and elbow armor; weatherproof; reflective patches $159.00
13232 XELEMENT BOOTS 13232 BOOTS XELEMENT Harness black Leather 43.5 Square toe. Some heel wear. Hard toe. Nice soft, tough oiltan leather. $49.00 SOLD
13231 ALPINESTARS JACKET 13231 JACKET ALPINESTARS Touring black Textile 44 Weatherproof. Zip out liner, all armor. Bit of wear on collar of liner, some discoloration on apron. $155.00 SOLD
13230 JOE ROCKET JACKET 13230 JACKET JOE ROCKET riding light grey Textile 44 Venting. All armor. Mandarin collar, no liner. $149.00
13229 VIKING CYCLE JACKET 13229 JACKET VIKING CYCLE Touring black Leather M W Hardly worn (original tags), braiding detail, cinched waist $129.00 SOLD
13228 CasaNova JACKET 13228 JACKET CasaNova Biker Classic plus black Leather 40 Fancy! Full belt, many pockets, so many silver studs. Made in Canada! Pinholes in the lapel, and general wear. $139.00 SOLD
13227 DAYTON BOOTS 13227 BOOTS DAYTON Hard Toe Toughie black Leather 39 EE MSRP 650 CAD. Perfect pair of boots. 7 eye lace up, thick soles. $375.00
13226 German Army MILITARIA 13226 MILITARIA German Army GREATCOAT dark grey Textile 42 One post-WWII vintage German army greatcoat, insignia removed. Dense wool, incredibly warm. $229.00
13225 BMW BOOTS 13225 BOOTS BMW Touring black Leather 45 Goretex-lined weatherproof touring boots. $169.00
13224 RIPLEY 13224 JACKET RIPLEY'S Biker Classic black Leather 44-46 Vintage, Vancouver-made, collectible brand. In perfect condition. Very very thick leather. Tagged 46, fits a bit smaller $319.00 SOLD
13223 Redwing BOOTS 13223 BOOTS Redwing Work boot brown Leather 42 Great tough boot, CSA approved steel toe, gore-tex, a little wear on the toe but otherwise excellent. $175.00 SOLD
13222 unbranded VEST 13222 VEST unbranded Hippie blue Suede 42-44 Vintage 60s, fringe and beads, Original Lightning zip. $99.00
13221 Mexico VEST 13221 VEST Mexico Western tan Leather 40 Vintage 60s? Made in Mexico.  Incredibly soft. Pin "shootin' iron" Some condition flaws. AS-IS. $55.00 SOLD
13220 MANKIN VEST 13220 VEST MANKIN Western tan Leather 38 Vintage 60s? Made in England. Rough-out full grain leather. Incredibly soft. Some fringe $45.00
13219 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 13219 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Cruiser black Leather 42 - 44 2 D-pockets, center xip, waist adjustments. $209.00 SOLD
13218 unbranded CHAPS 13218 CHAPS unbranded Workman tan Suede med Cowboy-welder-flint-knapper. Work it. $45.00
13217 USA CHAPS 13217 CHAPS USA cruiser dark grey Leather 21" thigh Spectular patina, brass hardware, massive fringe. $139.00 SOLD
13216 STEER DESTOCKED 13216 DESTOCKED STEER Cruiser black Leather 24" thigh Unlined. Lots of wear, very good leather. 2 snaps bottom. $72.00
13215 GANKA RAINGEAR 13215 RAINGEAR GANKA pant black Textile 30 Tear in knee, Suspenders, leg zips, front pocket, reflective piping $35.00 SOLD
13214 ALPINESTARS PANTS 13214 PANTS ALPINESTARS Riding blue Denim 32 Kevlar butt/knees, button fly, wear on knee $119.00
13213 TOURMASTER BOOTS 13213 BOOTS TOURMASTER Riding black Leather 41 velcro/zip closure, external wear $89.00 SOLD
13212 EXUSTAR BOOTS 13212 BOOTS EXUSTAR Riding black Leather 42 Velcro closure/zip, hard points, vents $99.00 SOLD
13211 NELSON-RIGG BAGGAGE 13211 BAGGAGE NELSON-RIGG Saddlebags black Textile O/S Small, lightweight saddlebags, double zip $59.00 SOLD
13210 ALTIMATE BOOTS 13210 BOOTS ALTIMATE MX black Leather 42.5 Wear to soles, prexport sole label $89.00
13209 DAINESE RACE SUIT 13209 RACE SUIT DAINESE Two Piece white Leather 46-48 Knee/elbow/shoulder armor. Pocket for back armor + puckable. $459.00
13208 DAINESE RACE SUIT 13208 RACE SUIT DAINESE Two Piece black Mix Materl 44 All armor, puckable. Perforated leather + cordura. $459.00
13207 MOTO GUZZI JACKET 13207 JACKET MOTO GUZZI 'Breva' Café Racer black Leather 46 No armor, but pockets for it. Zip-out liner. MSRP ~$525 CAD $309.00
13206 TEKNIC JACKET 13206 JACKET TEKNIC Riding blue Leather 46 - 48 All armor. Missing snap-in liner. $199.00
13205 DAINESE JACKET 13205 JACKET DAINESE Café Racer black Leather 44 Shoulder+ elbow armor, pocket for back armor. Asymmetrical zipper, crest on left arm. Excellent leather. MSRP ~$750 $349.00 SOLD
13204 DAINESE DUCATI JACKET 13204 JACKET DAINESE DUCATI Café Racer red Leather 44 Shoulder + elbow armor, pocket for back armor. Note slight discolouration on white leather. MSRP ~$800 CAD $349.00
13203 FIELDSHEER PANTS 13203 PANTS FIELDSHEER 'Men's Sport 2.0' Riding black Perf Lthr 2XL Hip + knee pads, pucks. MSRP $309 CAD $209.00
13202 DAINESE PANTS 13202 PANTS DAINESE Racing black Perf Lthr 38 Knee armor + hip padding, puckable. Excellent condition. MSRP $500 CAD $369.00 SOLD
13201 FIELDSHEER PANTS 13201 PANTS FIELDSHEER Riding black Mesh Tex 38 All armor, no liner. Lightweight, side zip opening. $119.00
13200 DAINESE GLOVES 13200 GLOVES DAINESE 'Valentino Rossi' Gauntlet HI-VIS Leather XL A Valentino Rossi racing gauntlet replica, pre-2009, collectible. Carbon fibre + steel armor. $99.00 SOLD
13199 FIELDSHEER GLOVES 13199 GLOVES FIELDSHEER '2.0 Circuit' Racing black Leather XL Ultra-protective racing gauntlet with hard shell cuffs. Made with kangaroo leather, goatskin, and kevlar. $75.00 SOLD
13198 BOHN ARMOR 13198 ARMOR BOHN 'Bodyguard Airtex Shirt' black Mesh Tex XL Armored mesh shirt for protection and comfort! Hardly worn. MSRP $185 CAD $139.00 SOLD
13197 FIELDSHEER JACKET 13197 JACKET FIELDSHEER Riding black Mesh Tex 2XL All armor, excellent condition. $119.00 SOLD
13196 FIELDSHEER JACKET 13196 JACKET FIELDSHEER 'Adventure' Touring HI-VIS Mesh Tex 2XL All armor, zip-out liner. Waterproof! $135.00
13195 FIELDSHEER JACKET 13195 JACKET FIELDSHEER Café Racer black Leather Lg All armor, zip-out waterproof+insulating liner. $115.00
13194 UNBRANDED JACKET 13194 JACKET UNBRANDED Vintage Shearling Pilot brown Leather 52 Vintage aviation bomber jacket with removable faux-shearling collar. Pristine condition, made in England. $149.00
13193 SIDI BOOTS 13193 BOOTS SIDI 'Jasmine Rain' Touring black Leather 38 MSRP $300 CAD. Note: original zipper "pull tab" on R boot replaced. $65.00 SOLD
13192 MIA BOOTS 13192 BOOTS MIA Western Plus black Leather 38 A fancy boot indeed! Stud detailing, wee harness, and heels to boot. $65.00
13191 Canadian-Made BOOTS 13191 BOOTS Canadian-Made Western green Leather 38 Deep green western boots with a yellow contrast stitch. $55.00
13190 UNBRANDED BOOTS 13190 BOOTS UNBRANDED Western brown Leather 38 Good leather with a nice patina. A classic western boot. $55.00
13189 SPEED AND STRENGTH PANTS 13189 PANTS SPEED AND STRENGTH Smokin' Aces Women's black Textile 4 W Brand new with tags! Knee armor, knee + butt kevlar reinforcement, and POCKETS! In women's jeans! Amazing! MSRP $150 USD $129.00
13188 DOUBLE H BOOTS 13188 BOOTS DOUBLE H Rupers brown Leather 42 Horsehide! Classic beauty! Unique! $209.00
13187 ASLAN FETISH 13187 FETISH ASLAN Harness black Rubber med Waterproof. $35.00
13186 MEZCALERO BOOTS 13186 BOOTS MEZCALERO Western tan Leather 39.5 Nicely constructed boots with a topy sole. $65.00 SOLD
13185 GERMAN MILITARIA 13185 MILITARIA GERMAN Flight Jumpsuit khaki Textile SM m Two part! It's rare to see this set with the removable warmth liner! $109.00 SOLD
13184 NEVADA BOOTS 13184 BOOTS NEVADA Harness black Vegan Lthr 39 NOT LEATHER. NOT FOR RIDING. But awfully cute, for fashion purposes. $32.00 SOLD
13183 ONLY VEST 13183 VEST ONLY Fashion dark grey Mix Materl MED w Denim and vegan "leather". Fantastic style. Zip close. $22.00 SOLD
13182 DANIER SHIRT 13182 SHIRT DANIER Bustier black Suede MED w Snap-front tank-style. $22.00 SOLD
13181 Le Chateau JACKET 13181 JACKET Le Chateau GREATCOAT black Textile MED w A military-style swoop. $89.00
13180 TEKNIC JACKET 13180 JACKET TEKNIC Riding light grey Mesh Tex XS W All armor, a lot of cosmetic wear but still entirely functional $75.00
13179 Speed and Strength GLOVES 13179 GLOVES Speed and Strength Power and the Glory black Mix Materl Large Bough new and never used! Lightweight and super protective. Mesh backs, leather palms and TPR knuckle and finger armor. $45.00 SOLD
13178 UNIK JACKET 13178 JACKET UNIK Classic Biker tan Leather 44 Interesting wear/patina; side lacing $139.00 SOLD
13177 ROLAND SANDS DESIGN JACKET 13177 JACKET ROLAND SANDS DESIGN Maven/Ronin black Leather sm/MED w MSRP $715 CAD. All armor. Lots of venting/perforation. One season's wear. Great patina starting. $329.00 SOLD
13176 HARLEY DAVIDSON BIKE BIT 13176 BIKE BIT HARLEY DAVIDSON RAIN SEAT COVER 2 pc black Textile Electroglide a pair of fitted waterproof nylon seat covers (driver and pasenger) $24.00
13175 SHIFT JACKET 13175 JACKET SHIFT Sport white Mix Materl 48 Zip out liner, all armor. $99.00
13174 BLINK JACKET 13174 JACKET BLINK blazer tan Leather 42 Classic cowboy formal. Tortoiseshell-look buttons. Some patina of wear. $55.00 SOLD
13173 DANIER JACKET 13173 JACKET DANIER café racer fashion red Leather 42 Lightweight fashion jacket. Tagged 40, fits larger. $65.00 SOLD
13172 HARLEY DAVIDSON BAGGAGE 13172 BAGGAGE HARLEY DAVIDSON Saddlebags black Leather - Hard case saddlebags, good condition. Note: Does not come with mounting hardware. $139.00
13171 OGIO BAGGAGE 13171 BAGGAGE OGIO Saddlebags black Textile - Over-frame textile saddlebags, one bag has a hole which will require a patch. Sold AS-IS $89.00
13170 GIVI BAGGAGE 13170 BAGGAGE GIVI 'Voyager' Saddlebags black Textile - Textile over-frame saddlebags. Excellent condition. Faint red mark on inner side of one bag. $109.00
13169 REVIT JACKET 13169 JACKET REVIT Riding black Textile 42 Zip-out liner, all armor. Note: Some staining to liner. $109.00 SOLD
13168 ICON BOOTS 13168 BOOTS ICON 'Superduty 4 Boot' Sport black Leather 44.5 Laces + ratchet close, scuffing on toe box but soles in excellent condition. $69.00
13167 JOE ROCKET BOOTS 13167 BOOTS JOE ROCKET 'Meteor' Sport black Leather 35 Reflective panels on back, some scuffing/wear. $59.00
13166 UNBRANDED JACKET 13166 JACKET UNBRANDED Café Racer black Leather L Contrast stitching, tagged "Small" but fits "Large", missing liner $139.00 SOLD
13165 DURANGO BOOTS 13165 BOOTS DURANGO Shorties brown Leather 42.5 Barely touched, beautiful leather $89.00
13164 HEIN GERICKE PANTS 13164 PANTS HEIN GERICKE Riding black Leather 32 - 34 Worn one, excellent condition. Padded knees + hips. $135.00 SOLD
13163 UNBRANDED PANTS 13163 PANTS UNBRANDED Vintage Riding black Leather 32 - 34 Vintage styled leather pants, slick red lining. Note: some wear to knees. $79.00 SOLD
13162 HARLEY DAVIDSON BOOTS 13162 BOOTS HARLEY DAVIDSON Mega Harness black Leather 44ish MSRP $195 CAD. Slight scuffing to toe box, soles in good condition. $109.00 SOLD
13161 LEE JACKET 13161 JACKET LEE Stormrider blue Denim 44 Warm lined and corduroy collar. $49.00 SOLD
13158 VEGA JACKET 13158 JACKET VEGA Riding black Textile Lg W Zip out liner, no armor but pockets for shoulders/ elbows/back. Reflective triangles on shoulders. Excellent condition. $109.00
13157 XELEMENT JACKET 13157 JACKET XELEMENT Biker Classic black Leather Sm Never worn. An utterly classic biker jacket. $119.00 SOLD
13156 UNBRANDED JACKET 13156 JACKET UNBRANDED Fashion black Leather 44 Black and white vertically striped leather jacket. Would make a great badass Beetlejuice costume. $49.00
13155 WILSONS LEATHER JACKET 13155 JACKET WILSONS LEATHER Café Racer white Mix Materl Med Retro styled lightweight jacket. White satin liner with badass dragon print (-: $59.00 SOLD
13154 DAINESE ACCESSORY 13154 ACCESSORY DAINESE Jacket Liner black Textile 38 - 40 Brand new (tags in pocket), self zipping (can be worn on its own), insulating liner from an excellent brand. $35.00
13153 YAMAHA BAGGAGE 13153 BAGGAGE YAMAHA Backpack blue Textile o/s Hardly touched, lots of pockets. Note: Small hole in front pocket. $39.00 SOLD
13152 PIRELLI ACCESSORY 13152 ACCESSORY PIRELLI Hat black Textile  Pirelli brand cap, hardly touched. Baseball cap style. $15.00 SOLD
13150 Harley Davidson PANTS 13150 PANTS Harley Davidson Riding black Mix Materl 36 FXRG pants, leather and textile. So nice! Knee armor, side zips reflective piping.MSRP $386 $229.00 SOLD
13149 Joe Rocket JACKET 13149 JACKET Joe Rocket Riding black Textile Large Good shape! Elbow and shoulder armor, missing zip in liner. $109.00
13147 BELSTAFF JACKET 13147 JACKET BELSTAFF 'Stormshield' Riding black Textile Med Belstaff 'Stormshield' textile jacket, hardly worn. Shoulder + elbow armor, back armor capable. $169.00 SOLD
13146 var. OTHER-MISC 13146 OTHER-MISC var. BELT BUCKLE  Metal  1 lot of 28 vintage metal belt buckles plus one metal mack truck dog hood ornament. Available one at a time. See in store for details. $669.00 SOLD
13145 var OTHER-MISC 13145 OTHER-MISC var RINGS  Metal var. 1 lot of 8  biker rings. Available one at a time. See in store for details. $278.00
13143 FIELDSHEER PANTS 13143 PANTS FIELDSHEER Riding black Textile 44 $59.00
13142 UNBRANDED JACKET 13142 JACKET UNBRANDED Touring yellow Textile 2XL Cordura, waterproof, all armor (spine padding), zip-out liner and reflective piping $109.00
13140 LEATHER HUB JACKET 13140 JACKET LEATHER HUB café racer black Leather 42 New, unworn. Lightweight fine-grained leather. $149.00 SOLD
13139 FMC JACKET 13139 JACKET FMC café racer black Leather 42 TALL Centre zip, mandarin collar. Zip out liner missing. $125.00 SOLD
13137 MSR BOOTS 13137 BOOTS MSR Motocross MX black Leather 43 Tough as boots. Made in Italy. Tongue is no longer waterproof. $59.00 SOLD
13135 HARLEY DAVIDSON VEST 13135 VEST HARLEY DAVIDSON Warmth black Textile MED Zip-front vest, similar to a jacket liner in weight. $35.00 SOLD
13134 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 13134 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON H O G black Textile MED Harley Owners' Group practical jacket. $39.00
13133 INDIAN MOTORCYCLE JACKET 13133 JACKET INDIAN MOTORCYCLE Bomber black Textile MED Nylon 90's style practical jacket $75.00 SOLD
13132 UFO SKIRT 13132 SKIRT UFO Mini green Textile 32-34 Cute camo skirt with back-zip $12.00
13131 RW & CO PANTS 13131 PANTS RW & CO Leggings black Textile Medium Vegan leather with stretchy outer panels. $12.00 SOLD
13130 Forever21 FETISH 13130 FETISH Forever21 Shorts silver Textile Medium Shiny shiny shorts with mesh undershort. $12.00
13129 Xelement JACKET 13129 JACKET Xelement Biker Classic black Leather 2XL New, and never worn! Cozy liner, lotsa pockets and half belt. $159.00 SOLD
13127 FIRST GEAR JACKET 13127 JACKET FIRST GEAR Riding silver Textile XL Full armour, zip out liner, front/back/arm water staining, adjustable arm straps, collar wear $69.00
13126 JOE ROCKET JACKET 13126 JACKET JOE ROCKET Riding black Textile Small W Zip out liner, Full armour, Back adjusts, wrist adjusts $119.00
13125 FIRST VEST 13125 VEST FIRST Classic black Leather SM w Zip-fromt fitted vest with flat stud patterning on the back and hips. $79.00
13124 UNBRANDED ACCESSORY 13124 ACCESSORY UNBRANDED Cap black Leather N/A Bronze buckle strap $29.00
13122 UNBRANDED ACCESSORY 13122 ACCESSORY UNBRANDED Handlebar Covers black Leather o/s Never used, 'fur' lined, leather handlebar covers to keep yer mitts cozy during the winter! $25.00 SOLD
13121 TONY LAMA BOOTS 13121 BOOTS TONY LAMA Western black Leather 41 ish A classic western boot from a high end company, hardly worn. $89.00
13119 MILWAUKEE CHAPS 13119 CHAPS MILWAUKEE Riding black Leather 24" thigh Hems have been trimmed; 3 snaps at bottom. Zipped pockets $109.00 SOLD
13118 TEKNIC PANTS 13118 PANTS TEKNIC Riding black Leather 30" waist Puckable; single front zip pocket $109.00 SOLD
13116 LEATHER RANCH CHAPS 13116 CHAPS LEATHER RANCH Riding black Leather 26" thigh Thigh pocket, cinched ankles, nice! $119.00
13115 ROPER SHIRT 13115 SHIRT ROPER Denim blue Denim XL Classic Roper shirt. Denim with pretty snaps  
13114 ROPER SHIRT 13114 SHIRT ROPER Denim blue Denim 3XL Classic Roper with pretty snaps  
13113 WRANGLER BOOTS 13113 BOOTS WRANGLER Western tan Leather 40 EE Some wear/cracking at heel, nice patina. $45.00
13112 SONORA BOOTS 13112 BOOTS SONORA Western tan Leather 43ish 'Riley' model, crafted in Mexico. Bronze stud detailing, rough textured leather. MSRP ~$360 CAD $89.00
13111 UNBRANDED BOOTS 13111 BOOTS UNBRANDED Western Biker black Leather 42 Unbranded classic boot. $39.00
13109 Steve Madden BOOTS 13109 BOOTS Steve Madden Fashion brown Leather 42.5 Inner zip plus outer zip décor. Engineer-style strap, 6" high. $15.00 SOLD
13108 USA BOOTS 13108 BOOTS USA Western brown Leather 43 EE Simple-styled ropers. Block heel, short shaft, pull tabs. $52.00 SOLD
13107 Canada West BOOTS 13107 BOOTS Canada West Harness black Leather 41 Square toe classic harness boots. $119.00 SOLD
13106 BOULET BOOTS 13106 BOOTS BOULET Western brown Leather 42.5 Square-toe cowboy boots. Finger-hole pull-ups. Leather. $45.00
13105 DINGO BOOTS 13105 BOOTS DINGO Western tan Leather 43ish Nice old pair of boots for a boot scootin' boogie. $25.00
13104 Custom PANTS 13104 PANTS Custom Fashion brown Leather 34" Nicely cut high-waisted riding or fashion pant. Riding pant butt seam. Zip tighten at calf. $129.00 SOLD
13103 BOULET BOOTS 13103 BOOTS BOULET Western burgundy Leather 40ish Tall shaft, stack heel, leather sole. Canadian-made. $65.00 SOLD
13102 MILWAUKEE BOOTS 13102 BOOTS MILWAUKEE Harness black Leather 46 Hardly worn, but have been extensively visually distressed by the film industry (these came off a movie set!) $75.00 SOLD
13101 JUSTIN BOOTS 13101 BOOTS JUSTIN Western black Leather 42E Luxurious leather on shaft, leather soles, some wear $29.00
13100 DURANGO BOOTS 13100 BOOTS DURANGO Rebel tan Leather 44.5 Square toe, action sole, short shaft. $32.00 SOLD
13099 G-Star Raw BOOTS 13099 BOOTS G-Star Raw Dogmaster black Leather 45 Artificially distressed for a television series. $25.00 SOLD
13096 REV 13096 JACKET REV'IT Sand Touring light grey Textile 38 w Three-layer weatherproof jacket. Shoulder and elbow armor. Pocket for spine pad. A few small stains. $225.00 SOLD
13095 Vintage BOOTS 13095 BOOTS Vintage Riding black Leather 42 1960 or 70s-era leather-soled. Spur bumps. $42.00
13094 Joe Rocket JACKET 13094 JACKET Joe Rocket Touring black Textile XXL m Weatherproof. Three layers (main jacket, waterproof zip-in, and warm zip-in liner). All armor. Perfect condition. $199.00 SOLD
13093 CORCORAN BOOTS 13093 BOOTS CORCORAN 1500 Jump Boot black Leather 43-43.5 tagged 9.5M, fits large. New in box. Hard to find in Canada! $229.00 SOLD
13088 SANTANA BOOTS 13088 BOOTS SANTANA Fashion green Suede 36.5 Tall lace-ups. Waterproof. Bought new, artificially aged look, used on film set. MSRP $155 $39.00 SOLD
13086 SANTANA BOOTS 13086 BOOTS SANTANA Fashion green Suede 39.5 Tall lace-ups. Waterproof. Bought new, artificially aged look, used on film set. MSRP $155 $39.00
13085 UNBRANDED BOOTS 13085 BOOTS UNBRANDED Harness brown Leather 42 Square toe.  Lovely patina! Overworn heel. ON SALE FOR $35 $69.00 SOLD
13084 SIERRA BOOTS 13084 BOOTS SIERRA Western Biker brown Leather 42 Classic tall brown-beauty style. $65.00 SOLD
13083 ALDO BOOTS 13083 BOOTS ALDO Fashion brown Leather 42 Pointed toe, contrast stitch. Side zip. Some scuffing. $32.00 SOLD
13082 TO BOOT BOOTS 13082 BOOTS TO BOOT Howard Shoe brown Leather 46 Fancy brand. MSRP $503 CAD  Brogued cap toe + double monk strap. Scuff on toe. $109.00
13081 FRYE BOOTS 13081 BOOTS FRYE Campus tan Leather 45 Vintage boots that probably saw The Doors live, back in the day. $35.00
13079 CANADA WEST BOOTS 13079 BOOTS CANADA WEST Square Toe brown Leather 47 Rough-textured leather. Was used in film industry: Harness/pull tabs removed, artifical wear. Side zip! $55.00
13077 TERRA BOOTS 13077 BOOTS TERRA Work Boot black Mix Materl 44.5 CSA-approved steel toe military boots. $49.00 SOLD
13076 unbranded BOOTS 13076 BOOTS unbranded Western Biker black Leather 42 Similar to a Dayton Black Beauty $45.00
13075 DURANGO BOOTS 13075 BOOTS DURANGO Western black Leather 43.5 Leather sole, pointed toe. $35.00
13074 GAP BOOTS 13074 BOOTS GAP Dress Shoe silver Mix Materl 37.5 Metallic silver sneakers. Came in from a magical film set full of pixies. $12.00
13072 JEFFREY CAMPBELL BOOTS 13072 BOOTS JEFFREY CAMPBELL Riggs Sneaker tan Suede 37.5 High fashion brand. MRSP $179.  Rubber sole, covered in black studs (so weird, so cool) $5.00 SOLD
13071 CUSTOM OTHER-MISC 13071 OTHER-MISC CUSTOM Priest's Cassock black Leather L-XL One of a kind piece, created for a feature film. Fits a 6ft or taller person. Half zip, mandarin collar. $999.00 SOLD
13070 BOND BOOT BOOTS 13070 BOOTS BOND BOOT Effingham black Leather 43 Tall equestrian riding boot. Unworn. Very good brand, no longer available under this maker name. $169.00
13069 DAYTON BOOTS 13069 BOOTS DAYTON Black Beauty black Leather 43.5 EE Biltrite double sole $189.00 SOLD
13068 LANGLITZ LEATHERS PANTS 13068 PANTS LANGLITZ LEATHERS Jodphurs black Leather 32" waist Zipper pockets (2 front, 2 back) and ankle zips $599.00 SOLD
13067 WESCO BOOTS 13067 BOOTS WESCO Police black Leather 43-43.5 very very very tall. 22 inches of shaft. Custom made two top straps. $850 USD new. 17" outside calf circum. $709.00
13066 MOB DESTOCKED 13066 DESTOCKED MOB Snap Front black Leather M Fringed, beautiful cutout rose detailing, braiding, side lacing  
13065 Harley Davidson BOOTS 13065 BOOTS Harley Davidson Heeled black Leather 37.5 Great calf high heeled Harley's. Straps and buckles and customized to fit a larger calf! $80.00
13064 Harley Davidson SHIRT 13064 SHIRT Harley Davidson Blouse blue Textile 2XL Denim look, button up, fitted. Harley embroidery. $25.00
13063 Black Jack HEATED 13063 HEATED Black Jack Vest black Textile 46 Brand new with tags! Stay toasty. $85.00 SOLD
13061 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 13061 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Fringed brown Leather XL w Zip + snap flap. Fringe décor on a lightweight women's leather. Blue liner. HD design on back shoulders. Pin holes. $175.00
13059 NEVADA JACKET 13059 JACKET NEVADA Jean blue Denim 42 Two large patches on back, pins and smaller patches on chest. Some wear and staining from rides. $45.00 SOLD
13057 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 13057 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Trucker black Mix Materl 46 Denim & Leather. Jean jacket styling. Some patches. Great condition! $109.00
13056 EAGLE CHAPS 13056 CHAPS EAGLE Cruiser black Leather 26" thigh Unlined classic biker chaps. Braid detail. 3 snaps at boot level. Thigh pocket. $119.00 SOLD
13055 PACK-IN JACKET 13055 JACKET PACK-IN café racer black Leather XL Vintage jacket. Red liner. Center zip, chest pockets and zip handwarmer pockets. Nice patina. $139.00 SOLD
13054 VANCE VEST 13054 VEST VANCE Cruiser black Leather 46 Braid detail, Buffalo snaps, side lace. A patina of wear and sunshiney riding. $79.00 SOLD
13051 HARLEY DAVIDSON ACCESSORY 13051 ACCESSORY HARLEY DAVIDSON Bandana black Leather o/s Fabric lined HD bandana. Supple leather. $25.00
13050 BELSTAFF PANTS 13050 PANTS BELSTAFF Roadmaster black Textile 30ish Vintage collectable. see also Jacket #13049 $109.00 SOLD
13049 BELSTAFF JACKET 13049 JACKET BELSTAFF Roadmaster black Textile 42 Highly desirable vintage collectable. Also see PANTS #13050  NOTE: issues: main zipper, tear at chest pocket, wear. AS-IS $185.00 SOLD
13048 Rottweiler JACKET 13048 JACKET Rottweiler Cruiser black Leather MED m Locally-made brand. Back embroidery reads: Answer for Cancer tour 2011 $165.00 SOLD
13045 Rider Bags BAGGAGE 13045 BAGGAGE Rider Bags Saddlebag black Textile Medium Set of two bags, lightweight textile over frame. Some rust but still totally functional, comes with raincovers. $45.00 SOLD
13043 Redwings BOOTS 13043 BOOTS Redwings lace up black Leather 38  Great little leather ankle boots, 7 eye lace up, side zipper. Vibram soles with a bit of wear to the heel. $89.00
13041 Unbranded RAINGEAR 13041 RAINGEAR Unbranded Overboot black Rubber large keep your toes dry $15.00
13040 rain rider RAINGEAR 13040 RAINGEAR rain rider Jacket blue Textile Xlarge detachable hood, reflective stripes. $25.00 SOLD
13039 rain rider RAINGEAR 13039 RAINGEAR rain rider overalls blue Textile XL Overalls with zipper closure and snap suspenders $30.00
13038 swans ACCESSORY 13038 ACCESSORY swans goggles black Mix Materl o/s Neat vintage goggles, with  adjustable strap. Clear lenses $52.00 SOLD
13037 unbranded GLOVES 13037 GLOVES unbranded gauntlets black Mix Materl med-large Long gauntlet, warm, zippered storage pocket on each  arm, knuckle padding. $39.00 SOLD
13036 Unbranded BOOTS 13036 BOOTS Unbranded Ankle black Leather 42 Round toe ankle boots with one buckled strap and a back zipper. Some leather cracking and wear to the soles. $55.00 SOLD
13034 GB ACCESSORY 13034 ACCESSORY GB belt black Leather 44" Leather, metal detail, rhinestones too! $20.00 SOLD
13033 DAYTON BOOTS 13033 BOOTS DAYTON Harness Boot black Leather 38.5 Some wear $135.00 SOLD
13032 FLY RACING PANTS 13032 PANTS FLY RACING Motocross MX green Textile 30 "Kinetic" style. Perfect condition. MSRP $135 CAD $85.00 SOLD
13031 FLY RACING SHIRT 13031 SHIRT FLY RACING Motocross MX green Textile SM m "Kinetic" style. Perfect condition. Lightweight breathable motocross shirt. $27.00
13029 ALPINESTARS BOOTS 13029 BOOTS ALPINESTARS Sport black Leather 40 Waterproof, protective. $109.00 SOLD
13028 unbranded BOOTS 13028 BOOTS unbranded Harness brown Leather 40 Square toe harness. Much style, brass hardware, many condition problems & flaws. As-is $35.00 SOLD
13027 LEATHER RANCH JACKET 13027 JACKET LEATHER RANCH Trench Coat black Leather S Considerable style. One missing button, corset lacing at small of back $85.00 SOLD
13026 NETO JACKET 13026 JACKET NETO Trench black Leather SM w Long smooth leather trench with classic lapels. $65.00
13025 DAYTON BOOTS 13025 BOOTS DAYTON Rebel black Leather 42.5 Unworn boots. MSRP $640 CAD $499.00
13023 LEATT ARMOR 13023 ARMOR LEATT Upper Body white Mix Materl SM/Med m Pro series, Full protection. MSRP $269 USD $189.00
13021 Ann Summers FETISH 13021 FETISH Ann Summers Tank Top black Mix Materl XS-SM Zip back, PVC and fabric panels. Cute! $19.00 SOLD
13020 ANGORA JACKET 13020 JACKET ANGORA café racer black Leather 42-44 Vintage 80s motorcycle jacket, Clix zippers. Four zip front pockets. $129.00 SOLD
13018 DANIER JACKET 13018 JACKET DANIER FASHION black Leather MED m Café-style Mandarin collar, center zip and zipped pockets. Lightweight / fashionable. $49.00 SOLD
13015 VIBERG BOOTS 13015 BOOTS VIBERG Saddle Oxfords black Leather 40 msrp $867 cad. Made in Victoria, BC. Ripple-soled Saddle oxfords in an abbreviated service boot style. Rough-out and textured leathers. Viberg size 7, NA size 8 men's. Style is called the Half Japanese $399.00
13014 CANADIAN FORCES MILITARIA 13014 MILITARIA CANADIAN FORCES Gabardine green Type: 44 100% wool fabric. 1993 issue, zip-out liner.Minor cuff wear. $35.00
13013 CANADIAN FORCES MILITARIA 13013 MILITARIA CANADIAN FORCES Greatcoat green Type: 46 100% Felted wool. 1969 issue, appears almost unworn. Will look smart while keeping out every chill. $79.00
13012 CMC DESTOCKED 13012 DESTOCKED CMC Riding black Leather XL m Mandarin collar. All armor, plus liner. Vents and reflective piping. $289.00
13010 AGV SPORT RACE SUIT 13010 RACE SUIT AGV SPORT One piece red Leather XS Venting, back + shoulder armor (missing elbows/knees), puckable. $159.00
13009 unbranded BAGGAGE 13009 BAGGAGE unbranded Duffle black Textile Large Big black bag. For stuffing things. $35.00
13008 5.11 BOOTS 13008 BOOTS 5.11 Tactical black Mix Materl 38-39 Tall lace up, side zip and velcro closure. Good soles, little wear, cushiony ankle! Nice. $99.00 SOLD
13007 Fluevog BOOTS 13007 BOOTS Fluevog Lace up black Leather 38-39 long square toe, 4 eye laceup, lots of wear on these guys but they're still going. Sole cracks. Good leather. $49.00 SOLD
13006 Frye BOOTS 13006 BOOTS Frye Sq toe Harness brown Leather 39 Gorgeous harness boot, square toe, some sole wear. $199.00
13004 Fluevog BOOTS 13004 BOOTS Fluevog Wagon black Leather 38-39 F-sole, blue interior, some scuffing on the toes but still in great shape. Pull ons! $109.00
13003 DANNER BOOTS 13003 BOOTS DANNER Smokejumper black Leather 41 Glorious and nearly unused. 10-eye lace up, plain toe, vibram sole, yellow detail stitch, lug sole. MRSP $550 CAD $359.00 SOLD
13002 unbranded RAINGEAR 13002 RAINGEAR unbranded suspender pants black Textile 2XL adjustable suspenders, zip ankles, reflective stripes. Blue stripe down the side leg. $29.00
13000 BRITANNIA VEST 13000 VEST BRITANNIA Sidelace black Leather 44 Black silk lining. Stitch holes from patch removal on back. $69.00 SOLD
12999 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 12999 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON riding dark grey Textile 44 Shoulder and elbow armor. FLAW: Damage, left arm. Sold AS-IS. $89.00 SOLD
12998 HARLEY DAVIDSON HOODIE 12998 HOODIE HARLEY DAVIDSON colourblock black Textile LRG w Side pockets, center zip. $15.00 SOLD
12997 FIRST VEST 12997 VEST FIRST Zip front black Leather 2XL $109.00
12996 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 12996 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Practical black Textile XL w Lightweight cotton/nylon walkabout jacket. $65.00 SOLD
12995 FIRST JACKET 12995 JACKET FIRST Scuba black Leather XXL w Fitted, zip out liner. $235.00
12994 TOURMASTER JACKET 12994 JACKET TOURMASTER touring black Textile XL w HARLEY DAVIDSON branding, all armor. Riding features. $169.00 SOLD
12992 unbranded GLOVES 12992 GLOVES unbranded Driving black Leather LRG w velcro tab close $25.00 SOLD
12990 HARLEY DAVIDSON BOOTS 12990 BOOTS HARLEY DAVIDSON Engineer + black Leather 41 Double zipper entry. Almost no wear. Scuff on left toe cap. $119.00 SOLD
12989 Joe Rocket JACKET 12989 JACKET Joe Rocket touring purple Mix Materl 38 Fits Men's XS or women's Med. $169.00
12987 Trophy GLOVES 12987 GLOVES Trophy Gaunlet Unlined black Leather L Gaunntlet Unlined Leather Gloves $18.00
12985 BULGARIAN MILITARIA 12985 MILITARIA BULGARIAN Jacket/Hat tan Textile SM m 2 piece. Bulgarian officer's uniform jacket and hat. Circa 1940s $119.00
12984 Handmade FETISH 12984 FETISH Handmade Mask: Eyes or Ears brown Leather o/s Molded leather mask parts. Two eyepieces (Make your own attachments) or earpieces (self sticking) $15.00
12983 RADIOACTIVE FETISH 12983 FETISH RADIOACTIVE necktie yellow Rubber o/s High-formal radioactive caution necktie whaaaaat? $15.00 SOLD
12982 Rugby North America DESTOCKED 12982 DESTOCKED Rugby North America Fashion black Leather 42s Center zip, standard collar. Good leather but may have been boiled at the ends, sold as is $40.00
12981 BR JACKET 12981 JACKET BR Fashion black Leather L Not for riding, highly styled $40.00 SOLD
12980 N OTHER-MISC 12980 OTHER-MISC N Clip on Flask Cover brown Vegan Lthr  Clip on case for flasks or other flask-shaped items $15.00 SOLD
12979 GEOX BOOTS 12979 BOOTS GEOX Hiking black Mix Materl 42 Waterproof, breathable, lightweight. Ridable, but not specific riding gear. $29.00 SOLD
12978 HARLEY DAVIDSON BOOTS 12978 BOOTS HARLEY DAVIDSON 6" lace-up black Leather 37.5 (tagged 38, fits in that range) $120.00 SOLD
12976 HARLEY DAVIDSON GLOVES 12976 GLOVES HARLEY DAVIDSON Gauntlet black Leather M/L Men HD logo on metal lozenge on cuff. $59.00 SOLD
12975 HARLEY DAVIDSON GLOVES 12975 GLOVES HARLEY DAVIDSON Gauntlet black Leather SM w HD logo on metal lozenge on cuff. $65.00
12974 BMW RAINGEAR 12974 RAINGEAR BMW Airflow II RAIN PANTS black Textile LRG Reflective strips, one flaw at pant cuff. $45.00
12973 BMW RAINGEAR 12973 RAINGEAR BMW Airflow II RAIN JACKET black Textile MED Reflective strips, hold folded inside. $65.00
12972 MODA SCAPA JACKET 12972 JACKET MODA SCAPA BMW-style blue Leather 48 Lots of BMW logos! Bomber styling. $159.00
12971 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 12971 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Scuba black Leather SM w Fitted women's cruiser jacket in perfect condition. Venting, adjustments at waist. $289.00 SOLD
12968 DANIER JACKET 12968 JACKET DANIER Fashion black Leather 46 m Center zip, standard collar, light weight. $49.00
12967 unbranded PANTS 12967 PANTS unbranded Fashion-weight black Leather SM w Softest leather. Sleek outline. High waist. FLAW: repaired rip on hip. $35.00
12966 HARLEY DAVIDSON PANTS 12966 PANTS HARLEY DAVIDSON 5 pocket jean black Leather 36 M Zip fly leather jeans. One scuffed knee, ootherwise perfect. $189.00
12964 BMW JACKET 12964 JACKET BMW Airflow black Textile 46 MSRP $ 589 USD for the newest model of this jacket. $319.00
12963 HARLEY DAVIDSON CHAPS 12963 CHAPS HARLEY DAVIDSON Women's black Leather 24" thigh Perfect styling on a pair of high-end chaps. $169.00
12962 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 12962 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Western tan Leather SM w Southwestern USA-styled jacket with blanket stitch décor and side lacing. $275.00 SOLD
12960 MANCHON BIKE BIT 12960 BIKE BIT MANCHON Hand Muffs black Textile Big Part motorcycle, part human hand = utterly warm and windproof riding gear. $45.00
12957 CORBIN BOOTS 12957 BOOTS CORBIN Cruiser black Leather 42.5 Side zip, weatherproof, perfect touring boots. Some sole wear with age. $65.00
12956 HARLEY DAVIDSON BOOTS 12956 BOOTS HARLEY DAVIDSON Willie G black Leather 42.5 Goretex-lined lace-up with a side zip. $89.00 SOLD
12955 Harley Davidson JACKET 12955 JACKET Harley Davidson Biker Classic black Leather 3XL W Biker classic with half belt, Harley logo removed from the back (pinprick holes). Side corset lacing. $160.00
12954 J. Leckie by Dayton BOOTS 12954 BOOTS J. Leckie by Dayton Engineer black Leather 37 ish Stamped "Vancouver", made by Dayton, round toe, thick leather. Teeny toe scuff. Excellent. $299.00
12953 TEKNIC RACE SUIT 12953 RACE SUIT TEKNIC One Piece black Leather 38" Chest No armor, but pockets for it (knees/elbows/back). Inside pocket, velcro for knee pucks. $209.00
12951 Damascus GLOVES 12951 GLOVES Damascus fingerless black Leather XS Fingerless driving gloves, open knuckles. $15.00 SOLD
12950 Fureal Leather JACKET 12950 JACKET Fureal Leather Biker Classic black Leather 4XL Very large! Half belt, silver hardware, $129.00 SOLD
12949 CANADIAN FORCES MILITARIA 12949 MILITARIA CANADIAN FORCES SHIRT green Textile XL m Wool-blend flannel shirt/jacket. $25.00 SOLD
12947 Alpinestars GLOVES 12947 GLOVES Alpinestars Wrist black Leather Large W padded hand and fingers, zip and velcro closure, barely used. $39.00 SOLD
12946 Teknic JACKET 12946 JACKET Teknic Touring black Textile Small-Med Barely used, All armor, backpad, cinch waist, warm zip out liner, "power skin" to prevent water penetration. $159.00 SOLD
12945 Triumph PANTS 12945 PANTS Triumph Jean black Denim 36 Black riding jean with many deep pockets, padded butt and knees. $89.00
12944 RSD PANTS 12944 PANTS RSD Racing black Leather 32 Never used! Waist goring, all armor, knee pucks (new!) Hip pads, front zip pockets. So nice. $225.00
12943 Cortech PANTS 12943 PANTS Cortech Cargo pant tan Denim 35-36 Transformers! Unzip into shorts. Water resistant, kevlar lined, many deep pockets. $109.00
12941 Belstaff JACKET 12941 JACKET Belstaff Café Racer black Leather 48 Great leather, side goring, reinforced shoulders + elbows, all armor and backpad, universal pant-zip,  side buckles. Sweet.-MSRP - $2199CAD $425.00
12940 TIMEX ACCESSORY 12940 ACCESSORY TIMEX Expedition black Metal adjustable MSRP $346 CAD. Timex Expedition E COMP series W 225 Indiglo.10 Bar depth pressure WR 100 M, Compass 2' declination. Tides measurement. Thermometer -20 to +50 C & 0 to 130 F, Stainless steel. $169.00
12939 SPYKE RACE SUIT 12939 RACE SUIT SPYKE Two Piece blue Leather 40 All armor, perfect pucks. $309.00
12938 NETO JACKET 12938 JACKET NETO Long Coat black Leather 38 W Fashion leather trench-style coat. $59.00
12937 unbranded BOOTS 12937 BOOTS unbranded Equestrian Fashion black Leather 37 Sharp-dressed fashion-weight boots with cap toe, brogueing, and zippers to ease entry. $49.00
12935 FRYE BOOTS 12935 BOOTS FRYE Villager/Campus black Leather 40 8" high Villager/campus boots with an inside zip. $135.00
12934 ICON GLOVES 12934 GLOVES ICON Gauntlets black Leather MED w The fanciest gauntlets in town. Soft knuckle armor, heel-of-hand skid protection, multiple straps. $59.00
12932 LEATHER GOLD JACKET 12932 JACKET LEATHER GOLD Biker Classic + black Leather 40 "LOVE HATE" the fancy one-of-a-kind airbrushed paint job on this classic vintage 90s biker jacket. $469.00
12931 ICON BOOTS 12931 BOOTS ICON Sport black Leather 42.5 Two strap closure, lots of wear. $29.00
12930 TEKNIC PANTS 12930 PANTS TEKNIC riding black Textile 38 Removable liner. All armor. $119.00
12929 NELSON RIGG RAINGEAR 12929 RAINGEAR NELSON RIGG PANTS black Textile XL Hi-vis striping $24.00 SOLD
12928 RELIABLE JACKET 12928 JACKET RELIABLE Car Coat black Leather XL Soft fashion leather $44.00 SOLD
12927 MEINHARDT JACKET 12927 JACKET MEINHARDT riding black Leather lrg m zip out liner. Venting. Nice quality leather. $249.00 SOLD
12926 DANIER JACKET 12926 JACKET DANIER Fashion black Leather 50 - 52 Center zip, zip pockets.   SOLD
12925 RIPLEY 12925 JACKET RIPLEY'S Biker Classic black Leather XS Vintage UNWORN Ripley's, can you believe it? Would fit a smaller woman or average youth $259.00
12924 WILSON 12924 JACKET WILSON'S Café Racer black Leather 38 Vintage! Double zip feature; belted waist, nice detailing, kidney padding $179.00 SOLD
12922 MOB JACKET 12922 JACKET MOB Cruiser black Leather 38 All riding features, zip-out liner $130.00 SOLD
12921 HARLEY DAVIDSON WILLIE G VEST 12921 VEST HARLEY DAVIDSON WILLIE G Riding black Leather 2XL - 3XL Side lacing, braid detailing, conch detailing. $245.00
12919 BOULET BOOTS 12919 BOOTS BOULET Cavalry brown Leather 42 Oil tan pull-up leather $119.00
12918 RED WING BOOTS 12918 BOOTS RED WING Work Boot Lightweight black Leather 40-41 Model #8107, oil resistant $95.00
12910 VASQUE BOOTS 12910 BOOTS VASQUE Hiking brown Leather 43.5 D Vibram lug soles, vintage, heavily hiked $65.00
12909 DOG ACCESSORY 12909 ACCESSORY DOG COLLAR black Leather Huge For a very big neck or a verrry tiny waist. $19.00 SOLD
12908 MINER RAINGEAR 12908 RAINGEAR MINER Vintage Sou'wester black Type: 44 "Weatherseal" by MINER Black Diamond co. Cotton and Rubber, from the 60's. Rare. $199.00
12907 DEFY BAGGAGE 12907 BAGGAGE DEFY Defender Workcase dark grey Mix Materl laptop + Highest-end Horween leather/ waxed canvas messenger bag in as-new condition. US-made. $ 442 CAD (this bag + schlep pad) $329.00
12905 TEXAS BOOTS 12905 BOOTS TEXAS Western brown Leather 42.5 EE Classic two-tone cowboy boots! $55.00
12903 DAYTON BOOTS 12903 BOOTS DAYTON X-Boot black Leather 40 Leather and Suede, Ankle Straps, good soles $55.00 SOLD
12902 DAYTON BOOTS 12902 BOOTS DAYTON Rebel black Leather 40 Classic Tall Square-Toe Harness boot, great cared-for leather, good soles $249.00 SOLD
12901 YUASA ACCESSORY 12901 ACCESSORY YUASA Trickle Charger black Electronic - 'SmartShot 900' battery charger. MSRP $89 $49.99 SOLD
12900 BLACKJACK HEATED 12900 HEATED BLACKJACK Vest black Textile 40 Excellent condition. $65.00 SOLD
12895 MACK LEATHER PANTS 12895 PANTS MACK LEATHER Jean-Styling black Leather 32 Out of Business "Macks Leather", 5-pocket Jean styling, Liner $119.00
12893 BOUTIQUE OF LEATHERS JACKET 12893 JACKET BOUTIQUE OF LEATHERS Riding black Leather 46 Full armour, kidney padding, some various scuffs $129.00
12892 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 12892 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Child's black Textile wee & cute for a 1-year-old. Ready to squeee? Squeeeee!!! $25.00
12890 CMC PANTS 12890 PANTS CMC Riding black Leather 32 Zips up both sides, snaps at bottom, hook n loop waist, 5 pocket style $159.00
12889 Joe Rocket PANTS 12889 PANTS Joe Rocket Riding black Textile 36 Lightweight, hip padding, cinching waist (no knee armor but pockets exist). $89.00 SOLD
12888 Teknic JACKET 12888 JACKET Teknic Café racer black Leather 46 Double white stripes on the chest and back. Reflective piping, zip in liner, universal pant zip, all armor. $189.00
12887 BRISTOL JACKET 12887 JACKET BRISTOL Vintage Café Racer black Leather 44 An excellently vintage café racer with quilted liner, Honda patch, and elastic goring along shoulders. Some minor scuffing/fraying in liner, small rip in belt. $159.00 SOLD
12886 Timbuk2 BAGGAGE 12886 BAGGAGE Timbuk2 Messenger Bag black Textile large Huge carry pocket, durable wide straps, buckle closure, weatherproof heavy-duty material. MSRP $169 US $109.00
12885 Clarks BOOTS 12885 BOOTS Clarks Desert Boot blue Leather 43 So new! Never worn, lovely shine to the toe. $99.00
12883 PROSPECTOR BOOTS 12883 BOOTS PROSPECTOR RCMP black Leather 10.5 Gortex lined, thinsulate, cold-resistant Vibram-soles. Ready for duty! (gortex tag and pull tabs removed) $109.00 SOLD
12882 PROSPECTOR BOOTS 12882 BOOTS PROSPECTOR RCMP black Leather 10.5 Gortex lined, thinsulate, cold-resistant Vibram-soles. Ready for duty! $119.00 SOLD
12881 JOE ROCKET JACKET 12881 JACKET JOE ROCKET Riding black Mesh Tex XXL All armor, zip-out waterproof liner. $129.00
12880 JOE ROCKET JACKET 12880 JACKET JOE ROCKET 'Luna 2.0' black Textile Lg W All armor, pink zip-out liner, waterproof! Fantastic condition. $169.00 SOLD
12879 TEKNIC JACKET 12879 JACKET TEKNIC Touring black Textile 44 All armor plus zip-out liner. Kevlar reinforcement. $129.00 SOLD
12877 DOWN UNDER HAT 12877 HAT DOWN UNDER Walkabout brown Leather MED Handcrafted leather. $37.00 SOLD
12876 Banana Republic JACKET 12876 JACKET Banana Republic Center zip black Leather 40 Zip front, thick leather, standard collar, fashion pockets. $69.00 SOLD
12875 BOULET BOOTS 12875 BOOTS BOULET Western Shortie burgundy Leather 38.5 Caanadian-made, great structure and condition. Leather-soled. $75.00
12873 RED WING BOOTS 12873 BOOTS RED WING work boots black Leather 40 EE Last few miles. Steel toe, CSA approved work boots that have seen an awful lot of work. $15.00
12872 Unbranded CHAPS 12872 CHAPS Unbranded BAR black Leather 23" thigh Multi-snap waist close, brass zippers. $149.00
12871 unbranded CHAPS 12871 CHAPS unbranded BAR black Leather 22" thigh Inner zipper. $129.00
12866 unbranded GLOVES 12866 GLOVES unbranded Fingerless black Leather SM w Gel palm pads, velcro close. $15.00
12864 MARSEE DESTOCKED 12864 DESTOCKED MARSEE Magnetic black Textile O/S Magnetic, Waterproof Cover, Unzips Larger. $99.00 SOLD
12863 FRANK THOMAS DESTOCKED 12863 DESTOCKED FRANK THOMAS Riding silver Leather 40 Great Britain Design, Perforated leather, Elbow armour, Back armour, zip out liner $0.00 SOLD
12861 JOE ROCKET DESTOCKED 12861 DESTOCKED JOE ROCKET Ballistic black Textile Large Knee armour, front leg pocket, KEVLAR, hook n loop waist, some wear on lower leg $0.00 SOLD
12859 DAYTON BOOTS 12859 BOOTS DAYTON Engineer black Leather 43 Round toe, buckles, pull-straps $179.00 SOLD
12857 SCOTT RAINGEAR 12857 RAINGEAR SCOTT Hi-VIS HI-VIS Textile MED m Both incredibly bright and incredibly waterproof. Wear your sunglasses to look at it. $MRSP 99 CAD $69.00 SOLD
12855 SPYKE RACE SUIT 12855 RACE SUIT SPYKE TWO PIECE blue Leather 44 All armor, all functions work. $299.00
12854 DANIER JACKET 12854 JACKET DANIER Fashion black Leather 40 Women's shortie, in a jeanjacket style. Buttons, not snaps. $65.00
12853 SEARS JACKET 12853 JACKET SEARS Café racer black Leather 40-42 Vintage 70s jacket, quilted padding. Beautiful wear. Main zipper troubles. Terrible liner. As-is. $55.00 SOLD
12851 SCHOTT PANTS 12851 PANTS SCHOTT 5 pocket jean black Leather 28 M MSRP $ 827 CAD. Seamless legs. Straightleg cut. Top notch OMG-you-have-to-feel-this leather quality. 1 rivet missing. $259.00
12850 DAYTON BOOTS 12850 BOOTS DAYTON Black Beauty black Leather 40ish Vintage, leather-soled. The classic. $129.00
12849 Vintage BOOTS 12849 BOOTS Vintage Western burgundy Leather 41 Tall shafts, undecorated smooth leather. Well-built sole, very underslung cowboy heel. $79.00
12848 Just Leather JACKET 12848 JACKET Just Leather Café Racer black Leather 44 Cobalt blue liner! Quilted shoulders, elbows & spine. Really slick. Some scrapes to the leather (midfront zipper & left arm) $89.00
12847 Johnson Saddlery CHAPS 12847 CHAPS Johnson Saddlery Western black Leather 25-24 Glossy black leather, small brown leather belt detail. Western styled and nice! $109.00
12846 Long Rider Leather CHAPS 12846 CHAPS Long Rider Leather Western black Leather 23-22 Your leather is thicker than most belts! Heavy leather, western styling, thick belted waist, silver stud details. Tough cookie. $169.00
12845 unbranded CHAPS 12845 CHAPS unbranded Western black Leather 22" thigh Cowboy chaps, with thong tie and some knee wear. $89.00
12844 unbranded CHAPS 12844 CHAPS unbranded Western + black Leather 21" thigh Fringes, tooled leather, some wear. Truly cowboy. $135.00
12841 unbranded SHIRT 12841 SHIRT unbranded T shirt black Textile Small Wellington Motorcycles Tshirt (New Zealand!) $15.00
12839 unbranded ARMOR 12839 ARMOR unbranded hip black Mix Materl O/S removable hip pads $15.00
12835 Police MILITARIA 12835 MILITARIA Police Duty Belt + access black Leather MED m Thick, beautiful vintage duty belt , double prong, with 5 radio/doohickey attachments. $99.00
12834 UNBRANDED PANTS 12834 PANTS UNBRANDED 5-Pocket Jean black Leather 26" waist Hems have been trimmed, bit of wear/tear to lining, repaired hole in right knee $35.00
12831 Blackbody FETISH 12831 FETISH Blackbody Armband black Rubber small Black armband with yellow reverse side, zippered pocket for change and cards. $35.00
12830 unbranded FETISH 12830 FETISH unbranded Belt purse black PVC small Tiny belt attachment. $19.00 SOLD
12829 Rubbellion FETISH 12829 FETISH Rubbellion Military Dress Shirt blue Rubber Small Robins-egg blue shirt with black details and snap up front. MRSP $365 new $179.00
12828 Regulation FETISH 12828 FETISH Regulation Kilt ivory Rubber Small Translucent latex kilt with thick black belted waist! MRSP $392 new $209.00
12827 STR FETISH 12827 FETISH STR bag black Rubber Medium Latex carry bag! Brand new, comes with tiny lube bottle and instructions. $25.00
12826 Rubbellion FETISH 12826 FETISH Rubbellion belt chest strap black Rubber Small-Medium meant to go across the chest and attch to belt with loops! Adjustable. $25.00 SOLD
12825 Polymorph FETISH 12825 FETISH Polymorph Pants blue Rubber Small Splatter paint pattern! So cool!!  MRSP $400 new $229.00
12824 unbranded FETISH 12824 FETISH unbranded Socks black Rubber Small Knee high socks! $35.00 SOLD
12823 Syren FETISH 12823 FETISH Syren Military Johpurs black Rubber Small Johpurs with ivory details, that go with shirt #12822   MRSP $380 new $159.00
12821 unbranded FETISH 12821 FETISH unbranded tie black Rubber o/s it’s a tie! $12.00 SOLD
12818 Blackstyle FETISH 12818 FETISH Blackstyle Jockstrap black Rubber Small Black jock strap with unsnappable codpiece! $39.00
12817 Regulation FETISH 12817 FETISH Regulation Jock strap black Rubber Small Black base with yellow stripes! $25.00 SOLD
12816 Unbranded FETISH 12816 FETISH Unbranded Gloves black Rubber Small-Medium Long Opera gloves! $32.00
12815 Regulation FETISH 12815 FETISH Regulation Jock strap yellow Rubber small $25.00
12814 unbranded FETISH 12814 FETISH unbranded Jock strap ivory Rubber Xsmall-Small Translucent jock strap! $25.00
12813 Regulation FETISH 12813 FETISH Regulation Jock strap red Rubber Small . $25.00
12812 Blackstyle FETISH 12812 FETISH Blackstyle Bootie shorts white Rubber Xsmall Bi-coloured ultra shorts, full crotch zip from front to back MRSP $200 new $119.00
12811 Polymorph FETISH 12811 FETISH Polymorph Military Uniform tan Rubber Small Brand new, never worn, military set (pants + short sleeve shirt)   MRSP $700 new $489.00 SOLD
12809 Rubbelion FETISH 12809 FETISH Rubbelion Johpurs black Rubber small-Medium Military johpurs with yellow side stripe, ankle zips and belt loops. 30" waist MRSP $300 new $155.00
12808 Unbranded FETISH 12808 FETISH Unbranded Shorts black Rubber Medium Mixed latex and spandex short shorts. $29.00
12807 Unbranded FETISH 12807 FETISH Unbranded Apron Plus ivory Rubber Small-Medium Translucent fetish apron with detachable codpiece and black adjustable straps. MRSP $250 new $119.00 SOLD
12804 Expectations FETISH 12804 FETISH Expectations Jock strap green Rubber Medium Army green! Goes with armband #12805  MRSP $65 new $25.00
12803 Rubber Life FETISH 12803 FETISH Rubber Life Tights black Rubber Small Tight fit! Front crotch zip, red detail stripes. 30" waist  MRSP $400 new $135.00 SOLD
12802 Blackstyle FETISH 12802 FETISH Blackstyle Latex black Rubber small Open vest, two inner pockets, Made in Germany $45.00 SOLD
12801 RoB Amsterdam FETISH 12801 FETISH RoB Amsterdam Codpiece black Leather small Codpiece with black metal scale details, button-on! MRSP $125 CAD $89.00
12800 RoB Amsterdam FETISH 12800 FETISH RoB Amsterdam Codpiece black Leather Small Codpiece with green stripe, button-on! MRSP $125 CAD $89.00
12798 Slick it up FETISH 12798 FETISH Slick it up Legging blue Textile small Double fly, butt-zip, jean-style, tight fit. So good. $89.00 SOLD
12796 Slick it up FETISH 12796 FETISH Slick it up legging black Textile small 30" Double fly, butt-zip, zippered pocket, tight fit. $89.00 SOLD
12795 Levi PANTS 12795 PANTS Levi Jeans blue Denim 30" Great pair of jeans, molted blue/white coloration. $69.00
12794 Levi PANTS 12794 PANTS Levi Jean blue Denim 30" Great pair of jeans, molted blue/white coloration. $69.00 SOLD
12793 Unbranded FETISH 12793 FETISH Unbranded Military Pant green Textile 30" Camo print tactical pants, full crotch zip (zips in half!), many pockets. $59.00 SOLD
12792 Umbro FETISH 12792 FETISH Umbro althetic white Textile small 30" Lightweight athletic pants, full side zips, elastic waist, crotch zip. $32.00
12787 ALPINESTAR BOOTS 12787 BOOTS ALPINESTAR SCOUT black Leather 39-40 MSRP $299 CAD, ALMOST New. In box. Worn once. All tags. $225.00
12786 VK79 BERLIN FETISH 12786 FETISH VK79 BERLIN German Officer light grey Leather Small-Med Utterly incredible. Full, custom made for original owner, two piece, Germany military uniform. Jacket & Johpurs. Made in Berlin. MRSP $3000+ CAD $2,200.00
12785 LEATHERMAN PANTS 12785 PANTS LEATHERMAN Jean black Leather 30" (28) Seamless legs front & back. Jean style. Snap fly. MSRP $450 CAD $337.00 SOLD
12783 Mr B SHIRT 12783 SHIRT Mr B Long Sleeved black Leather 38 Dress shirt with epaulets. MSRP $650  CAD $325.00 SOLD
12780 WRANGLER + PANTS 12780 PANTS WRANGLER + JEANS + black Mix Materl 30" (28) Wrangler jeans with a lot of red leather accent! $79.00
12779 RoB Amsterdam ACCESSORY 12779 ACCESSORY RoB Amsterdam Neck TIE blue Leather o/s Fancy up your party outfit! MSRP $118 CAD when new. $75.00
12778 RoB Amsterdam ACCESSORY 12778 ACCESSORY RoB Amsterdam Neck TIE white Leather o/s Fancy up your party outfit! MSRP $118 CAD when new. $75.00
12777 RoB Amsterdam ACCESSORY 12777 ACCESSORY RoB Amsterdam Neck TIE light grey Leather o/s Fancy up your party outfit! MSRP $118 CAD when new. $75.00
12776 JAY-PEE MILITARIA 12776 MILITARIA JAY-PEE Shoulder Belt black Leather 34 Diagonal uniform strap with loops for your belt. $49.00
12775 BUTCHEREI LINDINGER FETISH 12775 FETISH BUTCHEREI LINDINGER PANTS brown Leather 30" (28) SO NICE. Double-fly, ultra high-end. MSRP $2613.62 CAD (no, that’s not a typo) $1,349.00
12774 UNITE HERE FETISH 12774 FETISH UNITE HERE Police Cap black Leather 7-1/8 High-gloss brim. $79.00
12768 RoB Amsterdam ACCESSORY 12768 ACCESSORY RoB Amsterdam BELT black Leather 30-32 1.5" plain leather belt MRSP $60 CAD $39.00
12767 BIANCHI FETISH 12767 FETISH BIANCHI BELT black Leather 30 -32 Sam brown -style ultra-thick 2" wide uniform belt. $69.00
12764 unbranded ACCESSORY 12764 ACCESSORY unbranded Nightstick black Mix Materl medium nightstick with 90 degree handle. Sweet. $30.00
12763 Dayton BOOTS 12763 BOOTS Dayton Western brown Leather 41 Topy sole, seen some wear, still super cool. $65.00
12760 Aigle BOOTS 12760 BOOTS Aigle Rainboots black Mix Materl 41 -42 Perfect.All black. Waterproof! Patrol style. Made in France $109.00 SOLD
12759 Aigle BOOTS 12759 BOOTS Aigle Rainboots black Mix Materl 41-42 Perfect. Burgundy stripe detail. Waterproof! Patrol style. Made in France $109.00 SOLD
12757 Justin BOOTS 12757 BOOTS Justin Western brown Leather 42 Good boot, lots of wear to the sole and a bit of toe scuffing. $50.00
12756 Miner BOOTS 12756 BOOTS Miner Rubber green Rubber 40 Sealed waterproof boot, laces just for show, seen some wear but still totally functional. $42.00 SOLD
12755 Boulet BOOTS 12755 BOOTS Boulet Western black Leather 42 ish ** TWO DIFFERENT SOLE THICKNESSES** Metal toe detail, wear on the sole and cracking of the leather. $55.00 SOLD
12754 Sancho BOOTS 12754 BOOTS Sancho Cowboy brown Leather 41 ish Great texture! Lots of sole wear and bit of cracking in the creases. Made in Spain. MRSP $200+ $79.00
12753 Durango BOOTS 12753 BOOTS Durango Sq toe Harness brown Leather 41 Barely worn, caramel brown with O-ring straps. $119.00
12751 Sendra BOOTS 12751 BOOTS Sendra Engineer black Leather 43 Oiled leather, steel toe, some  sole wear, Sendra patch on each boot. Nice! Made in Spain, MSRP $350 CAD $219.00
12750 unbranded FETISH 12750 FETISH unbranded BELT POUCH black Rubber sm Nicely reinforced rectangular belt pouch. Goes well with your latex police outfit. $25.00
12749 DAYTON BOOTS 12749 BOOTS DAYTON Low Rider black Leather 9.5 M Oiltan leather, nicely worn-in, lots of sole left. Hard toes ( not steel) MSRP $640 new $289.00 SOLD
12747 POWER TRIP PANTS 12747 PANTS POWER TRIP Riding black Textile 34 Liner, Zippers up legs, adjustable waist $89.00
12746 POWER TRIP JACKET 12746 JACKET POWER TRIP Riding black Textile Large W Elbow armour, Liner, Vents, Hook n Loop waist $89.00 SOLD
12744 MILITARY ACCESSORY 12744 ACCESSORY MILITARY Garrison brown Leather MED Truly vintage WWII US Army (military) belt. Brass hardware. Full grain bridle leather. $59.00
12743 MILITARY ACCESSORY 12743 ACCESSORY MILITARY Garrison brown Leather MED Truly vintage WWII US Army (military) belt. Brass hardware. Full grain bridle leather. $59.00
12742 MILITARY ACCESSORY 12742 ACCESSORY MILITARY Sam Browne brown Leather MED Truly vintage WWII South African military belt with cross shoulder strap. Brass hardware. $79.00 SOLD
12740 ALPINESTARS BOOTS 12740 BOOTS ALPINESTARS riding black Leather 43 Lots of wear, but lots of miles left. Goretex-lined. $65.00
12739 SEDICI JACKET 12739 JACKET SEDICI riding white Mesh Tex 2XL Shoulder and elbow armor, waterproof zip-out liner. $109.00
12737 NELSON RIGG DESTOCKED 12737 DESTOCKED NELSON RIGG Jacket HI-VIS Textile XL m Vancouver  rain won't be able to getcha. $32.00
12736 HYPER KEWL VEST 12736 VEST HYPER KEWL COOLING blue Textile 2XL Evaporative cooling -- soak this and let the breeze refrigerate you. $20.00
12735 OLYMPIA JACKET 12735 JACKET OLYMPIA riding HI-VIS Textile 2XL m With 2-part inner "light jacket" liner. All armor. Full functions. $429 new. FLAW: a lot of wear. $89.00
12733 FIELDSHEER JACKET 12733 JACKET FIELDSHEER touring light grey Textile XXL Weatherproof, zip out liner, all armor. $129.00 SOLD
12732 FIRST GEAR RAINGEAR 12732 RAINGEAR FIRST GEAR Pants black Textile 4XL The rain pants that contain themselves and stuff into their own pocket. $35.00
12731 SAFETY T-SHIRT 12731 T-SHIRT SAFETY Visible HI-VIS Textile 2XL Every kind of visible! $13.00 SOLD
12730 MOOSE RACING PANTS 12730 PANTS MOOSE RACING riding black Textile 46 New with tags. Lightweight, rip-stop cordura and weatherproof. $89.00
12729 TOURMASTER HEATED 12729 HEATED TOURMASTER VEST black Textile 3XL In original package, with all wiring. $79.00
12728 PIONEER RAINGEAR 12728 RAINGEAR PIONEER Jacket yellow Textile XL m It's Vancouver. Ride dry. $32.00 SOLD
12727 WATSON GLOVES 12727 GLOVES WATSON Gauntlets black Leather XL Classic cuffed gauntlets. Just getting a nice patina of use and age. $45.00
12726 PROFLEX GLOVES 12726 GLOVES PROFLEX Ergodyne HI-VIS Textile LRG Reinforced and tough. $29.00
12724 OLYMPIA PANTS 12724 PANTS OLYMPIA riding dark grey Textile 44 m MSRP $275. All features and armor. Comes with warmth liner inner pant. $169.00 SOLD
12723 HEAT OUT T-SHIRT 12723 T-SHIRT HEAT OUT Stay Cool black Textile XXL m MSRP $29.99. Cooling shirt with zipped pouch. $21.99
12720 TWISTED THROTTLE BAGGAGE 12720 BAGGAGE TWISTED THROTTLE Tank Bag black Mix Materl SM Wee magnetic tank bag, compartments. $21.00
12718 RC SPORT BAGGAGE 12718 BAGGAGE RC SPORT Laptop bag light grey Textile sm Top bag for bike seat w/ laptop compartment and features. $45.00
12716 RESISTOL BOOTS 12716 BOOTS RESISTOL Western brown Leather 41 Nice quality cowboy boots with a leather sole. Matte finish leather. $65.00
12715 SCHUBERTH ACCESSORY 12715 ACCESSORY SCHUBERTH Rider Communications System black Type: N/A Goes with 12714. Helmet specific! Test before you buy $75.00
12714 SCHUBERTH ACCESSORY 12714 ACCESSORY SCHUBERTH Rider Communication System black Type: N/A Goes with 12715. Helmet specific! Test before you buy $75.00
12713 FORMA "Diamond" BOOTS 12713 BOOTS FORMA "Diamond" Touring black Mix Materl 39 Hardly worn, goretex lining, heeled $189.00
12712 BUS STOP JACKET 12712 JACKET BUS STOP Sunburst black Leather 40 Vintage. Straight out of the early 1980s, a perfect example of the sunburst style. Fashion-weight. $119.00 SOLD
12710 RUBBER SIDE DOWN PANTS 12710 PANTS RUBBER SIDE DOWN Riding black Leather 48" Unworn!!! The holy grail: a custom-made pant for a woman with big hips and short legs. Armor and hip pads, leg zips. $229.00
12709 FIRST GEAR JACKET 12709 JACKET FIRST GEAR Riding black Textile 3XL W Snap-out liner, soft armor, almost no wear! Fits short $125.00
12708 TEKNIC GLOVES 12708 GLOVES TEKNIC Gauntlet black Leather L W Great condition! Tagged XL but fit more like a L (or men's small) $39.00
12706 TEKNIC GLOVES 12706 GLOVES TEKNIC Gauntlet black Leather S W Classic leather riding glove $35.00 SOLD
12703 Military SHIRT 12703 SHIRT Military Insulating Undershirt black Textile Sm/Med W Military surplus; long ribbed underlayer woven with silk for warmth/insulation. $27.00 SOLD
12702 FIRST GENUINE LEATHER PANTS 12702 PANTS FIRST GENUINE LEATHER Riding black Leather 30" Waist Side lacing, double snap, jean style. $119.00 SOLD
12699 Luichiny BOOTS 12699 BOOTS Luichiny Heel black Leather 41 AMAZING! Tower over your enemies. Ultra Tall booties, grippy sole, factory distressed. So good. $62.00 SOLD
12697 Icon JACKET 12697 JACKET Icon Strongarm black Mix Materl 46 No longer made, rare! Leather arms, denim chest, liner, cozy, small scuff on rt arm, no armor. $225.00
12696 Leathermen PANTS 12696 PANTS Leathermen 5 Pocket Jean black Leather 28" waist Slim fit, worn once. With original tag. $89.00
12695 FieldSheer JACKET 12695 JACKET FieldSheer windbreaker black Textile Medium-Large Quilted windbreaker, zippered outer pockets on the front and arms, two small inner pockets. $35.00
12691 Kappa BAGGAGE 12691 BAGGAGE Kappa Convertible black Textile Medium Backpack/Tank bag with all the bells and whistles, many pockets, comes with raincover, accessories and original instructions. $129.00
12690 unbranded MILITARIA 12690 MILITARIA unbranded jacket khaki Textile small Light camo zip-up jacket, combat uniform, velcro pockets on both arms, black canada flag patch. $45.00
12687 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 12687 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Cruiser dark grey Leather 46 Factory-distressed riding jacket with reflective piping and logo. Venting. Center zip, mandarin collar. Great condition. $339.00
12682 JOE ROCKET JACKET 12682 JACKET JOE ROCKET Riding blue Textile XL Shoulder/elbow pads, zip-out liner, kevlar insert, hook n loop waist, arm/back/breast vents $109.00
12678 VANSON JACKET 12678 JACKET VANSON Challenger black Leather 46 MSRP $779 USD, front zip vent panels, back vents, adjustable waist, pocket for back armour, Vest # 12677 snaps in $519.00 SOLD
12677 VANSON VEST 12677 VEST VANSON Streamliner black Textile 46 Get 10% off vest if you buy with Vanson Jacket #12678, Button/Zipper front, side lacing $60.00 SOLD
12675 UNBRANDED BAGGAGE 12675 BAGGAGE UNBRANDED Saddle Bags black Leather Big! Indian-motorcycle-brand style, spacious, cool detailing $169.00
12674 HJC JACKET 12674 JACKET HJC Riding black Leather 50 Shoulder pads, pockets for back and elbows, vents, no liner $199.00 SOLD
12670 RSD RUBBER SIDE DOWN DESTOCKED 12670 DESTOCKED RSD RUBBER SIDE DOWN Café Racer black Mix Materl 2XL Adjustable waist, all armor, some damage to lining, zipper issue! Will need repair - reflected in price  
12668 SCORPION EXO JACKET 12668 JACKET SCORPION EXO Riding black Textile 42 Elbow/shoulder armor, back padding, reflective stripes, venting $139.00
12667 ALPINESTARS DESTOCKED 12667 DESTOCKED ALPINESTARS Touring black Leather 42.5 Goretex lining, "Multi-Air" breathable fabric and perforated leather  
12664 ICON JACKET 12664 JACKET ICON 'Bombshell Go-GO' black Leather L W All armor, zip out liner, heart/skull patches, side buckles, suede elbows/back panel - super cute! MSRP ~$460 CAD. $349.00
12663 DUHAN by BMW JACKET 12663 JACKET DUHAN by BMW Riding blue Textile 46 All armor, zip-out liner, venting, excellent condition. $159.00
12662 Unbranded JACKET 12662 JACKET Unbranded Café Racer black Leather M Quilted shoulders/Elbows, Assymetrical zip, mandarin collar, mid grade leather $125.00 SOLD
12658 FLORIAN JACKET 12658 JACKET FLORIAN Café Racer black Leather L Some damage to collar and lining, missing buckle at hip $109.00 SOLD
12655 TEKNIC PANTS 12655 PANTS TEKNIC Riding black Leather 32" waist Puckable, knee armor, hip padding, pulls at ankle zips are missing $109.00
12652 VANSON JACKET 12652 JACKET VANSON Riding black Leather L Perforated leather, lots of venting, shoulder/elbow armor, zipper defect at right wrist (reflected in price) $289.00
12651 ROCKPORT BOOTS 12651 BOOTS ROCKPORT Dress Shoe black Leather 38.5 Lace-up fashion dress shoes, some wear $39.00 SOLD
12647 DAINESE JACKET 12647 JACKET DAINESE DUCATI black Textile 44 Very high-end. Shoulder armor present, pockets for other armor. $249.00 SOLD
12645 CORSA JACKET 12645 JACKET CORSA Racing black Leather 44 Tons of patches and some perforation on a nice racing jacket. Zip-out liner. Armorable but no armor present. Aero hump. $229.00
12637 Hearts and Roses FETISH 12637 FETISH Hearts and Roses Gothic black Textile Xsmall The Vampire's Boudoir. Black brocade fabric, silver buttons, corset back. $50.00 SOLD
12634 Unbranded DESTOCKED 12634 DESTOCKED Unbranded Lace up black Leather 42 ish Factory distressed, lace up boot with metal detailing on the back of the heels. Teeny bit of rust. Vibram soles. $60.00 SOLD
12632 Symax JACKET 12632 JACKET Symax Fashion brown Leather Medium Vintage Vancouver made, 70's, 36" chest, button up, two front pockets. $49.00
12628 FLUEVOG BOOTS 12628 BOOTS FLUEVOG Angels black Leather 34-36 Six hole lace-up little Fluevog darlings. $38.00
12627 WOLVERINE BOOTS 12627 BOOTS WOLVERINE Service black Leather 42 Red gum creeper sole. Great condition. $75.00 SOLD
12624 CANADA WEST BOOTS 12624 BOOTS CANADA WEST Western brown Leather 44.5 Western Boot, Pull-up straps, Leather Sole $75.00 SOLD
12623 HARLEY DAVIDSON SHIRT 12623 SHIRT HARLEY DAVIDSON liner riding dark grey Textile Medium Lightweight riding shirt $99.00
12622 HARLEY DAVIDSON SHIRT 12622 SHIRT HARLEY DAVIDSON lined riding blue Textile Medium lil stain on front, lighweight riding shirt $99.00
12612 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 12612 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Zip-Up Biker black Leather XL Long Inner pocket, small scuffs on left arm $129.00 SOLD
12611 DRYCELL RAINGEAR 12611 RAINGEAR DRYCELL Jacket blue Textile 2XL Touring-length rain jacket $25.00
12604 Made2Ride RACE SUIT 12604 RACE SUIT Made2Ride Two piece black Mix Materl 44  pucks, backpad, elbow & shoulder armor (no knee armor but the pockets are present), areohump. White, silver & black leather. $319.00
12603 BRISTOL CHAPS 12603 CHAPS BRISTOL Riding black Leather 20" thigh Unlined, uncut; a decidely classic pair of chaps. $119.00
12602 RCMP BOOTS 12602 BOOTS RCMP High Browns brown Leather 42 High brown police/patrol boot. Interior boot straps, soles in good condition $249.00
12601 FIRMA DAMEN BOOTS 12601 BOOTS FIRMA DAMEN Knee High Riding black Leather 40 Buckle detail around heel, back zip. $89.00
12600 BOULET BOOTS 12600 BOOTS BOULET Equestrian black Leather 39 Slightly worn, topy soles still in good condition. $99.00 SOLD
12599 BOULET BOOTS 12599 BOOTS BOULET Equestrian black Leather 40 Bootstraps, repair done at the heel of left boot. MSRP $179 $99.00 SOLD
12594 UNBRANDED ACCESSORY 12594 ACCESSORY UNBRANDED skull cap black Textile o/s stretchy skull cap $3.00 SOLD
12590 BERGAMOT ACCESSORY 12590 ACCESSORY BERGAMOT buckle silver Metal o/s Live to Ride, Ride to Live! $15.00 SOLD
12584 DUCATI T-SHIRT 12584 T-SHIRT DUCATI Women's black Textile SM w Offical Ducati T-shirt MSRP $45 $25.00
12582 FIRST GENUINE PANTS 12582 PANTS FIRST GENUINE Overpant black Leather 30 Unworn & perfect. Leather jeans like chaps! They're CHEANS! MSRP $245 $199.00 SOLD
12579 Viberg BOOTS 12579 BOOTS Viberg Pull on brown Leather 42 Great heavy boot, worn sole, wear on the back of the lip and some minor gouging, round toe. $159.00
12577 MILENTI DESTOCKED 12577 DESTOCKED MILENTI 90s style casual brown Leather lrg m Brown fashion jacket! Small tear inside bottom.  
12575 EXPORT PANTS 12575 PANTS EXPORT Flat Track black Leather 30 Quilted padding, Vintage track pants. Stitching a bit loose at crotch. $169.00
12574 ONE MAN ARMADA FETISH 12574 FETISH ONE MAN ARMADA Football BREECHES black Leather 34" waist Breeches of football-themed cuteness.Quilted pads, lace-up crotch, unlined. Made in Canada. $175.00
12571 BMW Motorrad RAINGEAR 12571 RAINGEAR BMW Motorrad Rain suit yellow Textile Small m One piece, elastic waist, reflective stripes, a couple discolorations. MRSP $160 CAD $69.00
12569 BMW Motorrad BOOTS 12569 BOOTS BMW Motorrad Ankle black Leather 40 Side zip, elastic ankle, sole wear and teeny chip in the left toe. Otherwise awesome. $159.00
12566 JOE ROCKET RACE SUIT 12566 RACE SUIT JOE ROCKET Racing black Leather S All armor, perforated leather, back hump, pucks $325.00
12562 UNBRANDED FETISH 12562 FETISH UNBRANDED Chest Harness black Leather Med Criss-cross chest harness. Panic snaps, goes with item #12554 $85.00 SOLD
12553 UNBRANDED FETISH 12553 FETISH UNBRANDED 2 Bracers brown Leather Med One pair - no, you can't buy just one of them (-: Lace-up forearm covers. Tan flame design. $39.00 SOLD
12548 NORTHBOUND FETISH 12548 FETISH NORTHBOUND 2 BICEP CUFFS red Leather MED Roller buckle. One Pair! Nope, you can't buy them one at a time. :-)   MSRP $60 CAD $40.00 SOLD
12547 NORTHBOUND FETISH 12547 FETISH NORTHBOUND 2 BICEP CUFFS black Leather MED Roller buckle One Pair! Nope, you can't buy them one at a time. :-)   MSRP $60 CAD $40.00 SOLD
12545 NORTHBOUND FETISH 12545 FETISH NORTHBOUND 2 BICEP CUFFS khaki Leather MED Camoflage so you can go out and be seen! One Pair! Nope, you can't buy them one at a time. :-)   MSRP $60 CAD $29.00
12543 NORTH BOUND LEATHER HAT 12543 HAT NORTH BOUND LEATHER Muir black Leather L-XL MSRP $174 CAD. $119.00
12541 NORTH BOUND LEATHER CHAPS 12541 CHAPS NORTH BOUND LEATHER Bar black Leather 22" Thigh Sexy cargo pockets and D-rings. MSRP $534 CAD. $389.00
12540 TOP MAN LEATHER CHAPS 12540 CHAPS TOP MAN LEATHER Bar black Leather 24" Thigh Vintage, made in Vancouver. 9-snap front closure, unlined. $199.00
12539 NORTH BOUND LEATHER FETISH 12539 FETISH NORTH BOUND LEATHER JODHPUR OVERALL black Leather 32" Waist Two words: so. fantastic. Also lace-up grommet-y things happening. MSRP $710 CAD. $585.00
12537 DAYTON BOOTS 12537 BOOTS DAYTON 12" Engineer black Leather 42 - 43 Double buckle top, good condition. MSRP $799 CAD. $349.00 SOLD
12535 PRIAPE VEST 12535 VEST PRIAPE Singlet black Leather 44 Zip-front, high neck, black hardware. A decidedly sexy vest! $269.00
12532 UNBRANDED VEST 12532 VEST UNBRANDED Singlet black Leather 40 Contrast stitch, unlined, heavy zip, high neck. $249.00
12530 TOURMASTER JACKET 12530 JACKET TOURMASTER Riding black Textile 44 All armor, zip-out liner, reflective piping, venting. $129.00
12529 FMC JACKET 12529 JACKET FMC Biker Classic black Leather 50 Thick leather, half belt, skull pin, loong arms! $85.00 SOLD
12528 Dayton BOOTS 12528 BOOTS Dayton Slip on brown Leather 45ish Dayton 11EEE, comfortable! Great, nearly new soles $60.00 SOLD
12527 UNBRANDED PANTS 12527 PANTS UNBRANDED Jean style black Leather 34" waist Single piece front (no leaky knees). Unlined. Great leather! $109.00 SOLD
12526 ORIGINAL LEATHER FACTORY JACKET 12526 JACKET ORIGINAL LEATHER FACTORY Classic plus black Leather 42 A vintage fancy bi-colour jacket with quilt stitch and soft padding. Amazing condition! Canadian / Vancouver made. $219.00 SOLD
12524 DUCATI JACKET 12524 JACKET DUCATI riding black Leather 48-50 Stunning jacket made by DAINESE. Elbow/ shoulder armor. MSRP $549 - $639 CAD $339.00
12516 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 12516 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON After-Ride orange Textile XL w Reflective HD patch on back. Women's fit. $49.00
12514 One stop biker shop VEST 12514 VEST One stop biker shop  light grey Leather 8xl side lace, inner pockets, factory distressed, couple spots on the front where patches were removed. $89.00
12513 Harley Davidson VEST 12513 VEST Harley Davidson tactical black Leather 50" tactical side straps, perforated back and front, HD logo, BACA patch (removable). Great leather! $149.00 SOLD
12511 FRYE DESTOCKED 12511 DESTOCKED FRYE Double Buckle Engineer black Leather 40 Barely worn $225.00
12507 TEKNIC GLOVES 12507 GLOVES TEKNIC Gauntlet black Leather M Thick gauntlets, padding on back of hands $35.00 SOLD
12500 UNBRANDED CHAPS 12500 CHAPS UNBRANDED Riding brown Leather 22" thigh Interesting leather, scooped hem cut (no snaps) silver zips $109.00
12498 DUR-O-JAK / SCHOTT JACKET 12498 JACKET DUR-O-JAK / SCHOTT Police Jacket black Leather XL Steerhide, talon zips, interesting weathering/patina on sleeves, marks on left sleeve (patch removed) $309.00
12497 DROSPO JACKET 12497 JACKET DROSPO Action Classic Biker black Leather S Belt has been cut off, quilted lining, hole in left pocket, left sleeve missing zipper pull $145.00
12492 SNAP-ON JACKET 12492 JACKET SNAP-ON Fashion black Suede MED Small seam issue in pocket. $35.00 SOLD
12488 Linda 12488 JACKET Linda's Leathers Biker Classic black Leather 48 Built like a tank. A really tough tank made of a perfectly tough, gleaming cow. Custom-made for original owner. $365.00
12486 MOTOPORT JACKET 12486 JACKET MOTOPORT Touring black Textile Med W Custom made, $600+ CAD new. Kevlar mesh. 3-liner system, waterproof, all armor, reflective striping. Goes w #12485. $259.00
12485 MOTOPORT PANTS 12485 PANTS MOTOPORT Riding black Textile 32" - 34" Waist Custom made, $600+ CAD new. Kevlar mesh. Zip-out waterproof liner, knee armor + hip pads, reflective striping. Goes w #12486. $259.00 SOLD
12484 TEKNIC JACKET 12484 JACKET TEKNIC Riding black Textile 10 W Venting, zip-out liner, all armor, excellent condition. $129.00
12481 DAYTON BOOTS 12481 BOOTS DAYTON Romeo black Leather 37ish Good condition, minimal wear on soles. $130.00
12480 UNBRANDED BOOTS 12480 BOOTS UNBRANDED Western black Leather 40 Soles in fantastic condition, some scratching/scuffing on toe boxes. $109.00
12479 Harley Davidson BOOTS 12479 BOOTS Harley Davidson Harness black Leather 40-41 Worn once, includes box! Beautiful! Side zip, orange detail stitch, HD logo, steel toe. $159.00 SOLD
12470  First ACCESSORY 12470 ACCESSORY  First Kidney belt black Leather Large Padded kidney belt with double clasp closure, two small pockets. $30.00 SOLD
12469 HOT LEATHERS CHAPS 12469 CHAPS HOT LEATHERS Classic black Leather 21" thigh 3 snaps at bottom, lace-up adjustable back, one pocket. Unlined. $295.00
12467 DAYTON BOOTS 12467 BOOTS DAYTON Brown Beauty brown Leather 42ish Lots of wear. Canadian-made. Hard to find brown Mustang-style boot. Leather sole. MSRP $640 CAD $89.00 SOLD
12462 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 12462 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Riding black Textile XL Lots of wear, on its last legs, marked cheap for someone who needs it! Zip-out liner $49.00
12460 KOOL BAK ACCESSORY 12460 ACCESSORY KOOL BAK Kidney Belt black Textile N/A Kidney belt for riding $25.00
12459 GKS ACCESSORY 12459 ACCESSORY GKS Gaiters black Textile XL Rain covers for boots $19.00 SOLD
12458 HARLEY DAVIDSON BOOTS 12458 BOOTS HARLEY DAVIDSON Square Toe Harness brown Leather 46 Some wear, side zips, metal Harley logo $79.00 SOLD
12457 HARLEY DAVIDSON CHAPS 12457 CHAPS HARLEY DAVIDSON Riding black Leather 27" thigh Brownish/black patina. Small braiding detail down leg $89.00
12456 NEW AGE HEATED 12456 HEATED NEW AGE Vest black Textile XXL Double front pockets $30.00 SOLD
12454 UNBRANDED GLOVES 12454 GLOVES UNBRANDED Gauntlet black Leather XXL Thinsulate lining - toasty! $25.00 SOLD
12451 UNBRANDED JACKET 12451 JACKET UNBRANDED Zip-Up black Leather S Hole at right shoulder; very worn $75.00 SOLD
12447 UNBRANDED GLOVES 12447 GLOVES UNBRANDED Riding white Leather Medium Liner, Wrist Length, Great Stitching $20.00
12445 WATSON GLOVES 12445 GLOVES WATSON Ridings white Leather M/L Great Leather, Fringe Detail, Made in Canada $25.00
12444 UNBRANDED GLOVES 12444 GLOVES UNBRANDED Riding white Leather M/L Great Leather, Wrist Length, Heavy Stitching $25.00 SOLD
12442 UNBRANDED JACKET 12442 JACKET UNBRANDED Classic Biker black Leather 38ish German Jacket in Classic Biker Styling! Waist Half-Belt, Shoulder Straps, 4 Front Pockets, Inner Pocket, Wrist Zips, Liner $119.00
12440 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 12440 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Riding black Textile XL W Has Pockets for Shoulder and Elbow Pads, Lightweight Breezey Mesh, Velcro Adjust at Waist and Wrists, Two Zip Pockets, Two Inner Breast Zip Pockets $109.00 SOLD
12439 UNBRANDED JACKET 12439 JACKET UNBRANDED Riding white Leather Medium WOW! Buckskin Leather, Perfect Fringe, Oversize Hand Stitch, Two Front Pockets, Solid Zips, Small Flaw Right Wrist, Will Clean Up Nicely! $150.00
12437 DANIER JACKET 12437 JACKET DANIER Fashion black Leather Small Cool White Stitching, Button Up Front, Two Breast Pockets, Western Style $59.00
12435 GERBINGS JACKET 12435 JACKET GERBINGS Heated black Textile Large Heated Liner, Great Brand, Stretch Bottom $69.00
12434 ATHLETIC WORKS DESTOCKED 12434 DESTOCKED ATHLETIC WORKS Activewear black Textile 32ish Light Activewear Pant, Fleece Liner $9.00
12432 UNBRANDED PANTS 12432 PANTS UNBRANDED Riding black Leather 32 Single Pocket, Double Button, Intact Liner $59.00
12429 Harley Davidson JACKET 12429 JACKET Harley Davidson Biker Classic Fringe black Leather LRG w Gorgeous leather. Bandana-print liner. Fringes and blanket stitch details. $209.00
12426 HARLEY DAVIDSON HEATED 12426 HEATED HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET black Textile SM m Look cool but feel cozy. Electric warmth! MSRP $380 $259.00
12424 ZARA DESTOCKED 12424 DESTOCKED ZARA Moto black Leather 32" waist Quilted knees, hip buckles, side zip at hips and ankles, nice leather $109.00
12422 SONGANDLI ACCESSORY 12422 ACCESSORY SONGANDLI Spats black Leather 14" calf Military style spats with silver detailing (zipper and snap) $38.00
12421 BBH CLOTHING PANTS 12421 PANTS BBH CLOTHING 5-Pocket Jean black Leather 32 w High-waisted, one large piece of leather (no seams down front). Thick leather, some scuffs $149.00
12419 NORTH BEACH DRESS 12419 DRESS NORTH BEACH uniform-look blue Leather SM w Rockstar-styles leather uniform dress. Collectable brand. Gold buttons and piping! $189.00
12418 unbranded BOOTS 12418 BOOTS unbranded High Browns brown Leather 44 High brown police/patrol boot. Neat patina, some black markings, general wear, double soled. $269.00 SOLD
12416 New Old Stock BOOTS 12416 BOOTS New Old Stock Logger tan Leather 45 ish Vintage triple sole, leather laced, steel toed logging boot, possibly Pierre Paris or J. Leckie Deadstock! Appear totally unworn! $289.00
12414 Hartt BOOTS 12414 BOOTS Hartt Patrol Boot black Leather 43 ish Collectable Tall police/patrol boot, sidelacing, biltrite sole. Hartt no longer makes boots! Flaw in heel on right counter. $299.00
12413 Dayton BOOTS 12413 BOOTS Dayton Engineer black Leather 43 ish Single upper buckle strap, buckle harness, a little wear but still spiffy as heck. Steel toe. MRSP $799 CAD $209.00 SOLD
12412 Dayton BOOTS 12412 BOOTS Dayton Engineer black Leather 42.5 Double sole, double upper buckles, buckled strap, very little wear. Very nice. MRSP $799 CAD $349.00 SOLD
12411 Dayton BOOTS 12411 BOOTS Dayton Black Beauty black Leather 41 Double sole, a little toe scuffing but ready to gooo! $175.00
12405 LE CHATEAU JACKET 12405 JACKET LE CHATEAU BIKER black Leather Small Short Bomber Biker, 3/4 sleeve, front pockets, vintage, rad red-liner $89.00 SOLD
12404 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 12404 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Blazer black Leather 40 Blazer styled leather jacket, front breast pocket, limited edition, front pockets $62.00 SOLD
12389 Unbranded FETISH 12389 FETISH Unbranded Corset black Textile Medium Pinstripe, steel boned overbust corset. So pretty! 24"-27" ish waist $69.00
12382 HARLEY DAVIDSON VEST 12382 VEST HARLEY DAVIDSON Shirt Vest / Tunic Style black Leather S Harley logo at left breast, pockets zip, silver hardware detailing $99.00 SOLD
12377  HELMET 12377 HELMET        
12375 SEARS JACKET 12375 JACKET SEARS Fashion brown Leather 46 Beautiful vintage button-up lightweight jacket. $45.00
12372 SCULLY SHIRT 12372 SHIRT SCULLY Western white Textile XL Beautiful chest/shirt-front embroidery, pearl button snaps, new with tags. Rock star as heck $52.00 SOLD
12367 Dayton BOOTS 12367 BOOTS Dayton Engineer black Leather 41.5 ish Round toe, slight heel, buckle strap, a bit of general scuffing but otherwise fab. $179.00
12365 Dayton BOOTS 12365 BOOTS Dayton Tall brown Leather 43ish Dayton size 10.5, painted brown exterior, sole wear. $75.00 SOLD
12364 Biker Design SHIRT 12364 SHIRT Biker Design cut off green Textile Large Light button up shirt, cut of sleeves (factory) Cool "Sturgis" print on the back. $29.00 SOLD
12359 Triumph PANTS 12359 PANTS Triumph Jean cut black Leather 30 New with tags! Jean style with two back pockets, and union jack patch on the front pocket. Armorable knees (does not include armor). $119.00
12351 DRIZABONE JACKET 12351 JACKET DRIZABONE Duster brown Waxd Cottn XL Fairly worn; holes/damage $45.00 SOLD
12348 Paton 12348 ACCESSORY Paton's Leather COLLAR black Leather _ You must be NUTS! ... AND BOLTS! (New, unworn. Locally-made. Heavy latigo leather.) $39.00 SOLD
12347 Paton 12347 ACCESSORY Paton's Leather COLLAR black Leather _ New, unworn. Locally-made. Heavy latigo leather. Buckle closure, with ring attachment. Spikes & grommets. $59.00
12344 Paton 12344 ACCESSORY Paton's Leather COLLAR black Leather _ New, unworn. Locally-made. Heavy latigo leather. Buckles, with ring attachment. $49.00
12343 Paton 12343 ACCESSORY Paton's Leather COLLAR black Leather _ New, unworn. Locally-made. Veggie-tan leather. Lockable with ring attachment. $49.00
12341 TBAG BAGGAGE 12341 BAGGAGE TBAG Top Bag black Textile one size Converts to backpack. With rain cover. $45.00
12340 FIRST CLASSIC VEST 12340 VEST FIRST CLASSIC Fitted Zip black Leather XL W Almost new, Zip Vest, Double Pocket, expanding sides $89.00
12339 FIRST GEAR JACKET 12339 JACKET FIRST GEAR Touring white Textile L Hein Gericke, some wear/staining, light armor, removable liner $89.00
12337 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 12337 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON FXRG black Leather 3XL Excellent condition, nice leather. Back padding, venting, soft armor. No Liner. Zipper pull has been replaced. $359.00
12332 ORIGINAL LEATHER FACTORY CHAPS 12332 CHAPS ORIGINAL LEATHER FACTORY Riding black Leather 22" Thigh Made in Vancouver! Excellent leather. Unlined, hemmed. $135.00 SOLD
12331 PIONEER DESTOCKED 12331 DESTOCKED PIONEER Snap Front Fashion blue Textile L Vintage Pioneer jacket, warm! $85.00
12330 BRISTOL DESTOCKED 12330 DESTOCKED BRISTOL Bomber black Leather S Vintage '80s bomber! Great condition, fuzzy liner zips out $0.00
12325 NEXT BOOTS 12325 BOOTS NEXT Western brown Leather  Scalloped edges, block heel, tooling and braid detailing. Fancy! $39.00 SOLD
12324 DURANGO BOOTS 12324 BOOTS DURANGO Sq. Toe Harness brown Leather 40ish Gorgeous patina. FLAW: lots of sole and heel wear $55.00 SOLD
12323 DOC MARTENS BOOTS 12323 BOOTS DOC MARTENS Monkey Boot black Leather 40ish The original Dr Marten's -- Made in England $45.00 SOLD
12321 FRYE BOOTS 12321 BOOTS FRYE Villager brown Leather 37.5 ish The tall pull on boot! Bi-colour and nicely worn in. $35.00 SOLD
12320 SHIFT JACKET 12320 JACKET SHIFT riding blue Textile 44 New with tags. MSRP$ 180 CAD. Kelvar protection, armorable. $119.00
12311 UTILIKILT DESTOCKED 12311 DESTOCKED UTILIKILT It's a KILT not a black Textile 40 (42") MSRP $343 CAD An original Workman's Utilikilt made with cotton duck canvas. Special tool-belt inserts. Modesty snaps. $0.00
12309 BROGIES RAINGEAR 12309 RAINGEAR BROGIES Jacket black Textile LRG  Keep dry. You live in Vancouver. $32.00 SOLD
12307 HARLEY DAVIDSON BOOTS 12307 BOOTS HARLEY DAVIDSON Mega Harness black Leather 39 MSRP$195 CAD. Almost unworn. $109.00
12306 Genuine CHAPS 12306 CHAPS Genuine Classic black Leather 22" thigh Unlined. FLAWS: Some wear, some oxidized grommets. $55.00
12304 Silver Rebel BOOTS 12304 BOOTS Silver Rebel Western black Leather 39-40 Cute leather-soled cowboy boots with a silver design. $55.00
12303 FMC SHIRT 12303 SHIRT FMC Western black Leather 42 Four pockets (two hidden), classic styling. $95.00
12295 NORTH BOUND FETISH 12295 FETISH NORTH BOUND TRENCH COAT black Leather 44 Gorgeous coat. Very high end leather company. MSRP$1410 CAD $410.00 SOLD
12294 NORTH BOUND JACKET 12294 JACKET NORTH BOUND 3/4 COAT black Leather 42-44 5-button closure. Very high end leather company. MSRP$1325.00 CAD $345.00
12292 NORTH BOUND JACKET 12292 JACKET NORTH BOUND Fashion black Leather 42 Impeccable condition. Lambskin. Very high end leather company. MSRP$800 CAD $219.00 SOLD
12291 NORTH BOUND PANTS 12291 PANTS NORTH BOUND Laced leg black Leather 34 Boot cut, laced-up leg. Button-fly. Very high end leather company. MSRP$760 CAD $379.00 SOLD
12290 NORTH BOUND PANTS 12290 PANTS NORTH BOUND 501-style black Leather 36 Button-fly. Hi-shine crackle finsih leather. Very high end leather company. MSRP$630 CAD $329.00
12288 NORTH BOUND SHIRT 12288 SHIRT NORTH BOUND Short Sleeve black Leather 44 Snap front, dressy style. Very high end leather company. MSRP$535 CAD $289.00 SOLD
12286 NORTH BOUND FETISH 12286 FETISH NORTH BOUND BIB SHIRT black Leather  Snap-on leather bib. Snap close. Eye catching! Very high end leather company. MSRP$775 CAD $399.00
12285 NORTH BOUND FETISH 12285 FETISH NORTH BOUND SHIRT black Leather 42-44 Stretch-side. Zip front. Very high end leather company. MSRP$345 CAD $239.00
12282 BRISTOL JACKET 12282 JACKET BRISTOL Biker Classic Plus black Leather 40 - 42 Vintage 1980s studded/quilted  shoulders, sidelacing. Women's fit. $209.00 SOLD
12279 AUCLAIR GLOVES 12279 GLOVES AUCLAIR gauntlet black Leather MED m Thermal-lined vintage 80s. $39.00 SOLD
12277 HARLEY DAVIDSON SHIRT 12277 SHIRT HARLEY DAVIDSON Fitted dark grey Textile LRG w Deep Vee neck. Factory "distressed" print. $17.00
12276 SAMCRO T-SHIRT 12276 T-SHIRT SAMCRO Film black Textile 40 - 42 Sons of Anarchy / SAMCRO labelled shirt. $17.00
12275 HARLEY DAVIDSON SHIRT 12275 SHIRT HARLEY DAVIDSON Long sleeve red Textile LRG w Criss-cross lacing at Vee-back opening. $21.00
12274 HARLEY DAVIDSON SHIRT 12274 SHIRT HARLEY DAVIDSON Thermal black Textile LRG w Sparkle logo, Trev Deeley, long sleeves. $21.00 SOLD
12273 HARLEY DAVIDSON SHIRT 12273 SHIRT HARLEY DAVIDSON Party blue Textile LRG w This the the shirt you wear when accepting your motorcycle-related award onstage. Sparkle! $25.00
12269 ATLAS ACCESSORY 12269 ACCESSORY ATLAS Neck Brace red Type: N/A New with tags! Retails $285 new $159.00
12263 Boutique of Leather DESTOCKED 12263 DESTOCKED Boutique of Leather riding chaps black Leather s 22" leg, button bottoms, lined $89.00
12261 UNBRANDED GLOVES 12261 GLOVES UNBRANDED Gauntlet black Leather XL Studding detail, sliced at wrist, Thinsulate lining $29.00 SOLD
12260 HARLEY DAVIDSON BOOTS 12260 BOOTS HARLEY DAVIDSON Square Toe Harness black Leather 42.5 Braiding detail, new insoles $69.00
12259 UNBRANDED JACKET 12259 JACKET UNBRANDED Classic Biker black Leather 42 Vintage styling - possibly '70s; brass hardware, side lacing, missing liner $189.00 SOLD
12258 TEKNIC JACKET 12258 JACKET TEKNIC Touring black Textile 44 Missing liner, all armor, venting, reflective piping $119.00
12255 Vanson RACE SUIT 12255 RACE SUIT Vanson Race suit blue Leather Medium One piece suit, a little worn but still fully functional, full armor, pucks in good condition. Perforated leather. $529.00
12253 PUMA DESTOCKED 12253 DESTOCKED PUMA DESMO Touring black Leather 42 Goretex; fits slightly smaller than tagged, retails around $300CAD new $185.00
12248 BELSTAFF JACKET 12248 JACKET BELSTAFF Bomber blue Textile XL Kevlar, zip-out liner, armor in elbows/shoulders, snap front $109.00
12243 PRIAPE CHAPS 12243 CHAPS PRIAPE Bar Chap black Leather 20" thigh Heavy leather, studding belt detailing $189.00
12238 MR S LEATHER PANTS 12238 PANTS MR S LEATHER 5-Pocket Jean Style black Leather 39 Unlined, nice leather! Retails over $500 brand new. $325.00
12237 UNIK PANTS 12237 PANTS UNIK 5-Pocket Jean Style black Leather 38 Lined, hems have been trimmed $109.00 SOLD
12234 UNBRANDED JACKET 12234 JACKET UNBRANDED Biker Classic black Leather 46 Rough-out leather with an amazing texture! Leather accents, belt loops but no belt, side-lacing. $79.00 SOLD
12232 Sidi DESTOCKED 12232 DESTOCKED Sidi MX black Mix Materl 45 A little wear and tear, still fully functional. $129.00
12228 AXO RACE SUIT 12228 RACE SUIT AXO 2-Piece Suit red Leather 40 Pucks in good condition, hard armor at shoulders/elbows $280.00
12227 ALEXANDER LEATHERS JACKET 12227 JACKET ALEXANDER LEATHERS Café Racer black Leather 44 Fits closer to XL, green plaid lining, horsehide. Made in Scotland $709.00
12221 KING KONG BOOTS 12221 BOOTS KING KONG Work Boot tan Leather 40ish CSA steeltoe $45.00
12218 DAYTON BOOTS 12218 BOOTS DAYTON Toughie black Leather 38.5 Some wear & tear but still functional! $89.00 SOLD
12211 UNDERCOVER PANTS 12211 PANTS UNDERCOVER Riding blue Denim 38 Kevlar jeans $99.00
12210 UNDERCOVER PANTS 12210 PANTS UNDERCOVER Riding blue Denim 38 Kevlar jeans $99.00
12209 BMW GLOVES 12209 GLOVES BMW Pro Winter black Mix Materl Large-XL gauntlet style, cozy, leather palms, small tear in lining of left glove, cinch closure. $35.00 SOLD
12195 FIRST GEAR PANTS 12195 PANTS FIRST GEAR Riding black Textile 36 Hypertex, soft armor, zip-in liner, bit of sun fading. Thinsulate lining $119.00
12194 FIRST GEAR PANTS 12194 PANTS FIRST GEAR Riding black Textile 34 Hypertex pants, hip and knee padding, bonus thigh pocket $129.00
12192 JOE ROCKET JACKET 12192 JACKET JOE ROCKET Riding light grey Mesh Tex L W Zip-out liner, all armor $119.00 SOLD
12187 ALPINESTARS PANTS 12187 PANTS ALPINESTARS Racing black Leather  Leather/Mix Material Riding Pant, Knee pads, Universal Zip intact, Back knee vents $289.00 SOLD
12175 NIKO SKIRT 12175 SKIRT NIKO Knee-length black Leather 30" waist Not every skirt has a silver lining but this one does. :-)  44" hip. Nice sleek leather. $35.00
12158 Harley Davidson JACKET 12158 JACKET Harley Davidson Riding black Textile Medium Red Zip-Out Liner, Elbow and Shoulder pads $309.00
12151 KOWALSKI DESTOCKED 12151 DESTOCKED KOWALSKI Handmade tan Leather 42-43 Factory-distressed, almost unworn. Side zip, hand-stitched. Topy sole and very little wear! MSRP $485 CAD $319.00
12146 Joe Rocket DESTOCKED 12146 DESTOCKED Joe Rocket riding black Textile 32" Many layers of zip out liner, sweet! Hip pads, knee armor, zip up perforated sections on the thigh, front zip pockets  
12145 Old School motorcycle VEST 12145 VEST Old School motorcycle  black Leather Large four snap, two front pocket "old school" patch on the back. $42.00
12142 GAP JACKET 12142 JACKET GAP Trucker brown Leather 40 Three-snap sleeves, two chest pockets. Styled like a jean jacket but so much cooler. $159.00
12141 OCEAN WEST JACKET 12141 JACKET OCEAN WEST Bomber black Leather 40 Nice leather, centre zip, classically-styled bomber $69.00
12136 Ryno ACCESSORY 12136 ACCESSORY Ryno Handcuff case black Leather small Can be matched with utilibelt (12135), some scraping and wear of the leather, missing part of the snap. Still super cool and functional. $25.00
12135 Jay-Pee ACCESSORY 12135 ACCESSORY Jay-Pee Utilibelt black Leather 34 Quite wide, heavy duty utilibelt. Double layered leather (brown interior) Silver buckle. $45.00
12125 TCX BOOTS 12125 BOOTS TCX Racing black Leather 37 New with tags and box. MSRP-$250 $169.00
12124 EXUSTAR BOOTS 12124 BOOTS EXUSTAR Touring black Leather 36.5 ish Weatherproof, sidezip. Unused. New with box and tags. $109.00
12115 NYB GEAR JACKET 12115 JACKET NYB GEAR Riding black Textile 4XL W Zip-out liner, no armor. Reflective piping, leather detailing. New w/ tags. MSRP $ $119.00
12113 COLDWAVE PANTS 12113 PANTS COLDWAVE Overpants black Textile 10 W 36" Waterproof 'Power Skin'. Snap-off overall. Zip-in liner, light padding. MSRP$299 $175.00
12110 ICON PANTS 12110 PANTS ICON Riding blue Textile 36 Lightweight, reinforced. No armor, no liner. MSRP $ $75.00
12108 COLDWAVE PANTS 12108 PANTS COLDWAVE Overpants black Textile 8 W Waterproof 'Power Skin', new w/tags. Snap-off overall. Zip-in liner, light padding. MSRP$299 $175.00
12102 OLYMPIA PANTS 12102 PANTS OLYMPIA Riding black Textile 10 W Full liner, all armor. MSRP $275 $199.00
12098 BANDOLINO SHIRT 12098 SHIRT BANDOLINO SWEATER black Mix Materl MED w Sweater. Leather. Silk blend. Cute. $19.00
12094 Defense Logistics Academy MILITARIA 12094 MILITARIA Defense Logistics Academy Dress Pants blue Textile 30" Navy dress pant (plain), black textile belt with *shiny* gold buckle $50.00
12093 Defense Logistics Academy MILITARIA 12093 MILITARIA Defense Logistics Academy Dress Pants black Textile 28" Navy dress pant with a gold stripe down the outer leg. Belt loops. $50.00
12091 Defense Logistics Academy MILITARIA 12091 MILITARIA Defense Logistics Academy Dress Uniform black Textile Medium Female dress uniform, US millitary, gold buttons, gold detailing on wrists and shoulders. $65.00
12084 Wesco BOOTS 12084 BOOTS Wesco Lace up black Leather 36 ish Yellow detail stitch, vibram sole, quilty, 10-eye. They've got some wear but they've been revived! $189.00
12082 BOULET BOOTS 12082 BOOTS BOULET Black Beauty Style black Leather 39  Good soles, some scuffing/scratching on toe boxes. $69.00
12081 PELLE JACKET 12081 JACKET PELLE Biker Classic black Leather 50 Side lacing, half belt, D-pocket, epaulettes. $149.00
12075 PREXPORT BOOTS 12075 BOOTS PREXPORT racing blue Leather 40ish Vintage boots in excellent condition, except for the manmade materials of the "tongue" area, which are degrading. $21.00
12068 PELLE CUIR JACKET 12068 JACKET PELLE CUIR Vintage Biker Classic black Leather Med Fringe+conches, quilted lining. $119.00
12063 BIKERS GEAR PANTS 12063 PANTS BIKERS GEAR Riding red Textile 38 Knee+hip armor, side vents, zip-out liner, thigh pockets, leg zips. Waterproof! $107.00 SOLD
12057 UNBRANDED GLOVES 12057 GLOVES UNBRANDED Shortie black Leather Sm Deerskin, lined, good condition. $29.00 SOLD
12055 UNBRANDED BOOTS 12055 BOOTS UNBRANDED Military Steeltoe black Leather 40 Steeltoe $139.00
12048 UNBRANDED JACKET 12048 JACKET UNBRANDED Fashion Bomber brown Leather S Vintage '80s bomber, bought in Tokyo! $99.00
12044 CYCLE GEAR JACKET 12044 JACKET CYCLE GEAR Café Racer black Leather 44 Patches, "Vespa" logo on back, retro race-y styling $95.00
12042 BOD & CHRISTENSEN JACKET 12042 JACKET BOD & CHRISTENSEN Fashion Bomber black Leather XXL Quilted patches, soft fashion leather, cool '90s styling $99.00
12040 ICON "Superduty 4" BOOTS 12040 BOOTS ICON "Superduty 4" Riding Sneaker - Touring tan Nubuck 44 Lots of wear but perfectly functional, comfy sneaker-styled touring boot! $99.00
12033 SHIFT DESTOCKED 12033 DESTOCKED SHIFT Café Racer black Mix Materl L Leather/textile, all armor, liner capable, lightweight  
12032 Shift JACKET 12032 JACKET Shift Riding khaki Textile Large zip out liner, elbow armor, camo pattern $89.00 SOLD
12031 Harley Davidson JACKET 12031 JACKET Harley Davidson FXRG black Leather 2XL Retails $700 new, zip in liner, soft armor, many inner pockets, zip-up vents $399.00
12029 Alpinestars BOOTS 12029 BOOTS Alpinestars MX black Mix Materl 42-43 Leather exterior, velcro and casp closures, waterproof $119.00
12024 Firstgear RAINGEAR 12024 RAINGEAR Firstgear Jacket black Textile  XL long, cinch waist, two front pockets, built-in stuff bag, reflective piping (goes with pants 12025) $45.00
12022 unbranded BAGGAGE 12022 BAGGAGE unbranded liner black Textile large Custom large bag liner, carry handles and leather pull-tabs (came with/sold seperatly from item 12021) $39.00
12021 unbranded BAGGAGE 12021 BAGGAGE unbranded liner black Textile medium Custom made saddlebag liners, with carry-straps and leather pull-tabs (set of 2) $55.00
12013 Helimot ARMOR 12013 ARMOR Helimot Spine/Back black Mix Materl  Spine protector surrouned by foam padding, flexible, mesh interior. $179 new $89.00
12012 Teknic ARMOR 12012 ARMOR Teknic Back/Spine black Mix Materl medium 7 segment with single waist strap $49.00
12010 Erbo PANTS 12010 PANTS Erbo Racing black Leather 32-34" Made in Germany, Knee/hip armor, new pucks, minor damage right ankle zipper (still zips fine), some scuffs, removable suspenders $199.00
12006 ROOTS JACKET 12006 JACKET ROOTS Button Up blue Denim L Plaid lining, vintage styling, contrast collar $35.00
12005 COLD WAVE JACKET 12005 JACKET COLD WAVE Touring red Textile M No armor, Armortex nylon waterproof, liner capable, reflective piping $89.00
11998 COWHIDE PANTS 11998 PANTS COWHIDE Riding black Leather 28" waist Vintage riding pants with side lacing, hems have been trimmed $89.00
11997 INTERSTATE LEATHERS PANTS 11997 PANTS INTERSTATE LEATHERS Vintage Riding blue Leather 27" waist Custom made in England, quilted knee padding $135.00
11992 Firstgear JACKET 11992 JACKET Firstgear Touring black Textile 2XL W Never worn! All armor, spine pad, zip in liner, cinchable waist, reflective piping, two front pockets $199.00
11980 JOE ROCKET JACKET 11980 JACKET JOE ROCKET "Phoenix" Racing red Mesh Tex Tagged XL Fits more like L, all armor, liner-capable $119.00
11976 Wesco DESTOCKED 11976 DESTOCKED Wesco Custom black Leather 42 ish So awesome! Custom made. Many hundereds of dollars new. Red heel, detail stitch, fancy midsole, white lining. Teeny heel scuff. $379.00
11974 XPERT JACKET 11974 JACKET XPERT Racing red Perf Lthr 44 Missing shoulder armor, no liner. $119.00
11973 Brimaco PANTS 11973 PANTS Brimaco Riding black Leather 26" waist Vintage 1970s womens' high-waisted riding pant, Canadian-made. $99.00
11972 GAP JACKET 11972 JACKET GAP Jean-style black Leather LRG w Great leather, sweet style. Fashion jacket. Regular length. $155.00 SOLD
11970 INTERSECT JACKET 11970 JACKET INTERSECT Biker classic Car Coat brown Leather 48 Factory-distressed finish, and a contract stitch. $75.00
11967 Treen GLOVES 11967 GLOVES Treen Gauntlet black Leather small Vintage Canadian brand. Beautiful patina, wrist cinch, red lining $65.00
11957 TREEN Custom Leathers CHAPS 11957 CHAPS TREEN Custom Leathers Vintage Classic blue Leather 20" thigh Short leg. Western style. Storm blue, vintage late 60s/early 70s. Goes with jacket #11956 $129.00
11956 TREEN Custom Leathers JACKET 11956 JACKET TREEN Custom Leathers Biker Classic + blue Leather 38-40 Western style classic. Storm blue, vintage late 60s/early 70s. Goes with chaps #11957 $259.15
11952 TRIPP NYC PANTS 11952 PANTS TRIPP NYC Fashion only black Denim 16 W Ragged in that fetish-fashionable way. NOT a RIDING PANT, y'all. Just for looking very very cool. MSRP $84 USD $27.00
11951 unbranded DESTOCKED 11951 DESTOCKED unbranded Two Piece red Leather 40 Beautiful vintage suite with lots of wear but no rash. Puckable. $179.00
11950 SPEED & STRENGTH JACKET 11950 JACKET SPEED & STRENGTH Race black Leather 46 Perf leather, stainless steel mesh, aero hump, all armor. Sleek.  Batman would be so proud. *snif* $359.00 SOLD
11949 FRANK THOMAS PANTS 11949 PANTS FRANK THOMAS Racing yellow Leather 26" waist Armored knees, perforated leather panels at thighs $199.00
11948 INTERSTATE CHAPS 11948 CHAPS INTERSTATE classic black Leather 26" thigh 4-snap length. Lined. Nice leather. $129.00 SOLD
11944 UNBRANDED PANTS 11944 PANTS UNBRANDED Fashion black Leather 32" waist Jean-style, soft leather, lining has been cut out $39.00
11939 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 11939 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Café Racer black Leather 44 Incredible vintage reproduction, lots of pockets, hip lacing, quilted orange lining, stud details, stunning! $279.00 SOLD
11936 TEKNIC RACE SUIT 11936 RACE SUIT TEKNIC 2 piece blue Leather 48 J / 36 P $275.00
11926 AUCLAIR GLOVES 11926 GLOVES AUCLAIR Gauntlet black Leather Med M Vintage, blanket lined. $35.00 SOLD
11922 CORTECH GLOVES 11922 GLOVES CORTECH Gauntlet white Leather Lg M Perforated + armored racing gauntlet. $99.00
11918 DROSPO PANTS 11918 PANTS DROSPO Vintage Riding blue Leather 30" Waist Full moto zips, military-stitch butt, 4 pockets. Vintage 1960s. (Goes w/ item #11917) $159.00
11915 DUCATI JACKET 11915 JACKET DUCATI Strada GT Tour black Textile LRG TALL m Gore-tex, all armor (incl. neck), zip-out liner, perfect condition. By Dainese. $579.00 SOLD
11913 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 11913 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Biker Classic Sweater black Mix Materl XL W Sweater-jacket hybrid! $65.00
11911 HARLEY DAVIDSON T-SHIRT 11911 T-SHIRT HARLEY DAVIDSON - black  42 Piratey graphic goodness! $10.00
11910 HARLEY DAVIDSON GLOVES 11910 GLOVES HARLEY DAVIDSON Fingerless black Leather Lg W Rhinestones, never worn; MSRP ~$60 CAD. $42.00
11907 HARLEY DAVIDSON DESTOCKED 11907 DESTOCKED HARLEY DAVIDSON Biker Classic black Leather 40 vintage early 60s harley davidson. Heavy belt with vintage keys. Amazing condition. $439.00
11906 FIORENTINI+BAKER BOOTS 11906 BOOTS FIORENTINI+BAKER Chelsea black Leather 39 Ankle high, minimal wear, great condition. $99.00 SOLD
11905 FIORENTINI+BAKER BOOTS 11905 BOOTS FIORENTINI+BAKER Knee High black Leather 39 Lacing at back/top of calf, made in Italy. $129.00 SOLD
11904 SPIDI PANTS 11904 PANTS SPIDI Riding black Leather 35" W Removable mesh liner, zippable back pocket, made in Italy. Fantastic condition+leather! MSRP ~$300 CAD $249.00 SOLD
11901 KENNETH COLE PANTS 11901 PANTS KENNETH COLE Fashion black Leather 34" waist 5-pocket jean style, hems have been trimmed, very soft & comfy leather $125.00 SOLD
11899 KAB BU LEATHER JACKET 11899 JACKET KAB BU LEATHER Café Racer black Leather M W Custom made, kidney padding, quilted lining, light elbow padding $265.00
11886 FRANK THOMAS DESTOCKED 11886 DESTOCKED FRANK THOMAS Riding black Leather 32 Buttery texture, connector zip for jacket broken, universal zip ok $209.00 SOLD
11885 FIRST LEATHER JACKET 11885 JACKET FIRST LEATHER Classic Biker black Leather 46 Side lacing, Classic Style, Original Zip, No arm liner $75.00
11883 GAP VEST 11883 VEST GAP Jean blue Denim LRG m Plaid-lined Jean pocket vest with Harley Owners Group patch and pins $65.00
11882 HARLEY DAVIDSON VEST 11882 VEST HARLEY DAVIDSON classic black Leather LRG m 5-snap front with Harley Owners Group patch and multiple brass pins. $165.00
11880 HARLEY DAVIDSON VEST 11880 VEST HARLEY DAVIDSON Classic black Leather LRG m Fancy HD buttons! Legendary Ride embroidery. $79.00
11875 ICON DESTOCKED 11875 DESTOCKED ICON Automag black Leather 34 MSRP $350   Riding pants with full protection. New with Tags! $299.00
11870 SENA ACCESSORY 11870 ACCESSORY SENA Bluetooth Headset black Electronic N/A New in box, never used $149.00
11866 HOLLYS LEATHERS VEST 11866 VEST HOLLYS LEATHERS Snap front black Leather 42 Double pocket $109.00
11862 FADI JACKET 11862 JACKET FADI Fashion Zip-up black Leather XL Made in Italy, retails $300 US+, custom alterations for original owner $149.00
11861 FIRST GEAR JACKET 11861 JACKET FIRST GEAR riding black Leather MED w Great vents, including sleeve intake vent! Snap-in warm liner with built-in scarf. $129.00 SOLD
11857  Zara DESTOCKED 11857 DESTOCKED  Zara Fashion black Leather 30" Sweet fashion pant. Plenty of zips, buckles, quilted knees. FLAW: Slight side-zipper issue. $70.00
11855 IXON JACKET 11855 JACKET IXON riding dark grey Textile 40 w Women's fitted riding jacket, all armor, zip out liner. MSRP$300 CAD new $159.00
11850 HARLEY DAVIDSON DESTOCKED 11850 DESTOCKED HARLEY DAVIDSON Classic Biker black Leather CHILD 8 Classic D pocket design $69.00
11849 JOE ROCKET PANTS 11849 PANTS JOE ROCKET Racing black Leather 40 All armor and perfect pucks. $175.00
11837 UNBRANDED JACKET 11837 JACKET UNBRANDED Bomber tan Leather XL ish Custom handmade jacket - some wear and tear, a total fixer-upper but still beautiful! $65.00 SOLD
11835 Symax JACKET 11835 JACKET Symax Zip- up black Leather small Collectible! Time-machine condition straight from the 80's. Sunburst patterning, beautiful leather. 38" chest $160.00 SOLD
11831 STORMRIDER JACKET 11831 JACKET STORMRIDER Bomber blue Denim XXL Tall Fuzzy lining, tan corduroy collar $39.00
11828 OPEN ROAD for WILSONS JACKET 11828 JACKET OPEN ROAD for WILSONS Café Racer black Leather Small Quilting & ribbing, belted waist $119.00
11823 NEW AGE HEATED 11823 HEATED NEW AGE VEST black Textile 34 $59.00 SOLD
11822 Frank Thomas RACE SUIT 11822 RACE SUIT Frank Thomas TWO PIECE dark grey Textile 42 + MSRP $ 1300 new Tagged LRG, fits Med. Touring weatherproof suit with warm liner. All armor. $349.00
11810 Suzuki RACE SUIT 11810 RACE SUIT Suzuki Two Piece light grey Leather 42 reg Vintage racing suit with hard armor, plus soft spine padding. $399.00
11802 First Classics VEST 11802 VEST First Classics  black Leather Large Center zip, cool embroidery detail, two internal pockets, two external pockets $79.00 SOLD
11798 FRYE BOOTS 11798 BOOTS FRYE Campus purple Leather 36.5 What colour are these? The colour of AMAZING! $99.00
11795 LAURENCE ROY PANTS 11795 PANTS LAURENCE ROY Riding black Mix Materl XS Textile/leather waterproof Cordura, new with tags, lightweight $109.00
11793 TOURMASTER BOOTS 11793 BOOTS TOURMASTER Engineer Road Boot black Leather 44 Waterproof $59.00
11789 UNIK CHAPS 11789 CHAPS UNIK Riding black Leather 24" thigh Lots of miles on these. $75.00 SOLD
11788 BK RACING RACE SUIT 11788 RACE SUIT BK RACING TWO PIECE black Leather 48 m All armor, good pucks. $349.00
11787 Alpinestars RACE SUIT 11787 RACE SUIT Alpinestars ONE PIECE black Perf Lthr 48 m Aero hump. All armor. Perforated leather.  Fresh pucks. *Minor* scuff on one arm. $599.00
11781 USA Leather JACKET 11781 JACKET USA Leather Scuba black Leather LRG w An unworn, very lightweight riding jacket. Zip closure. $75.00
11780 SAGE BRUSH DESIGNS BIKE BIT 11780 BIKE BIT SAGE BRUSH DESIGNS Engine Guard Chaps black Leather SM Fits most smaller bikes $20.00
11772 unbranded ACCESSORY 11772 ACCESSORY unbranded BELT of rings black Mix Materl 42" long Lots of hardware! $35.00
11770 HARLEY DAVIDSON BOOTS 11770 BOOTS HARLEY DAVIDSON Keely black Leather 39 A knee-high boot with a zip and a slightly generous calf fit:16" As-new condition. MSRP $250 CAD $159.00
11765 Ultra Force MILITARIA 11765 MILITARIA Ultra Force BDU green Textile 31 - 35" waist Do blend in. $45.00 SOLD
11764 unbranded MILITARIA 11764 MILITARIA unbranded Camouflage black Textile 36" waist Don't blend in. $45.00
11762 NorthBound CHAPS 11762 CHAPS NorthBound Bar red Leather 24" thigh MSRP $570 new -- very very high end bar chaps. $289.00
11756 BMW JACKET 11756 JACKET BMW Pro-emotion black Leather 46 Fully-armored warm-weather jacket, with breathable textile under the arms. Zips to BMW pants #11757 $309.00
11751 RSD RUBBER SIDE DOWN JACKET 11751 JACKET RSD RUBBER SIDE DOWN Touring red Mesh Tex 50 All armor, zip-out liner, waterproof (Cordura) $175.00
11748 OPEN ROAD VEST 11748 VEST OPEN ROAD Snap-front black Leather 3XL fits XL Solid leather back piece, never worn, original tags still on. Tagged 3XL, fits closer to XL $135.00
11742 FMC CHAPS 11742 CHAPS FMC riding black Leather 26 bottom has been hemmed $99.00
11734 Adam & Eve JACKET 11734 JACKET Adam & Eve Vintage tan Leather itty bitty A 60s/70s vintage jacket with an unusual design. Super cute! $129.00
11715 CANADIAN MILITARY DESTOCKED 11715 DESTOCKED CANADIAN MILITARY Aviation Bomber green Textile 44 (Fits XL) With velcro patches, hood with tuckaway pocket $119.00
11709 Rev it! ACCESSORY 11709 ACCESSORY Rev it! Cooling vest black Textile Medium Can be zipped into jackets $49.00
11703 Rudsak VEST 11703 VEST Rudsak zip up black Leather Small Retails $300 new, zipper, horizonal lacing detail in the front, collar $179.00
11700 Avirex JACKET 11700 JACKET Avirex bomber brown Leather XL A-2 Aviation bomber, "old leather", double pockets $399.00 SOLD
11693 BIKER 11693 PANTS BIKER'S CLUB Riding black Leather 32 High-waisted, partial side zip, new with tags $169.00
11690 DIAMOND PLATE VEST 11690 VEST DIAMOND PLATE Fancy brown Leather W M Fringed, snap close, stud detailing $75.00
11677 unbranded JACKET 11677 JACKET unbranded Vintage 80's black Leather MED Quilt stitch and colourblock. Nice vintage condition. $119.00
11671 LEVI 11671 JACKET LEVI'S Trucker black Denim XL m No signs of wear. Perfect. $75.00
11669 FLUEVOG BOOTS 11669 BOOTS FLUEVOG Buick black Leather 42 C A one-of-a-kind sample Fluevog shoe, from the Buick family. 90s vintage deadstock. $109.00
11663 GEORGIA BOOT BOOTS 11663 BOOTS GEORGIA BOOT Work boot brown Leather 41 Comfy! $50.00
11648 YAMAHA VEST 11648 VEST YAMAHA Virago black Leather 40 navy liner. Sidelaces. Virago branding chest and back. $89.00
11636 HARLEY DAVIDSON FASHION APPAREL 11636 FASHION APPAREL HARLEY DAVIDSON SHIRT black Textile small w HD printed women's long sleeve shirt, lace trim. Cute! $15.00
11635 UNBRANDED PANTS 11635 PANTS UNBRANDED Jodphurs green Textile 25" waist 1930s or '40s vintage. Uniform or horse; talon zips $69.00
11633 Bristol CHAPS 11633 CHAPS Bristol  black Leather 23" 23" thigh, wear on the ankles, cool silver buckle $129.00
11624 1 BOOTS 11624 BOOTS 1 1    ignore me, I'm an example $900.00
11623 1 JACKET 11623 JACKET 1 1 black   ignore me, I'm an example $100.00
11617 DOUBLE H BOOTS 11617 BOOTS DOUBLE H Black Beauty style black Leather 41 Western styling, similar to Black Beauty $69.00
11611 XELEMENT JACKET 11611 JACKET XELEMENT Riding black Leather S W No armor, zip-out lining, some padding, venting $129.00
11609 JOHN WAYNEE BOOTS 11609 BOOTS JOHN WAYNEE Western blue Leather 43.5 Customized and freshly resoled, stingray leather, super unique! $450.00
11606 Treen Custom Leathers JACKET 11606 JACKET Treen Custom Leathers  black Leather  A couple small holes in the leather, missing zip on the left pocket and missing liner, some marking on the arm $169.00
11597 RtA DRESS 11597 DRESS RtA Fringed Tunic black Leather One size fits all High fashion brand, priced around $1000CAD new: https://rtabrand.com/ $190.00
11595 Unbranded DESTOCKED 11595 DESTOCKED Unbranded Cowboy! brown Suede 26" thigh Go bull riding! $69.00
11592 unbranded DESTOCKED 11592 DESTOCKED unbranded Vintage Blazer tan Leather 42 Maybe 1960/70s North Beach. Leather thong blanket stitch. Tailor's Vent between shoulder blades. Minor liner issues. $165.00
11589 DAYTON BOOTS 11589 BOOTS DAYTON Driver black Leather 39.5 Some scratches on toes. Retails ~$479 CAD new. Dayton size 7 1/2. $219.00
11586 FIORENTINI & BAKER DESTOCKED 11586 DESTOCKED FIORENTINI & BAKER Rear Zip brown Leather 38  Very very expensive when new -  MSRP$575 CAD $349.00
11577 FIRST CLASSICS JACKET 11577 JACKET FIRST CLASSICS biker classic plus black Leather LRG w Zip-and-snap close, zip out liner, side lace. $199.00
11570 PROSPECTOR BOOTS 11570 BOOTS PROSPECTOR RCMP black Leather 43.5 10" high lace-up 1991 RCMP official-issue boots. Goretex & Thinsulate lining. $119.00
11568 Unbranded MILITARIA 11568 MILITARIA Unbranded PANTS black Textile 32 British army No1 dress trouser- vintage 1955. 32" waist $50.00
11567 unbranded BOOTS 11567 BOOTS unbranded Fashion knee-high black Leather 39.5 Great condition high pull-on, with engineer-style straps. Fashion weight / Not tough enough for riding. $59.00
11565 Unbranded MILITARIA 11565 MILITARIA Unbranded PANTS blue Textile 29 US Marine Crops dress uniform pants, 29" waist. Vintagey! $50.00
11564 Spyke DESTOCKED 11564 DESTOCKED Spyke one piece black Leather 42 - 44 Fairly worn, full armor, puckable, chest 44" $199.00
11562 UNBRANDED PANTS 11562 PANTS UNBRANDED Riding black Leather 32" waist YKK zippers, hems have been trimmed $109.00
11558 TREEN JACKET 11558 JACKET TREEN Racing black Leather 40 Vintage, YKK zips, some tailoring has been done $169.00
11554 FLUEVOG BOOTS 11554 BOOTS FLUEVOG Fellowship - Nicki black Leather 36ish Eyelet detailing, 2-inch heel, tagged 7 but fits smaller $199.00
11550 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 11550 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Classic Biker black Leather 44 Fringed! Back slit, possibly vintage $200.00
11547 LEATHER RANCH SHIRT 11547 SHIRT LEATHER RANCH HALTER TOP black Leather XL w Sidezip, snap-closure strap. $42.00
11545 Unbranded VEST 11545 VEST Unbranded Rugged brown Leather 48 The manliest thing in the store. Plaid textile interior, side lacing, few scratches/discolouration. $129.00
11543 Linda 11543 JACKET Linda's Leather Biker Classic black Leather 44 Thick smooth leather, black denim lining, red leather accents on the wrists and collar, full belt. Made by famous local craftwoman. $389.00
11542 unbranded BAGGAGE 11542 BAGGAGE unbranded top bag (short) black Vegan Lthr med Cylindrical, velcro close, conch and stud décor, strap handles. $35.00
11541 unbranded BAGGAGE 11541 BAGGAGE unbranded TOOL BAG black Leather sm Ultra-thich, tough buffalo hide. Mountable. Velcro close. $21.00 SOLD
11538 Reynolds JACKET 11538 JACKET Reynolds Varsity blue Leather  Long torso and shorter arms, comes with a bag of patches! A wee bit faded, some chipping of the button enamel. $42.00
11536 Guess JACKET 11536 JACKET Guess Shirt Jacket black Leather XS Leather shirt jacket, new with tags. Sleek. $195.00
11534 Liz Claiborne JACKET 11534 JACKET Liz Claiborne Fitted tan Suede 40 Women Fitted zip front, lightweight fashion jacket $34.00
11528 TONY LAMA BOOTS 11528 BOOTS TONY LAMA Western brown Leather 44.5 A gorgeous high-end boot with a nice patina. Minimal stitching on the shaft. $149.00
11527 RKA BAGGAGE 11527 BAGGAGE RKA Luggage LINER SET light grey Textile GOLDWING Sized for the hard cases of a Honda Goldwing   MSRP: $279 CAD  ( http://www.rka-luggage.com/A06%20Liners/GoldWing/goldewingliners.html ) $189.00
11525 DIAMOND BAGGAGE 11525 BAGGAGE DIAMOND tool bag black Leather med Patchwork design leather, fully lined, unused. $22.00
11524 COLUMBIA GLOVES 11524 GLOVES COLUMBIA snowmobile black Textile XXL m Insulated warm gauntlets, no riding protection. $15.00
11520 FMC VEST 11520 VEST FMC Gambler black Leather 46 Sidelaces. $65.00
11518 ALPINESTARS PANTS 11518 PANTS ALPINESTARS Track / Racing black Leather 40-42 Almost no wear, unused pucks. (msrp $787 new) Tagged 48, fits 40 - 42 $289.00
11512 GKS GLOVES 11512 GLOVES GKS Mitten Gauntlet black Mix Materl Med Thinsulate lining (SO TOASTY!) $25.00
11510 UNBRANDED ACCESSORY 11510 ACCESSORY UNBRANDED Gaiters white Leather N/A Stylish leather zip-up gaiters with mesh panel. Cute! $20.00
11498 TEKNIC DESTOCKED 11498 DESTOCKED TEKNIC 2 pc red Perf Lthr XXXXL m 56 inch chest, 46-48 pant. SOLD AS-IS  Flaw: jacket-to-pants connecting zipper will need replacement. $119.00
11496 SYMAX JACKET 11496 JACKET SYMAX Bomber light grey Mix Materl 42 Some discoloration at collar $99.00
11495 NORTON JACKET 11495 JACKET NORTON Classic Biker black Leather 42 Belted, "NORTON" back patch $289.00
11493 HOT LEATHERS CHAPS 11493 CHAPS HOT LEATHERS Riding black Leather Child Child-sized chaps (thigh measures less than 16''), hems have been trimmed $85.00
11492 TEKNIC JACKET 11492 JACKET TEKNIC Café Racer white Leather 46 Retro styling, vintage jacket $149.00
11490 NEXO SPORTS JACKET 11490 JACKET NEXO SPORTS Touring blue Textile M All soft armor $109.00
11480 MILITARY BOOTS 11480 BOOTS MILITARY Engineer / Jackboot black Leather 9 m 42 European military issue. We think 1960s vintage. Unworn deadstock, steel toe kicks. $199.00
11471 HARLEY DAVIDSON RAINGEAR 11471 RAINGEAR HARLEY DAVIDSON PANTS black Textile XXL m Weatherproof, and side zippers $25.00 SOLD
11458 BIKER GEAR CHAPS 11458 CHAPS BIKER GEAR Riding black Leather 19" Thigh Excellent leather, perforated lining, hemmed bottoms. $119.00
11454 CYDWOQ BOOTS 11454 BOOTS CYDWOQ lace-up black Leather 43-44 MSRP $420 CAD. High fashion brand famous for walking ergonomics and comfort. Tagged 44, fits bit smaller. $239.00
11451 PUMA BOOTS 11451 BOOTS PUMA GLADIATOR NINJA black Leather 39 Grippy toes, strappy wrapping bits, perfect for superheros (or supervillains)! $109.00
11447 DON HUME MILITARIA 11447 MILITARIA DON HUME DUTY BELT black Leather 34-36 Military/Police duty belt, lots of police pocket-y bits. (Note: Individual pieces can be purchased separately). $125.00 SOLD
11444 DON HUME MILITARIA 11444 MILITARIA DON HUME DUTY BELT black Leather 34-36 Military/Police duty belt. Velcro only closing. $25.00
11443 DAN POST BOOTS 11443 BOOTS DAN POST western tan Leather 38 - 40 Fancy-ass boots with a slight heel. $175.00
11441 SCHOTT DESTOCKED 11441 DESTOCKED SCHOTT Perfecto black Leather 46 A perfection of a Perfecto classic biker jacket by Schott NYC. "Star" version, silky smooth leather and Schott-brand zips. $0.00
11438 LIP SERVICE FETISH 11438 FETISH LIP SERVICE Greatcoat black PVC  Small Matrix bondage greatcoat, plenty of studs and zippers.  Tiny discoloration on the back. $75.00 SOLD
11434 AVON JACKET 11434 JACKET AVON Varsity blue Mix Materl 42 TALL Steelworkers! $42.00
11428 DANIER PANTS 11428 PANTS DANIER Dressy / Fashion black Leather 32 Impeccable condition, glossy leather. $85.00
11415 INTERNATIONAL MALE PANTS 11415 PANTS INTERNATIONAL MALE Five Pocket Jean Style black Leather 36 Brass Button Fly, Fashion $99.00
11391 HARLEY DAVIDSON PANTS 11391 PANTS HARLEY DAVIDSON Jean Style black Leather 6 W Stud design, single rear pocket, ankle snaps. High waisted. $99.00
11390 EASYRIDERS PANTS 11390 PANTS EASYRIDERS Riding black Leather 24" Elastic expansion in waistband, leg zips, good leather. $139.00
11386 SHIELDS JACKET 11386 JACKET SHIELDS Snap-up front red Leather Med W Vintage '60s-'70s, missing liner, "Canadore" lettering on back has been removed & left stitch holes, enamel wearing off snaps, patch on chest $75.00
11385 GAP PANTS 11385 PANTS GAP Boot cut 5-pocket jean style tan Leather 30 $75.00
11383 FIRST GEAR JACKET 11383 JACKET FIRST GEAR Café Racer black Mix Materl Small M Soft armor, zip-out liner, main zipper tab has been replaced $99.00
11377 DROSPO PANTS 11377 PANTS DROSPO Riding brown Leather 30 Vintage '60s, CLIX zippers, 2 flat pockets at rear, great condition for age $185.00
11376 TETSU PANTS 11376 PANTS TETSU 5-pocket Jean black Leather 32 Bit of discoloration @ lower leg $89.00 SOLD
11375 PIG DESTROYER DESTOCKED 11375 DESTOCKED PIG DESTROYER T-shirt (Band) black Textile Med Pig Destroyer band shirt, never worn!  
11373 UNBRANDED JACKET 11373 JACKET UNBRANDED Biker Classic black Leather 48 This was once a very high quality jacket. Damage to internal liner and pocket liners, cat scratches, several small holes in the leather,main zipper malfunctions (works sometimes).missing the insulating liner $75.00 SOLD
11367 FIRST GEAR JACKET 11367 JACKET FIRST GEAR riding black Textile 48 Slightly vintage styling. Bit of wear. All armor. (soft) $65.00
11347 FIRST GEAR JACKET 11347 JACKET FIRST GEAR riding yellow Textile XL All armor (soft pads). Functions fine. Some stains and wear. No liner. $65.00
11345 DAYTON BOOTS 11345 BOOTS DAYTON Black Beauty black Leather 40 Vintage! Have been re-soled $65.00
11338 KERR LEATHERS CHAPS 11338 CHAPS KERR LEATHERS classic black Leather 22" thigh Incredible leather! 3-snap length. Vintage. Awesome. $189.00
11326 UN DEUX TROIS JACKET 11326 JACKET UN DEUX TROIS Fashion Trench black Leather 2XL Faux fur collar and cuffs (grey) $75.00
11316 DAOUST BOOTS 11316 BOOTS DAOUST Logger brown Leather 41 Very very vintage. Perhaps 1960s? Structurally sound, ready for a restoration project. $99.00
11315 BUGATTI DESTOCKED 11315 DESTOCKED BUGATTI BRIEFCASE black Leather med New in box, with tags. Designer brand. MSRP $350. Fits computer. $275.00
11311 UNBRANDED JACKET 11311 JACKET UNBRANDED Bomber black Leather M-L Pink HD patch sewn onto back, very '80s styling $89.00
11301 MILITARY BOOTS 11301 BOOTS MILITARY Linesman black Leather 47 E Vintage deadstock new/unworn. Steel toe. Lace-up. Tougher than your granny, for sure. $145.00
11299 MILITARY BOOTS 11299 BOOTS MILITARY Linesman black Leather 47 E Vintage deadstock new/unworn. Steel toe. Lace-up. Tougher than your granny, for sure. $145.00
11295 DURANGO DESTOCKED 11295 DESTOCKED DURANGO western orange Leather quite wee Little orange tiger stripe stingray attention-getters. 10" long in total, we think these will fit a 8-9" foot. $85.00
11294 HOFFMAN BOOTS 11294 BOOTS HOFFMAN Linesman Electric khaki Leather 42 E Brand new electrical-rated hard-toe linesman boots in colour "Sage". $209.00
11293 BIKE BOOTS DESTOCKED 11293 DESTOCKED BIKE BOOTS Engineer black Leather 38-39 Vintage 1970-80s tall engineer boots. $0.00
11289 HEIN GERICKE FOR HARLEY DAVIDSON DESTOCKED 11289 DESTOCKED HEIN GERICKE FOR HARLEY DAVIDSON riding brown Leather 28"-30" waist Made for Harley Davidson. Great riding pants with built-in belt. $109.00
11284 THE LEATHER COMPANY DESTOCKED 11284 DESTOCKED THE LEATHER COMPANY café racer fashion tan Leather 48" chest Tagged 4x, fits womens size 18. Crackle finish, butterscotch colour. Fashion weight leather. $99.00
11283 UNBRANDED JACKET 11283 JACKET UNBRANDED café racer/riding black Leather 42 Riding features: removable liner, quilt-stitch padding at shoulders elbows and kidney, vents, rear expansion panels. $175.00
11282 UNIK DESTOCKED 11282 DESTOCKED UNIK classic biker plus blue Leather MED w You'll always be able to spot this colour at the coat check. Zip out liner, scuba fit, braid detail. $119.00
11281 HEIN GERICKE FOR HARLEY DAVIDSON DESTOCKED 11281 DESTOCKED HEIN GERICKE FOR HARLEY DAVIDSON Bomber light grey Leather 38 W Vintage in time-machine condition. Made for Harley Davidson. Removable liner. Lightweight. $129.00
11275 LEATHER FACTORY JACKET 11275 JACKET LEATHER FACTORY Café Racer Fashion red Leather Small Silky brown lining, small rip in left shoulder. Cute! $60.00
11268 BORREAL GLOVES 11268 GLOVES BORREAL Gauntlets, short black Textile 3XL Touch capacitive! Use your cell phone without taking your gloves off! $65.00
11261 ALPINESTARS PANTS 11261 PANTS ALPINESTARS Riding black Leather 34" waist Women's Size 14, textile rear waist expansion panel, knee armour $249.00
11253 FLUCHOS DESTOCKED 11253 DESTOCKED FLUCHOS Dress Shoes black Leather 43 Made in Spain  
11241 MILITARY BOOTS 11241 BOOTS MILITARY Marching, tall black Leather 40 $49.00
11234 TEKNIC PANTS 11234 PANTS TEKNIC riding purple Textile 34-36 Liner has been removed. Deep purple camo. Knee armor. $85.00
11232 FRYE BOOTS 11232 BOOTS FRYE 'Shirley' Riding dark grey Leather 39.5 ish Great condition, minimal wear on heels. Retails for ~$410 new. $179.00
11231 DAYTON BOOTS 11231 BOOTS DAYTON Rancheros brown Leather 38-39 ish Retails ~$479 CAD new. $249.00
11229 FLUEVOG BOOTS 11229 BOOTS FLUEVOG Western Roundtoe black Leather 39 ish Well loved heels, but soles in otherwise good condition. $40.00
11227 DAYTON BOOTS 11227 BOOTS DAYTON Custom Confederate tan Leather 38.5 Non-stock model. Strapless Confederate boot in a fancy pull-up leather. Dayton sells these for $479. Little bit of shelf wear, almost no walking wear. $279.00
11222 ICON VEST 11222 VEST ICON Hi VIS HI-VIS Textile supersize $39.00 SOLD
11221 NEW AGE HEATED 11221 HEATED NEW AGE VEST black Textile 38 added on-off switch. $65.00 SOLD
11215 JOE ROCKET PANTS 11215 PANTS JOE ROCKET Rocket Jeans black Textile 12 W zips down side of leg, perfect condition, 5 pocket jean style $99.00
11210 POWERTRIP CHAPS 11210 CHAPS POWERTRIP classic black Leather 26" thigh full length. Flame detail stitch at bottom leg. $135.00
11208 WATSONS GLOVES 11208 GLOVES WATSONS Gauntlet black Leather 2XL short cuff $55.00
11207 WATSONS GLOVES 11207 GLOVES WATSONS Gauntlet, long black Leather SM Long cuff $55.00
11204 STONEHEAD JACKET 11204 JACKET STONEHEAD riding black Leather 48 HARLEY DAVIDSON and other biker patches, venting, zip out tinsulate liner, great leather. $219.00 SOLD
11188 GERBINGS HEATED 11188 HEATED GERBINGS PANTS LINER black Type: 3 XL Stay warm! $85.00
11178 ICON PANTS 11178 PANTS ICON "Compound" black Mix Materl 40 All armor. leather and textile and rubber. $219.00
11174 ICON VEST 11174 VEST ICON Regulator black Leather L-XL SWAT-style, perforated leather, adjustable side straps, retails over $270 $200.00
11173 ALTIMATE BOOTS 11173 BOOTS ALTIMATE Harness black Leather 40 Square toe harness boot. "SPIRIT" embossed logo on heel $109.00
11167 JUSTIN BOOTS 11167 BOOTS JUSTIN Western black Leather 40 factory tagged "imperfect". We can't find the original imperfection. $49.00
11163 COLE HAAN BOOTS 11163 BOOTS COLE HAAN Harness brown Leather 46 Leather-lined, ring strap, inside zipper $129.00
11162 DIESEL BOOTS 11162 BOOTS DIESEL Engineer black Leather 42 SEEDY fashion boot, retails at $425 new, pull straps at top $229.00
11138 BRISTOL JACKET 11138 JACKET BRISTOL Classic Biker black Leather 44 Zip-out liner, brass hardware, high-end brand $419.00
11137 ROADKROME DESTOCKED 11137 DESTOCKED ROADKROME Café Racer black Leather 44 Mandarin collar, center zipper, zip-out liner, 2 adjusting side buckles $165.00
11130 XELEMENT RAINGEAR 11130 RAINGEAR XELEMENT Touring length jacket black Textile Small Lightweight waterproof overcoat $45.00
11128 TAURUS RAINGEAR 11128 RAINGEAR TAURUS Full suit light grey Textile Large Rain suit $30.00
11126 UNBRANDED ACCESSORY 11126 ACCESSORY UNBRANDED Boot covers black Type: N/A Waterproof boot covers $19.00
11123 UNBRANDED HEATED 11123 HEATED UNBRANDED Electric Pant blue Textile N/A Electric heated pants, come in bag $40.00
11121 JOE ROCKET PANTS 11121 PANTS JOE ROCKET Overpant black Textile 40" waist Stretchy overpant, no armor $75.00 SOLD
11120 UNBRANDED PANTS 11120 PANTS UNBRANDED Jean-style black Leather 32" waist Small hole on right inner thigh $45.00 SOLD
11119 DAN POST BOOTS 11119 BOOTS DAN POST Western brown Leather 44 Handmade, recently resoled $100.00 SOLD
11113 HARLEY DAVIDSON BAGGAGE 11113 BAGGAGE HARLEY DAVIDSON Frame bags black Leather N/A Harley-specific on touring models from 1985-2014 $60.00
11109 UNBRANDED BOOTS 11109 BOOTS UNBRANDED Service Boot black Leather 39 California highway patrol boot $100.00
11108 UNBRANDED PANTS 11108 PANTS UNBRANDED Fashion black Leather 34" waist Very lightweight, double snap close & zipped pockets $80.00
11100 JCREW JACKET 11100 JACKET JCREW Car Coat tan Leather L Great condition, grey quilted liner. $149.00
11093 FOX PANTS 11093 PANTS FOX MX Child black Textile 24 $39.00
11092 ALPINESTARS PANTS 11092 PANTS ALPINESTARS MX Child orange Textile 22 Removable hip padding, never worn. $49.00 SOLD
11091 ALPINESTARS PANTS 11091 PANTS ALPINESTARS MX Child white Textile 26 Removable hip padding, excellent condition. $39.00
11089 FOX SHIRT 11089 SHIRT FOX MX orange Textile Kids Sm $15.00 SOLD
11071 SEBAGO DESTOCKED 11071 DESTOCKED SEBAGO Fashion Brogues brown Leather 45 D Very fancy, very good condition! Retails around $180 CAD new $120.00
11063 ALBERTA BOOTS BOOTS 11063 BOOTS ALBERTA BOOTS Western brown Leather 44 Made in Calgary! Classic cowboy $70.00 SOLD
11057 DANIER JACKET 11057 JACKET DANIER Car coat black Leather Men's L Interesting burgundy-ish lining $90.00 SOLD
11053 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 11053 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Classic Biker brown Leather Men's L Lightweight, inner pocket, "taking it to the streets" design on inner lining $199.00
11047 TEXAS BOOTS 11047 BOOTS TEXAS western black Leather 39 Snip toe cowboy. Original straps removed. $55.00
11041 GAMAN PANTS 11041 PANTS GAMAN Racing black Leather 32" waist Flat track racing pant, vintage, quilted knees, high waist $189.00
11032 FIRST GEAR PANTS 11032 PANTS FIRST GEAR Riding black Textile 32" waist No armor $99.00
11030 TAUBE COLLECTION LONDON JACKET 11030 JACKET TAUBE COLLECTION LONDON Fashion light grey Leather  Vintage, snaps along waist for adjusting. $79.00
11029 UNBRANDED RAINGEAR 11029 RAINGEAR UNBRANDED Overboots black Textile  Waterproof boot covers $19.00
11028 UNBRANDED RAINGEAR 11028 RAINGEAR UNBRANDED one pc suit orange PVC XS M Awesome neon orange rain suit, some staining but 100% functional. $49.00
11026 TT LEATHERS RACE SUIT 11026 RACE SUIT TT LEATHERS 2 piece blue Leather 40 Soft armor/padding on hips, elbows, shoulders. Pockets for knee armor. Fantastic condition! $219.00
11025 GAERNE BOOTS 11025 BOOTS GAERNE Riding black Leather 41 Shifter pads, slight heel, side zip. Excellent condition. $69.00 SOLD
11015 TONY LAMA BOOTS 11015 BOOTS TONY LAMA Western brown Leather 43.5 Fantastic condition (look at those soles!) $149.00
11014 RED WING BOOTS 11014 BOOTS RED WING 877 Moc Toe tan Leather 43 Crepe sole, retails around $440 CAD new, pull-up leather $299.00 SOLD
11011 UNBRANDED JACKET 11011 JACKET UNBRANDED Classic Biker black Leather S Vintage '60s, NYNCO zippers, pins, painted back piece, punk as HECK $219.00 SOLD
11006 HARLEY DAVIDSON ACCESSORY 11006 ACCESSORY HARLEY DAVIDSON Gaiters black Textile N/A Rolled in bag $20.00 SOLD
10997 GIBSON & BARNES DESTOCKED 10997 DESTOCKED GIBSON & BARNES Flight/bomber jacket light grey Leather 46 WWII reproduction jacket, retails over $1k new $500.00
10996 EASTMAN LEATHER DESTOCKED 10996 DESTOCKED EASTMAN LEATHER Flight/bomber jacket black Leather 46 Capeskin, fits snugly, WWII reproduction with plaid lining, retails over $1k new $500.00
10987 MAC 10987 PANTS MAC'S LEATHER buttonfly black Leather 28" waist Vintage Vancouver-made. Jean-style. Collectable. $229.00
10980 EVS ARMOR 10980 ARMOR EVS Neck Brace black Type: L / XL $159.00
10966 SEARS JACKET 10966 JACKET SEARS Fashion brown Leather 40 vintage 70s $60.00
10965 LIBERTY BOOTS 10965 BOOTS LIBERTY western dark grey Leather 12 M Average cost of a Liberty Boot, brand new, is $1500 USD. Rockstar boots.Great condition, excellent styling. $399.00 SOLD
10948 VANSON DESTOCKED 10948 DESTOCKED VANSON MESH black Mesh Tex 44 Tough mesh, leather at impact points. All armor. ($550 new)  
10936 SIDI BOOTS 10936 BOOTS SIDI Race black Leather 38 tagged 39, fits smaller. Replaceable parts! $165.00
10935 BLACKJACK HEATED 10935 HEATED BLACKJACK VEST black Textile 36 single connector wire. $75.00
10930 ICON JACKET 10930 JACKET ICON Mesh Riding black Mesh Tex SM m all armor, no liner, lots of wear, some damage to shoulder, arm zip broken. you'll be the last owner. :-) $65.00
10926 TRINITY FOOTBALL DESTOCKED 10926 DESTOCKED TRINITY FOOTBALL Varsity burgundy Leather 46 zip out liner. $79.00
10925 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 10925 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON riding black Leather 2XL HD logo on back. Center zip. $329.00 SOLD
10924 NORTHBOUND SKIRT 10924 SKIRT NORTHBOUND long fitted black Leather 30.5 waist Custom-fitted for owner. Side-slit for ease of walking. (over $500 when new) $289.00 SOLD
10922 NORTHBOUND FETISH 10922 FETISH NORTHBOUND Corset black Leather 24" minimum Zip front, tie back. High quality. (MSRP $500 at Northbound) $289.00
10913 FIVE GLOVES 10913 GLOVES FIVE gauntlet black Leather XXL weatherproof & armored. Winter gloves that can handle everything. Neoprene cuffs. MSRP $80 USD $75.00
10904 SIDNEY 10904 JACKET SIDNEY'S Fashion Bomber black Leather Small Made in Canada $69.00
10903 DANIER JACKET 10903 JACKET DANIER Fashion Trenchcoat black Leather XS Silky brown Thinsulate lining (zip-out). Fleecy pockets. Barely worn! $110.00
10900 UNBRANDED JACKET 10900 JACKET UNBRANDED Vintage trench brown Leather 44 Leather covered buttons, large lapels, 70s, stitch track on both lapels, extra long $129.00
10899 BRANDED GARMENTS DESTOCKED 10899 DESTOCKED BRANDED GARMENTS Fringed black Leather 42-44 Main zip beginning to be loose at start, centre zip, black quilted liner  
10886 EASYRIDERS JACKET 10886 JACKET EASYRIDERS Biker Classic black Leather 3XL W Biker classic plus, thick kidney belt, side lacing, zipper vents, brass hardware, D-pocket, shoulder padding, elbow armor, snap in vest liner $249.00 SOLD
10882 HARLEY DAVIDSON BAGGAGE 10882 BAGGAGE HARLEY DAVIDSON Saddlebags black Type: N/A Hard cover, retail over $800 new $499.00
10878 UNBRANDED FETISH 10878 FETISH UNBRANDED Opera Gloves black Rubber S plain black latex opera gloves; above the elbow to mid bicep length, depending on arms. $39.00 SOLD
10877 UNBRANDED FETISH 10877 FETISH UNBRANDED Thigh High Stockings black Rubber S stirrup style (no toes/heels), latex. A bit roughly cut. AS_IS. $35.00
10875 UNBRANDED FETISH 10875 FETISH UNBRANDED Shorts black Rubber W Sm super cute black lace-up latex shorts, very well kept. $59.00 SOLD
10872 UNBRANDED FETISH 10872 FETISH UNBRANDED Corset white Textile 22 white satin $69.00 SOLD
10871 UNBRANDED FETISH 10871 FETISH UNBRANDED Corset black Textile 22 steel boning, lovely velvety goodness! $69.00 SOLD
10869 UNBRANDED CHAPS 10869 CHAPS UNBRANDED Suede black Suede 22" thigh fringes, dark blue/teal. $89.00
10868 DEXTER BOOTS 10868 BOOTS DEXTER western brown Leather 38.5 suede uppers $35.00 SOLD
10860 ECHO ACCESSORY 10860 ACCESSORY ECHO VISOR yellow Polycarb o/s Amber three-snap visor.. In package. $12.00
10856 POLICE BOOTS 10856 BOOTS POLICE Patrol black Leather 40ish Lugged sole, knee-high motorcycle cop boot. Some wear and tear, excellent style. $69.00
10847 ARKON RAINGEAR 10847 RAINGEAR ARKON 2-PCE SUIT yellow PVC XL Some staining, suspender pants, snap front $75.00
10846 VITTORIO VEST 10846 VEST VITTORIO 5-Snap Gambler black Leather XL TALL Very soft leather; fashion weight; lined, chest zippered pocket & inside pocket, broiken zipper pull on chest pocket (reparable) $69.00
10843 ARIAT BOOTS 10843 BOOTS ARIAT Western brown Leather 39.5 Really nice leather, great soles, piping wearing away $79.00
10840 CORDOVAN DESTOCKED 10840 DESTOCKED CORDOVAN Vintage black Leather 40 Café racer, quilted detail, hand-weathered for television. Originally used in film production wardrobe. $109.00
10839 MOONSHINE ACCESSORY 10839 ACCESSORY MOONSHINE The "Dillon" BRIEFCASE green Leather o/s Fantastic nubuck-finish Chromexcel pull-up leather in a rare colour. USA-made. Spectacular quality. (MSRP $750.00 USD) $649.00
10838 CYDWOQ BOOTS 10838 BOOTS CYDWOQ dressy black Leather 41.5 High-fashion. Two-button closure. Ridged sole. Almost enntirely unworn. (MSRP $380 CAD) $315.00
10828 CANADIAN MILITARY MILITARIA 10828 MILITARIA CANADIAN MILITARY Wool Great Coat green Textile W Med short Fancy buttons, cute, part liner, authentic! $209.00
10815 UNBRANDED BOOTS 10815 BOOTS UNBRANDED Riding Equest. brown Leather 40 Very vintage (1960s?) horseriding or patrol boots. With steel boot pulls. Amazing patina. $209.00
10812 UNBRANDED BOOTS 10812 BOOTS UNBRANDED Campus Boot brown Leather 36 Frye-style quality. Great patina on leather, Topy ripple sole added. Vintage. $85.00
10808 LONDON FOG JACKET 10808 JACKET LONDON FOG Bomber fashion dark grey Leather 42 - 44 Quality! Soft leather, vintage late 70s early 80s. Bomber style. $49.00
10806 ROOTS JACKET 10806 JACKET ROOTS Varsity green Leather SM Vintage 80s collegiate magnificence! Great patina, pebbled green leather, single piece leather back. $225.00
10800 BOGNER JACKET 10800 JACKET BOGNER Fashion light grey Leather Men's M Silky lining $70.00
10797 AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK JACKET 10797 JACKET AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK Duster brown Waxd Cottn XS Men With capelet $145.00
10791 DAYTON BOOTS 10791 BOOTS DAYTON Rebel black Leather 41 Dayton's famous oiltan Square-toe harness boot ($500 CAD new) $249.00
10789 DR MARTENS DESTOCKED 10789 DESTOCKED DR MARTENS 8-hole Lace-up black Leather 38-ish Cute! $45.00
10783 BRISTOL JACKET 10783 JACKET BRISTOL Riding black Leather Med W Shoulder and side lacing $119.00
10772 COOPER JACKET 10772 JACKET COOPER Vintage 70s tan Leather 42ish Centre zip, standard collar, 4 patch pockets, 2 chest with zip, 2 hips with flaps, perfect liner, waist buckles, talon zips $239.00
10771 SCHOTT JACKET 10771 JACKET SCHOTT Police Jacket black Leather 36 Very heavy leather, hip snaps, badge holder, standard collar, centre zip, 2 patch pockets on chest, standard pockets lower $449.00 SOLD
10768 UNBRANDED DESTOCKED 10768 DESTOCKED UNBRANDED Vintage Classic Biker black Leather 40ish Tear and wear to both elbows, lapels and neck have been handstitched together, cut near lapel, left sleeve zippers on wrist and pocket inoperable, 1 belt loop safety pinned in place, key holder?o?????????o????(??o????o0vE?E?  
10765 BRISTOL JACKET 10765 JACKET BRISTOL Classic Biker black Leather 42ish Wear spot to right lapel, wear to sleeve ends, liner in excellent condition, all zips happy, snaps for belt, wear to leather around neck line $209.00
10763 AMF HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 10763 JACKET AMF HARLEY DAVIDSON Vintage Fashion brown Leather 40 Lightweight leather, café racer style, Lenzip zippers, liner perfect, no blemishes $269.00
10761 AMF HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 10761 JACKET AMF HARLEY DAVIDSON Vintage Bomber black Leather XXS Classic D pockets, snaps at neck, arm pocket, wear to bottom edge, some wear overall, Opti main zip $289.00 SOLD
10758 UNBRANDED JACKET 10758 JACKET UNBRANDED Chicago Police Bomber black Leather 42ish AS-IS!!! Original Chicago police snaps, badge holder, LOTS of wear and cracks to leather, sleeve ends worn through, popped side seam, impeccable liner $359.00
10756 JIM CLINTON JACKET 10756 JACKET JIM CLINTON Horsehide Bomber brown Leather 42ish AS-IS!!!    Both sleeve seems popped, right arm entirely, left just a bit, right arm hole manually repaired, liner worn through around neck, classic d-front pockets, totally fixable. $242.00
10752 UNBRANDED VEST 10752 VEST UNBRANDED Open Gambler brown Leather 36ish Vintage 70s, ough out, hand made, some thread bits, very short $39.00
10750 UNBRANDED JACKET 10750 JACKET UNBRANDED biker classic black Leather SM m extreme vintage, late 40s or early 1950s. Horsehide. Knit internal cuffs, gorgeous patina, Talon and Conmar zippers, 40's style domed button sleeve cuffs, snap-up belt loops (no belt), Aviator crest once o??fń H????o?????fń H??o????o0]E?E??E? E???? $499.00
10740 HARLEY DAVIDSON BOOTS 10740 BOOTS HARLEY DAVIDSON Western harness black Leather 37 Made in Canada $109.00
10735 MARK IV DESTOCKED 10735 DESTOCKED MARK IV vintage brown Leather 40 Vintage 60's café racer style. Intact brown liner.  
10720 UNBRANDED DESTOCKED 10720 DESTOCKED UNBRANDED dress pant tan Leather 28" waist Made in Colombia, custom for original owner $59.00
10719 UNBRANDED DESTOCKED 10719 DESTOCKED UNBRANDED 5 pocket jean brown Leather 28" waist Made in Colombia, custom for original owner $59.00
10714 FLUEVOG BOOTS 10714 BOOTS FLUEVOG Fellowships red Leather 37.5 Sidezipped, knee high, and vamp lipstick red. Nice. (Over $419 new retail) $175.00
10712 RALPH LAUREN DESTOCKED 10712 DESTOCKED RALPH LAUREN Designer tan Suede 46 Owner was an inveterate label/tag remover. But we all know what designer this came from .  
10708 MARC NEW YORK JACKET 10708 JACKET MARC NEW YORK Car Coat black Leather XXL m Car coat with a removable warm liner. $35.00 SOLD
10707 CABLE CAR DESTOCKED 10707 DESTOCKED CABLE CAR Vintage brown Leather 46 Vintage factory-distressed touring-length classic biker. Original liner (quite worn). Amazing style!  
10706 RICE JACKET 10706 JACKET RICE vintage tan Leather 42ish Vintage center-zip with standard collar. Original zips. Nice! $95.00
10705 CZECH PANTS 10705 PANTS CZECH Jodhpurs black Leather 32ish Late 40s, early 50s racing / riding pants. Made in Czechoslovakia. Goes with #10704 jacket $209.00
10704 CZECH JACKET 10704 JACKET CZECH just-POST WWII black Leather 42-44 Late 40s, early 50s café racer style racing jacket. Made in Czechoslovakia. Goes with #10705 jodhpurs $249.00
10701 RALPH LAUREN POLO JACKET 10701 JACKET RALPH LAUREN POLO Retro 1940s tan Leather 46 Modern take on a classic 1940s style $259.00 SOLD
10698 XELEMENT JACKET 10698 JACKET XELEMENT riding classic brown Leather 5X m weathered look, sidelaces, factory distressed, as-new. $600 new $269.00
10697 YAMAHA RACE SUIT 10697 RACE SUIT YAMAHA 2 pc Vintage 80s dark grey Leather 42 m Vintage 80's style. No Armor. Flaw at front bottom of jacket. Great vintage styling! 42 chest, 32ish waist $185.00
10693 SUZUKI DESTOCKED 10693 DESTOCKED SUZUKI Café Racer white Leather Sm Some staining on front. $119.00
10692 BRISTOL DESTOCKED 10692 DESTOCKED BRISTOL Café Racer red Leather Sm Some staining on right front pocket. $150.00
10691 VICTORY BAGGAGE 10691 BAGGAGE VICTORY Saddlebag liner black Textile N/A Fit inside hard case baggage (2 pieces) $35.00
10679 HARLEY DAVIDSON DESTOCKED 10679 DESTOCKED HARLEY DAVIDSON jean style black Textile 4 $29.00
10678 MARC FISHER BOOTS 10678 BOOTS MARC FISHER boot brown Leather sz 41 $25.00 SOLD
10677 SABATINE DESTOCKED 10677 DESTOCKED SABATINE bootie tan Leather 7? women's high heel shoes $0.00
10674 UNBRANDED HELMET 10674 HELMET UNBRANDED DAVIDA-style white Polycarb LRG/XL Holy damn vintage! Flip down visor. Reflectors! Suspension style. Not DOT-approved. $99.00 SOLD
10660 JOE ROCKET JACKET 10660 JACKET JOE ROCKET riding black Textile XL m all armor. Zip-out liner has gone AWOL $89.00
10658 DAYTON BOOTS 10658 BOOTS DAYTON Black Beauty black Leather 39 Double sole (over $500 CAD new) Impeccable condition. (dayton size 6, mens 7 , women's 8.5) $239.00
10654 UNBRANDED DESTOCKED 10654 DESTOCKED UNBRANDED Button-Up black Leather 42ish Patches & orange snaps; very retro and 70s-looking  
10644 DOC MARTENS BOOTS 10644 BOOTS DOC MARTENS High Liners burgundy Leather 10 Women's Lace up with side zippers $95.00
10637 DANIER DESTOCKED 10637 DESTOCKED DANIER Fashion black Leather 26" Side zip $55.00
10633 UNBRANDED JACKET 10633 JACKET UNBRANDED Vintage 80s black Leather 48 quilt stitching, black liner, $229.00
10630 FOX MOTO RACE SUIT 10630 RACE SUIT FOX MOTO 2 piece red Leather W/ XL Awesome vintage condition except: FLAW: stitching undone at spot on chest. 40" chest, 34" waist. $279.00
10621 UNBRANDED JACKET 10621 JACKET UNBRANDED Classic biker black Leather 42 very thick leather, belly leather. Quite stiff. $79.00 SOLD
10607 DRIZA-BONE JACKET 10607 JACKET DRIZA-BONE Riding Coat black Waxd Cottn W Large Has been altered; taken in and hemmed; retails over $300 CAD new $159.00
10606 DRIZA-BONE JACKET 10606 JACKET DRIZA-BONE Duster brown Waxd Cottn Men Small With capelet; retails over $300 CAD new $162.00
10604 DANIER JACKET 10604 JACKET DANIER Fashion black Leather Women's XS 3/4 sleeves, gold snaps & buckles, quilted lining $55.00 SOLD
10598 FIRST GEAR PANTS 10598 PANTS FIRST GEAR Overpant black Textile 48 M Light armour (knees and hips), waterproof $189.00
10596 MARQUIS DESTOCKED 10596 DESTOCKED MARQUIS fashion red Leather 8 w Double breasted bolero, snap close. $65.00
10580 LIP SERVICE FETISH 10580 FETISH LIP SERVICE SKIRT black Textile LRG w Satin. 80$ USD new. $59.00
10579 LIP SERVICE FETISH 10579 FETISH LIP SERVICE Bustier black Textile med w New with tags. 73$ USD new. $65.00 SOLD
10572 VASQUE DESTOCKED 10572 DESTOCKED VASQUE Hiking brown Leather 40ish Beautiful vintage boots. Vibram soles. Lots of ankle protection. Made in Italy. $59.00
10546 PRADA BOOTS 10546 BOOTS PRADA Dress Shoe dark grey Leather 43ish Very high end shoe. Brougued creeper. Almost no wear. $1200 - $1400 CAD retail. $516.00
10545 CANALI BOOTS 10545 BOOTS CANALI Dress Shoe brown Leather 44.5 Toe cap. Made in Italy. Leather sole. Beautiful patina. High end. Topy sole. $700 new $115.00
10543 CANALI BOOTS 10543 BOOTS CANALI Dress Shoe tan Leather 43.5 Made in Italy. Leather sole. Beautiful patina. High end.$700 new $89.00
10542 GUCCI BOOTS 10542 BOOTS GUCCI Horsebit loafer brown Leather 43 High end shoe. Goes for $550USD. $215.00 SOLD
10540 PRADA BOOTS 10540 BOOTS PRADA Loafer (Shoe) dark grey Leather 43.5 Utterly unworn. Topy sole. Incredibly high end brand. (tagged 9.5 UK size) Metallic, tasselled, brougued & fancy! $248.00 SOLD
10539 HERMES BOOTS 10539 BOOTS HERMES sidezip 6" high brown Leather 44.5 Looks unworn. Topy sole. Incredibly high end brand. $1500 retail $439.00
10537 LOUIS VUITTON BOOTS 10537 BOOTS LOUIS VUITTON Jodphur brown Leather 10.5 Utterly unworn. Topy sole. Incredibly high end brand.  
10532 KANETSU HEATED 10532 HEATED KANETSU Jacket Liner blue Textile Men's S Aero Stitch: EDIT: Wiring issue. Selling as-is. $259.00 SOLD
10531 FRYE BOOTS 10531 BOOTS FRYE Campus Boot brown Leather 42 Vintage, have been resoled; small split in sole at arch of left boot $180.00
10525 UNBRANDED PANTS 10525 PANTS UNBRANDED 5 pocket jean style black Leather 32" waist Excellent leather, no knee seams to let in rain. Lined. Made in Vancouver. $209.00
10522 K-DRIVE BAGGAGE 10522 BAGGAGE K-DRIVE Saddlebags black Leather - K-Drive "Click and Lock" hard shell saddlebags, great condition, comes with mounting brackets. Retails for ~$500 USD. $279.00
10520 AKITO JACKET 10520 JACKET AKITO Riding black Textile XXL 'Desert' model; removable liner x2, all armor, venting. Retails for ~$230 new. Tear in right wrist lining, $159.00
10516 GASSY JACK JACKET 10516 JACKET GASSY JACK fashion brown Leather 40 vintage deadstock. Impeccable fashion bomber. $145.00
10515 HARLEY DAVIDSON VEST 10515 VEST HARLEY DAVIDSON western brown Suede XL w HD eagle patch on back $49.00
10511 JAMIN CHAPS 10511 CHAPS JAMIN classic plus black Leather 24" thigh silver metal conch detailing. Three snaps at bottom $125.00
10504 COWHIDE OTHER-MISC 10504 OTHER-MISC COWHIDE SUEDE HIDE black Suede quarter hide $39.00 SOLD
10503 UNBRANDED JACKET 10503 JACKET UNBRANDED fashion black Leather 38 Vintage 80s lightweight bomber. $45.00
10501 UNBRANDED FETISH 10501 FETISH UNBRANDED SKORT black Leather 28 - 32 rigid belt, sidelacing, SKIRT-SHORT=SKORT $79.00
10500 COWHIDE OTHER-MISC 10500 OTHER-MISC COWHIDE chrome tanned blue Leather half hide $155.00
10499 COWHIDE OTHER-MISC 10499 OTHER-MISC COWHIDE chrome tanned black Leather quarter hide $65.00
10497 UNBRANDED JACKET 10497 JACKET UNBRANDED fashion tan Leather MED as-new 80's deadstock $45.00
10489 DANIER JACKET 10489 JACKET DANIER TRENCHCOAT black Leather XS w long, button-up, dressy, perfect condition. Goes perfectly with fur collar #10490 $175.00
10486 UNBRANDED ACCESSORY 10486 ACCESSORY UNBRANDED BELT black Leather 44 Snaps for changing out buckle. $15.00
10485 BRISTOL CHAPS 10485 CHAPS BRISTOL Unlined black Leather 26" thigh 38" - 42" waist; uncut; double side-zip. $139.00
10445 WILFRED FREE DESTOCKED 10445 DESTOCKED WILFRED FREE Fashion Legging black Type: 30" waist Stretchy, perforated side panels $10.00
10440 SUKO JEANS PANTS 10440 PANTS SUKO JEANS Fashion black Denim 30" waist Stretchy $25.00
10438 GENUINE LEATHER JACKET 10438 JACKET GENUINE LEATHER Classic Biker black Leather Child Shredded liner $55.00
10435 LOVE PARIS PANTS 10435 PANTS LOVE PARIS Fashion Leggings black Textile 28" waist Sparkly waistband, silky, elastic, ruched ankles $25.00
10421 FMC CHAPS 10421 CHAPS FMC classic black Leather 19" thigh zip hip pockets $109.00
10403 ICON VEST 10403 VEST ICON hi vis HI-VIS Textile reg Mil-Spec. $45.00 SOLD
10401 FIRST GEAR JACKET 10401 JACKET FIRST GEAR Kilimanjaro red Textile 44 touring style, all armor, plus liner. Minor stains. Good conditon. $179.00
10395 SIMMONS BILT JACKET 10395 JACKET SIMMONS BILT pilot style brown Leather 42-44 "Fortune Hunter".  $1000 CAD new. Heavily patina'd thick, flexible horsehide. Modern take on a 30s/40s look. Made in Scotland. $709.00 SOLD
10378 ORANGE COUNTY CHOPPERS DESTOCKED 10378 DESTOCKED ORANGE COUNTY CHOPPERS Classic Biker black Vegan Lthr 36 NOT LEATHER. NOT FOR RIDING. Orange county embroidery on back, lined, belt, PVC! $69.00
10377 GAP VEST 10377 VEST GAP Winter lined black Leather Lrg Poofy lined, aextra stitching, velcro pockets $45.00
10376 UNBRANDED JACKET 10376 JACKET UNBRANDED Café Racer black Leather Lrg W Waist clips, hip zips, lighter weight leather, infinitely practical $129.00 SOLD
10368 CABELAS DESTOCKED 10368 DESTOCKED CABELAS western roper brown Leather 41 GORETEX and Thinsulate lined. Weatherproof. Pebbled leather. Structured toe. Vibram soles. Unworn. $89.00
10362 RSD RUBBER SIDE DOWN DESTOCKED 10362 DESTOCKED RSD RUBBER SIDE DOWN race black Leather 40 womens all armor, liner, race zip.side buckles $409.00
10359 UNBRANDED DESTOCKED 10359 DESTOCKED UNBRANDED purse/napsack brown Leather Small Converts from purse to backpack $55.00
10358 UNBRANDED DESTOCKED 10358 DESTOCKED UNBRANDED Belt brown Leather 30" brown, double catch $15.00
10357 UNBRANDED DESTOCKED 10357 DESTOCKED UNBRANDED BELT brown Leather 30" Western buckle, beautiful sculpted details, silver diamond details $25.00
10355 COLLEGE DESTOCKED 10355 DESTOCKED COLLEGE Winter Lined black Leather 37.5 Faux Moutton lined, soles in good condition $29.00
10354 COSA NOVA DESTOCKED 10354 DESTOCKED COSA NOVA 3/4 Length Classic Biker black Leather Lrg Really soft leather, classic biker styling but longer length, tied waist belt, shoulder snaps $79.00
10353 UNBRANDED DESTOCKED 10353 DESTOCKED UNBRANDED Trench black Leather Med Textured leather panels, mid-length, kick in back $49.00
10340 UNBRANDED JACKET 10340 JACKET UNBRANDED Mini Trench black Leather XL FASHION ONLY || Satin lining (some wear/tear at bottom), 4 front pockets, faux waistbelt. $45.00 SOLD
10337 HANNA BOOTS 10337 BOOTS HANNA Heeled Vintage brown Leather 36 Orange-brown, very 70s! Wood heels. $49.00
10336 INC PANTS 10336 PANTS INC Dress Pant black Leather 10 no pockets, lining detached at end of legs. $59.00
10332 HONDA BAGGAGE 10332 BAGGAGE HONDA Hard Saddlebags black Polycarb Med Have lights attached, key a little sticky, some rust, has mounting brackets, needs rewire for one connector, originally for CB750 1980, should fit Shadow $165.00 SOLD
10324 EAST VAN DESTOCKED 10324 DESTOCKED EAST VAN cotton T blue Type: XL Says "Territory of Respect" on chest, EAST VAN rocker logo on back $15.00
10323 EAST VAN T-SHIRT 10323 T-SHIRT EAST VAN cotton T black Type: XL Says "Territory of Respect" on chest, EAST VAN rocker logo on back $15.00
10318 LAURENCE ROY JACKET 10318 JACKET LAURENCE ROY Classic Biker short black Leather Med M Silky lining, fashion weight. Great zippers. $69.00 SOLD
10315 FOX CREEK JACKET 10315 JACKET FOX CREEK riding touring cut black Leather Med W Retails for $400 new, elastic hip goring $249.00
10312 BOUTIQUE OF LEATHERS DESTOCKED 10312 DESTOCKED BOUTIQUE OF LEATHERS Fashion blue Leather Women's S Pink satin lining  
10303 UNBRANDED ACCESSORY 10303 ACCESSORY UNBRANDED Belt black Leather Adjustable $15.00
10302 UNBRANDED BOOTS 10302 BOOTS UNBRANDED Very Very High Heels black Type: 43.5 $20.00 SOLD
10299 DR MARTENS BOOTS 10299 BOOTS DR MARTENS Boat shoe black Leather 41 Small scuff on right heel $45.00 SOLD
10295 CYCLEDRY BIKE BIT 10295 BIKE BIT CYCLEDRY ELECTRIC AIR DRYER orange Electronic o/s $25.00
10285 LEATHER LOFT JACKET 10285 JACKET LEATHER LOFT biker classic plus black Leather 46 VINTAGE heavy leather. Good quality. Snakeskin patterned black leather features. $144.00
10279 GWG JACKET 10279 JACKET GWG Fashion blue Denim Men's L Vintage, sleeves cuffed, retails $140 in perfect condition $90.00
10268 ARIAT BOOTS 10268 BOOTS ARIAT riding boot black Leather 7 w 15" calf equestrian. Sold for $750 new $315.00
10267 FLUEVOG DESTOCKED 10267 DESTOCKED FLUEVOG wedge high heel sandals dark grey Leather 11 w crepe soles, brass rivets $0.00
10256 WIDDER GLOVES 10256 GLOVES WIDDER Heated black Mix Materl M Electric heated gloves, suede wipe on index fingers, grey striping across knuckles. $79.00
10255 WIDDER GLOVES 10255 GLOVES WIDDER Heated black Mix Materl XS Electric heated gloves, suede wipe on index fingers, grey striping across knuckles. $79.00 SOLD
10251 FALCON JACKET 10251 JACKET FALCON Café Racer black Leather M Originally used in film production wardrobe. Very heavy weathering/distressing - still functions. $65.00
10243 CMC JACKET 10243 JACKET CMC touring black Leather 3XL w braid detail. Stud detail, back waist. Zip out liner. Heavy leather. $179.00
10239 HONDA DESTOCKED 10239 DESTOCKED HONDA ATV riding black Textile XL new with tags and bag. All armor, liner. $279.00
10238 ROCKIN LEATHER DESTOCKED 10238 DESTOCKED ROCKIN LEATHER 5 pocket jean black Leather 42 45" outside length $119.00
10235 POLICE DESTOCKED 10235 DESTOCKED POLICE CHiPs McycleCop black Leather 42 - 44 VINTAGE 1960s HORSEHIDE California Highway Patrol jacket. "Ideal" zippers, Badge holder, gun pockets, zip liner needs some restitching. $349.00
10229 CLARKS BOOTS 10229 BOOTS CLARKS Wallabee black Suede 43.5 Retails $129 New $99.00
10221 JOE ROCKET JACKET 10221 JACKET JOE ROCKET Goldwing Branded silver Mesh Tex 5XL Officially licensed Goldwing Branding, Full water resistant liner, All armor $149.00
10220 BRISTOL JACKET 10220 JACKET BRISTOL Classic Biker black Leather Med W Stud detail, flair waist, lighter leather $109.00
10214 O 10214 BOOTS O'SULLIVANS RCMP Boots brown Leather 42.5 Vintage cop boots, original tag still attached, reinforced calves, good soles $285.00 SOLD
10209 LIP SERVICE SHIRT 10209 SHIRT LIP SERVICE Fetish black Mix Materl Women's M Fun strappy bits (torso) $22.00 SOLD
10197 DR MARTENS BOOTS 10197 BOOTS DR MARTENS Brogue Boots black Leather 36 Bal-laced, floral lining $30.00
10190 MAYNARD 10190 CHAPS MAYNARD'S Suede Riding Chap black Suede 24" Thigh No snaps at bottom, good weight $89.00
10188 KOOLAH JACKET 10188 JACKET KOOLAH Duster black Waxd Cottn 46 Full length, cape, good condition $129.00
10177 CRUISERWORKS BOOTS 10177 BOOTS CRUISERWORKS engineer sidezip black Leather 12.5 touring style. $85.00
10174 DAINESE DESTOCKED 10174 DESTOCKED DAINESE race silver Leather med m one very crashed-in jacket. Massive damage, still functional. Elbow armor only. Zips to 10175 pants. $59.00
10168 NEW AGE DESTOCKED 10168 DESTOCKED NEW AGE Vest black Textile 40 $45.00
10165 JOE ROCKET JACKET 10165 JACKET JOE ROCKET Touring blue Textile Med W Zip Out liner, attached soft back armor, regular shoulders and elbows. Mild zipper issues (zipper tape beginning to part). $85.00
10160 ALBERTA BOOT COMPANY BOOTS 10160 BOOTS ALBERTA BOOT COMPANY Western brown Leather 10B Tall shaft, gold toe and heel kick, wood heel $109.00 SOLD
10158 GENUINE LEATHER VEST 10158 VEST GENUINE LEATHER Western Gambler brown Leather XXL Caramel brown vest $65.00
10156 VICTORIA LEATHER JACKET 10156 JACKET VICTORIA LEATHER Car Coat brown Leather 36 excellent condition, 4 front pocket, reddish-brown coat. $99.00
10153 NORTHERN REFLECTIONS DESTOCKED 10153 DESTOCKED NORTHERN REFLECTIONS Fashion brown Leather Sm W 4 front pockets (2 snap, 2 open), pretty vine detailing on buttons  
10152 BRAHMA BOOTS 10152 BOOTS BRAHMA Western black Leather 43 Silver toe caps, retails over $300 new $89.00 SOLD
10150 DAYTON BOOTS 10150 BOOTS DAYTON Tall Sidekicks black Leather 36 Some scraping on left toe $249.00
10147 CAMPER BOOTS 10147 BOOTS CAMPER Chukka black Suede 44 Cool vine print on sole, retails $180USD $179.00
10138 BUFFALO JACKET 10138 JACKET BUFFALO Café Racer black Leather 2XL Patches, side lacing $80.00
10132 JUSTIN BOOTS 10132 BOOTS JUSTIN Western black Leather 8.5D $50.00
10130 DAYTON BOOTS 10130 BOOTS DAYTON Square Toe Harness black Leather 8E Retails $450CAD new $350.00
10129 VANSON JACKET 10129 JACKET VANSON RACING light grey Leather S All armor, missing liner $225.00
10128 LEWIS LEATHER PANTS 10128 PANTS LEWIS LEATHER Jean-style blue Leather 32" waist Vintage '76, goes with 10127 $249.00 SOLD
10122 WILSON 10122 DESTOCKED WILSON'S LEATHER Fashion black Leather 12 W Decorative brass studding, lined $79.00
10117 TEKNIC RACE SUIT 10117 RACE SUIT TEKNIC 2 piece white Leather 42ish Some scuffing, minor discoloration, worn pucks, elbows and shoulder armor, tagged 44, chest 42, waist 36 $299.00
10116 AGV SPORT RACE SUIT 10116 RACE SUIT AGV SPORT 1 pc black Perf Lthr 42-44 Lots of scuffs, worn pucks, some leather damage, elbow and shoulder armor, tagged 54, fits med-lrg. $239.00
10115 FUZION TEK JACKET 10115 JACKET FUZION TEK Fashion black Textile XL Porshe embroidery, soft material $39.00
10110 ALTIMATE BOOTS 10110 BOOTS ALTIMATE MX Style black Leather 43 Wear to soles, prexport sole label $89.00
10104 UNBRANDED JACKET 10104 JACKET UNBRANDED Police Style black Leather 46 Scratches on back, tear in liner, popped seam near zipper, fabulous old leather, talon zippers $169.00
10101 LIP SERVICE FETISH 10101 FETISH LIP SERVICE Dress black Textile Med Waist strap, faux leather is sticky, ragged bottom $62.00
10100 LIP SERVICE FETISH 10100 FETISH LIP SERVICE Bustier black Mesh Tex Med Plastic boning, zip back, overbust, hook and eye front $72.00
10099 LIP SERVICE FETISH 10099 FETISH LIP SERVICE Dress black Textile Med Gauze, drapey, racerback, buckles, tie, bustier top $89.00
10094 LIP SERVICE FETISH 10094 FETISH LIP SERVICE dress mini black Mesh Tex Lrg  hook and eye sleeves/front, extra support straps chest and hips $89.00
10087 LIP SERVICE FETISH 10087 FETISH LIP SERVICE shirt black Mesh Tex Med razor blade printing, see through $49.00 SOLD
10084 LIP SERVICE FETISH 10084 FETISH LIP SERVICE Skirt black Textile Lrg Stretch Canvas, d-rings, super cute, goes with #10083, has all the keys! $53.00
10080 GALLERY SERPENTINE FETISH 10080 FETISH GALLERY SERPENTINE Corset black PVC 24" Waist Overbust, metal bones, super new, 'dead tech' electrical print pattern, $400 New $99.00
10078 CUSTOM MADE FETISH 10078 FETISH CUSTOM MADE Lab Coat green Textile Lrg D-rings, epaulettes, comes with extra bits, syringe holders $53.00
10077 LIP SERVICE FETISH 10077 FETISH LIP SERVICE Skirt green PVC Lrg D rings, medical style, syringe holders $44.00
10076 LIP SERVICE FETISH 10076 FETISH LIP SERVICE Skirt green PVC Med D rings, medical style, syringe holders $44.00
10075 LIP SERVICE FETISH 10075 FETISH LIP SERVICE Bustier green PVC Med D rings, main zip, medical style, little wrinkly bit $44.00
10074 LIP SERVICE FETISH 10074 FETISH LIP SERVICE Shorts dark grey PVC Lrg Suspenders, booty shorts, super cute $72.00
10070 SCHOTT NYC DESTOCKED 10070 DESTOCKED SCHOTT NYC Bomber blue Textile L Wearnyl Security Jacket $68.00
10064 METROPOLIS MOTORCYCLES DESTOCKED 10064 DESTOCKED METROPOLIS MOTORCYCLES Bomber blue Textile Lrg Pilots Jacket, faux moutton collar, removable $25.00
10059 RHYNO DESTOCKED 10059 DESTOCKED RHYNO one pc race green Leather tagged 48, fits 44ish $425.00
10058 JOE ROCKET DESTOCKED 10058 DESTOCKED JOE ROCKET racing green Leather 44 aero hum, zip out liner, shoulders, elbow armor $239.00
10048 CANADA WEST BOOTS 10048 BOOTS CANADA WEST roper black Leather 9.5 - 10 m double finger hole pull-ons $65.00
10038 TUSK BIKE BIT 10038 BIKE BIT TUSK hand mitts black Textile  adjustable opening; water resistant $16.00
10035 ICON DESTOCKED 10035 DESTOCKED ICON hi vis green Textile m icon 'mil spec mesh vest'; lower back pocket; side laces; front panels peeling off $29.00
10023 UNBRANDED CHAPS 10023 CHAPS UNBRANDED Riding black Leather 24" thigh Some scuffing, hemmed bottoms $100.00
10017 BELSTAFF JACKET 10017 JACKET BELSTAFF black black Textile 16 W Removable liner; armor elbows and shoulders, retails $600 new $300.00
10014 OXFORD DESTOCKED 10014 DESTOCKED OXFORD oximiser BATTERY CHARGER black   wall mounting bracket. Wall plug to battery cables. 2007 model. Works. $29.00
9991 VANSON DESTOCKED 9991 DESTOCKED VANSON Riding black Leather 33 Armored (pucks) $99.00
9981 DANNER BOOTS 9981 BOOTS DANNER olympic model 8" lace-up black Leather 10.5 m 200 g thinsuilate lining plus goretex. Vintage original 1990s $85.00
9977 B BY TWO DESTOCKED 9977 DESTOCKED B BY TWO classic biker plus black Leather 44, short arms contrast stitch $109.00
9973 UNBRANDED DESTOCKED 9973 DESTOCKED UNBRANDED British Paratrooper Jump smock green Textile XL Lots of pockets, british issue $89.00
9961 HARLEY DAVIDSON BAGGAGE 9961 BAGGAGE HARLEY DAVIDSON Tour Pack Liner black Textile Lrg Bag liner $49.00
9936 PARASUCO JACKET 9936 JACKET PARASUCO short classic biker black Leather 42ish $75.00 SOLD
9918 GENUINE LEATHER CHAPS 9918 CHAPS GENUINE LEATHER Unlined black Leather 27" Thigh Soft leather $109.00
9910 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 9910 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON Collegiate black Mix Materl XL Wool & Leather. Harley embroidery on back, leather sleeves, fancy paisley liner $49.00
9906 TRIUMPH PANTS 9906 PANTS TRIUMPH Riding black Mesh Tex 38" Waist Armor, comes with original tags $179.00 SOLD
9901 SUZUKI DESTOCKED 9901 DESTOCKED SUZUKI Backrest and Luggage rack black Vegan Lthr  800 Suzuki $0.00
9900 SUZUKI ACCESSORY 9900 ACCESSORY SUZUKI Book    Suzuki 1980-1983 GS1100 Service manual $10.00
9899 KAWASAKI ACCESSORY 9899 ACCESSORY KAWASAKI Book    Kawasaki 1980 KZ1000/KZ1100 Service manual $10.00
9898 KAWASAKI ACCESSORY 9898 ACCESSORY KAWASAKI Book    Kawasaki 1979 KZ1000ST Service manual $10.00
9897 HAYNES ACCESSORY 9897 ACCESSORY HAYNES Book    BMW Twins 1970-1985 473-979cc owner's workshop manual $10.00
9896 CLYMER ACCESSORY 9896 ACCESSORY CLYMER Book    Honda 1978-1983 CX & GL500/650 Twins Service Manual $10.00
9895 CLYMER ACCESSORY 9895 ACCESSORY CLYMER Book    Suzuki 1980-1981 GS1100E Service Manual $10.00
9893 SUZUKI ACCESSORY 9893 ACCESSORY SUZUKI Book    Suzuki 1981 GS1100E Owner's Manual $10.00
9882 PIERRE PARIS BOOTS 9882 BOOTS PIERRE PARIS logger vintage late 40s caulks brown Leather 12 m original pierre paris. $229.00
9877 VIBERG BOOTS 9877 BOOTS VIBERG Stallion (black beauty style) black Leather 8 viberg vintage $175.00
9866 JOE ROCKET DESTOCKED 9866 DESTOCKED JOE ROCKET Gauntlets armored black Leather lrg carbon fibre protection. New, still attached to product card $85.00
9864 TCX DESTOCKED 9864 DESTOCKED TCX race black Leather tagged 44 fits men's 10 $135.00
9863 JOE ROCKET DESTOCKED 9863 DESTOCKED JOE ROCKET Alter Ego 3.0 riding all weather black Textile med armor upgrade to CE, plus optional spine protect. Waterproof. $189.00
9850 BENTLEYS OF LONDON JACKET 9850 JACKET BENTLEYS OF LONDON Flight black Leather large Vintage 1970s, soft flexible leather. Knit still in good condition. $125.00
9842 VANSON DESTOCKED 9842 DESTOCKED VANSON Café Racer black Leather XL Some fading, all armor, adjustments on inside of jacket, really soft leather $349.00
9840 BLACK JACK HEATED 9840 HEATED BLACK JACK Vest black Textile 48 Comes with switch and harness $79.00
9820 PROTECH JACKET 9820 JACKET PROTECH riding black Leather 40 classic café racer shape with elastic expansion panels and quilt stitching $159.00
9799 JESSICA BOOTS 9799 BOOTS JESSICA Fashion Cowboy pink Vegan Lthr 10 W Some cracking on the back $29.00
9796 VANSON LEATHERS JACKET 9796 JACKET VANSON LEATHERS Riding black Leather tagged 46, fits 42 Missing liner, has elbow armor, perforated $579.00
9788 POLYMORPH FETISH 9788 FETISH POLYMORPH SKIRT green Rubber Lrg w 30" LATEX, back zip $59.00
9787 POLYMORPH FETISH 9787 FETISH POLYMORPH SKIRT black Rubber Lrg w 30" LATEX, back zip $59.00
9786 HONOUR FETISH 9786 FETISH HONOUR DRESS black Rubber womens 30 LATEX, center front zip $129.00
9779 UNBRANDED RAINGEAR 9779 RAINGEAR UNBRANDED Seat Cover blue Textile   $19.00
9778 UNBRANDED RAINGEAR 9778 RAINGEAR UNBRANDED Pants blue Textile Med Holes for pocket access, small tear to lower leg $25.00 SOLD
9768 UNBRANDED ACCESSORY 9768 ACCESSORY UNBRANDED Doo rag black Leather  Sturgis embroidery $19.00
9761 UNBRANDED BOOTS 9761 BOOTS UNBRANDED Western Exotic black Leather 44 Ostritch leather foot, fancy stitch pattern, leather sole, great heel $119.00
9759 CANADA WEST BIKER BOOTS 9759 BOOTS CANADA WEST BIKER Black Beauty black Leather 41EE Leather lined, great soles $129.00
9757 DOC MARTEN BOOTS 9757 BOOTS DOC MARTEN Side Zip black Leather 37 thick soft leather, side zip, external stitch details, cute $69.00
9754 OSCAR LEOPOLD JACKET 9754 JACKET OSCAR LEOPOLD Trench brown Suede Women's XL Vertical mixed leather and suede stripes, small rip on shoulder $55.00
9752 JUSTIN BOOTS 9752 BOOTS JUSTIN Western tan Leather 44.5 Very fancy stitch pattern, leather soles, leather lined, fresh heel $99.00 SOLD
9748 IRONHEAD DESTOCKED 9748 DESTOCKED IRONHEAD Collegiate Jacket black Mix Materl XL College style!  
9739 DANIER JACKET 9739 JACKET DANIER classic biker black Leather 56 inch chest medium weight leather $299.00
9734 DROSPO PANTS 9734 PANTS DROSPO riding black Leather 8 Vintage. Front zip pocket, bottom leg zips. Made in Quebec! $209.00
9727 SUZUKI HYPER SPORTS RACE SUIT 9727 RACE SUIT SUZUKI HYPER SPORTS Vintage red Leather 42 Hard armor in the knees, soft armor in the elbows, shoulders, and back, perforations behind the knee, chest 42 $279.00
9726 BRISTOL CHAPS 9726 CHAPS BRISTOL Unlined black Leather 24" Thigh Double zippers, uncut, $99.00
9714 LEATHER RANCH SKIRT 9714 SKIRT LEATHER RANCH Fashion black Leather 30" Waist Goes with 9713; same stud/rhinestone detailing etc $89.00
9713 LEATHER RANCH JACKET 9713 JACKET LEATHER RANCH Fashion black Leather Small W Cropped, short sleeves, metallic spider design & stud detailing $99.00
9694 HARLEY DAVIDSON SHIRT 9694 SHIRT HARLEY DAVIDSON Button up shirt black Textile Women's Lrg Pinstripe, fancy sparkles, HD embroidery on back $19.00
9693 UNBRANDED BAGGAGE 9693 BAGGAGE UNBRANDED Saddle Bag liners black Textile Lrg messenger bag styled to fit saddle bags, custom made, comes with duffle bag $45.00
9691 UNBRANDED BIKE BIT 9691 BIKE BIT UNBRANDED Cover for roll bars black Leather  Face detail, textured background, painted silver raised tribal, both with laces $15.00
9683 STURGIS ACCESSORY 9683 ACCESSORY STURGIS Neck warmers black Leather  Lined, logo on the inside, close with velcro $12.00
9682 STURGIS ACCESSORY 9682 ACCESSORY STURGIS Neck warmers black Leather  Lined, logo on the inside, close with velcro $9.00
9666 WARM SUIT OTHER-MISC 9666 OTHER-MISC WARM SUIT Thermal Suit black Textile Women's medium Tops and Bottoms, super warm, built for motorcycle riding $199.00 SOLD
9657 HELD GLOVES 9657 GLOVES HELD Gauntlet black Leather Women's Med Visor wipe, soft armor over knuckles, studs on palm, some staining, kangaroo leather $49.00
9651 JUSTIN BOOTS DESTOCKED 9651 DESTOCKED JUSTIN BOOTS Cowboy brown Leather 12 M Classic Western boot $169.00
9650 TONY LAMA BOOTS 9650 BOOTS TONY LAMA Cowboy black Leather 12 M Stunning! $250.00
9649 DANNER BOOTS 9649 BOOTS DANNER Work boots black Mix Materl 9EE Men Completely waterproof, Goretex liner  
9643 HYPERKEWL VEST 9643 VEST HYPERKEWL COOLING VEST khaki Textile 2xl $55.00
9630 RCMP DESTOCKED 9630 DESTOCKED RCMP Half Trench brown Textile 44 Hole in left cuff, sargeant insignia, RCMP buttons, pinholes to collar $119.00
9629 DANIER DESTOCKED 9629 DESTOCKED DANIER Halfway trench black Leather M Vest liner, soft leather $0.00
9627  MANZ VEST 9627 VEST  MANZ Gambler black Leather 60 Front snaps $65.00
9621 DAYTON BOOTS 9621 BOOTS DAYTON Ranchero brown Leather 36.5 Euro Fabulous condition, Retail $479 new $195.00
9620 FRANCO SARTO BOOTS 9620 BOOTS FRANCO SARTO Riding Style black Leather 36.5 Western detailing, lacing up the back of the calf $39.00
9612 SYMAX JACKET 9612 JACKET SYMAX Café racer plus black Leather 42 Custom mouton vest liner $99.00 SOLD
9606 UNBRANDED (ILLEGIBLE) ACCESSORY 9606 ACCESSORY UNBRANDED (ILLEGIBLE) WALLET black Leather  plaid liner. Unusual format. Belt attachment $25.00
9580 DAYTON BOOTS 9580 BOOTS DAYTON confederates black Leather 41 $165.00 SOLD
9571 HARLEY DAVIDSON GLOVES 9571 GLOVES HARLEY DAVIDSON gauntlets black Leather xs helsapor, kelvlar, heated, insulated, reflective pinky $56.00
9536 UNBRANDED PANTS 9536 PANTS UNBRANDED unlined black Leather 28 - 30 tall opti zips $229.00 SOLD
9520 WORK N SPORT BOOTS 9520 BOOTS WORK N SPORT Riding black Leather 8.5 M Side zip, rounded toe $55.00
9517 DAYTON BOOTS 9517 BOOTS DAYTON Engineer black Leather 37-38 PERFECT CONDITION  (1 wear; they got married in them) Custom made for the original owner -try both feet. MSRP $799 $309.00
9515 WESCO DESTOCKED 9515 DESTOCKED WESCO Engineer black Leather 41 With kilties $165.00
9508 RIPLEY 9508 PANTS RIPLEY'S riding black Leather 28 waist high waist. Elastic goring. Slender leg. Vintage collectable. $189.00
9503 UNBRANDED GLOVES 9503 GLOVES UNBRANDED Thermal Liner black Textile Men's XL $25.00
9499 GKS ACCESSORY 9499 ACCESSORY GKS Boot Covers black Type: Fits over M9 Comes with carry bag $19.00
9492 WEDDER HEATED 9492 HEATED WEDDER Vest black Type: 48 Attaches to #9491, comes with troller, goes with #9493 $65.00
9491 WEDDER HEATED 9491 HEATED WEDDER Attachment Arms black Type: 30" Length Attaches to Vest, goes with #9492. #9493 $39.00
9490 GLOBAL VISION ACCESSORY 9490 ACCESSORY GLOBAL VISION Goggle Kit black Type: -- 3 lens colors, padding is worn, elastic is stretched $7.00
9482 JOE ROCKET JACKET 9482 JACKET JOE ROCKET race black Leather womens sm all armour, liner, etc. $229.00
9467 KERR CHAPS 9467 CHAPS KERR Unlined, cut black Leather 28" Thigh 1-snap at bottom, such nice leather $129.00
9454 BECKS DESTOCKED 9454 DESTOCKED BECKS western cowboy roper brown Leather 44ish Handmade in TX, hand stitched, some tiny scuffs, leather front soles, goodyear welt  
9453 BECKS DESTOCKED 9453 DESTOCKED BECKS Western cowboy brown Leather 44ish Handmade in TX, rough out bottoms, tan leather shaft, leather soles, quilt stitch pattern on shaft, $399USD new  
9443 BOULETS BOOTS 9443 BOOTS BOULETS  black Leather 10.5 M Some scrapes/wear on sole/heel $90.00
9438 LOVE LEATHERS OUTPOST JACKET 9438 JACKET LOVE LEATHERS OUTPOST Thermal/waterproof jacket black Textile W XL No armor, not abrasion resistant, very thermal, very water resistant $59.00
9436 JOE ROCKET JACKET 9436 JACKET JOE ROCKET mesh black Mesh Tex lrg womens all armor, liner zip out. $125.00
9435 FRYE DESTOCKED 9435 DESTOCKED FRYE Bruce Pull-Ons tan Leather 9.5 Some sole wear, full leather $450.00
9423 TRIPPEN BOOTS 9423 BOOTS TRIPPEN HAFERL black Leather 36 Delicious little oxfords by a very high-end brand. MSRP $430 at CAD GravityPope. Almost unworn. $269.00 SOLD
9419 UNBRANDED DESTOCKED 9419 DESTOCKED UNBRANDED 1960s Vintage brown Leather SM w Vintage 60's. Zip out fuzzy liner. Multiple snap front closing + belt. Time machine condition. Tagged 11. Fits women's small. $0.00
9417 RUBBER SIDE DOWN JACKET 9417 JACKET RUBBER SIDE DOWN Café Racer black Leather 44 Soft shoulders and elbows, spine capable $189.00
9411 RYDERS ACCESSORY 9411 ACCESSORY RYDERS Goggles silver   New in box $39.00
9410 RYDERS ACCESSORY 9410 ACCESSORY RYDERS Goggles black   New in box $39.00
9409 RYDERS ACCESSORY 9409 ACCESSORY RYDERS Goggles black   New in box $39.00
9408 BOULET BOOTS 9408 BOOTS BOULET Cowboy black Leather 8.5 M Leather soles. Worn. These boots have spent a lot of time doing the boot scootin boogie. $75.00
9406 FRYE BOOTS 9406 BOOTS FRYE Campus tan Leather 40 Vintage 1970s, quite the patina. $75.00
9404 JOE ROCKET JACKET 9404 JACKET JOE ROCKET Touring yellow Textile Men's M $139.00
9403 ALPINESTARS MOTO GP RACE SUIT 9403 RACE SUIT ALPINESTARS MOTO GP 1pc Racing black Leather 44 Armor, removable pucks, some scuffing $950.00
9398 CORTECH BAGGAGE 9398 BAGGAGE CORTECH saddlebags black Textile small $139.00
9397 RSD RUBBER SIDE DOWN PANTS 9397 PANTS RSD RUBBER SIDE DOWN riding black Textile 36 hip pads, no knee pads. No liner. $89.00
9395 STORMTECH VEST 9395 VEST STORMTECH insulated vest black Textile tagged x sml $25.00
9394 RSD RUBBER SIDE DOWN PANTS 9394 PANTS RSD RUBBER SIDE DOWN puckable race black Leather 34 $119.00
9374 DAYTON BOOTS 9374 BOOTS DAYTON Rebels black Leather 5.5 W Slight scuff on left toe, otherwise pretty flawless, 13" calf $0.00
9360 NETO DESTOCKED 9360 DESTOCKED NETO Fashion black Leather 28" waist $50.00
9359 NETO DESTOCKED 9359 DESTOCKED NETO Long Fashion black Leather 28" waist $55.00
9357 NETO JACKET 9357 JACKET NETO Trenchcoat Fashion black Leather Med W $69.00
9349 HIT AIR JACKET 9349 JACKET HIT AIR Safety plus black Textile  SAFETY INFLATING CRASH PROTECTING new $689 CAD. Parts and backup CO2 canisters locally available. $399.00 SOLD
9342 VANSON JACKET 9342 JACKET VANSON riding black Textile 42 WAXED COTTON with leather accents, plaid liner. $239.00
9286 ARELLA DESTOCKED 9286 DESTOCKED ARELLA Fringed Fashion brown Suede Sm fashion weight long skirt, lots of fringe $20.00
9285 ARELLA DESTOCKED 9285 DESTOCKED ARELLA Fringed Fashion brown Suede Sm fashion weight long skirt, lots of fringe $20.00
9284 ARELLA DESTOCKED 9284 DESTOCKED ARELLA Fringed Fashion tan Suede Med fashion weight shawl, lots of fringe $15.00
9283 ARELLA DESTOCKED 9283 DESTOCKED ARELLA Fringed Fashion brown Suede Med fashion weight shawl, lots of fringe $15.00
9278 ACTION RUBBER BOOTS 9278 BOOTS ACTION RUBBER Rubber Plus black Rubber 8.5 Men's Rubber thigh high boot $95.00 SOLD
9259 HCI HELMET 9259 HELMET HCI 3/4 black Polycarb sm $30.00
9258 HCI HELMET 9258 HELMET HCI 3/4 black Polycarb med? $30.00
9255 US NAVY GLOVES 9255 GLOVES US NAVY Gauntlet brown Leather Lrg U.S.N. stamping, external stitching, elastic wrist, small break in stitching on pinky finger $45.00
9254 US NAVY GLOVES 9254 GLOVES US NAVY Gauntlet brown Leather Lrg U.S.N. stamping, external stitching, elastic wrist $49.00
9251 ALPHA DESTOCKED 9251 DESTOCKED ALPHA USA-F Security Jacket blue Textile 46 Fluffy liner, brass Talon main zip, note book interior pockets. Zipper pull is boogered; zipper still works. $99.00
9250 GIBSON & BARNES DESTOCKED 9250 DESTOCKED GIBSON & BARNES Luftwaffe-Style Bomber light grey Leather 46 Bomber, orange liner, leather inner pocket, arm pocket/pens $299.00
9244 FOX PANTS 9244 PANTS FOX MX Child Size blue Textile Kids 6 Padding, waist wratchets $45.00 SOLD
9223 DAYTON BOOTS 9223 BOOTS DAYTON X-Boot black Leather 39 ish   Beautiful, brand new daytons, lace up with buckle strap. $385.00
9218 DAYTON BOOTS 9218 BOOTS DAYTON sq toe romeo brown Leather dayton 7 , men's 8, women's 9.5 brand new heels. Nice condition. $149.00
9205 DANIER DESTOCKED 9205 DESTOCKED DANIER high waist fashion brown Leather 30" waist Some colour inconsistencies $35.00
9202 URBAN LIFE DESTOCKED 9202 DESTOCKED URBAN LIFE 5 pocket suede jeans brown Suede 5 w Vintage $35.00
9201 ESPRIT DESTOCKED 9201 DESTOCKED ESPRIT fashion brown Suede 6 w vintage $35.00
9197 BMW ACCESSORY 9197 ACCESSORY BMW garment bag, folding snapping black Textile  TWO BAGS, $5 each $10.00
9196 HJC ACCESSORY 9196 ACCESSORY HJC visor NEW CLEAR  fits lrg or xl helmet $15.00
9180 VPD MOTORCYCLE POLICE BOOTS 9180 BOOTS VPD MOTORCYCLE POLICE patrol high black Leather 9w 7.5 m Real VPD police boots $190.00
9148 UNBRANDED DESTOCKED 9148 DESTOCKED UNBRANDED Fashion black Leather XXL Canada flag patch $85.00
9144 ALLSTATE CHAPS 9144 CHAPS ALLSTATE Riding black Leather L 33" thigh $80.00
9123 CORAZZO JACKET 9123 JACKET CORAZZO scooter jacket 5.0 red Textile tagged Sm fits larger new with tags. Back armour included. sholders and elbows not included. Retails $259 CAD $199.00
9118 UNBRANDED CHAPS 9118 CHAPS UNBRANDED Bar Chaps black Leather 27" Thigh No bottom snaps, unique belt, rounded corners $109.00 SOLD
9111 CODE WEST BOOTS 9111 BOOTS CODE WEST Ranchero black Leather 37.5 Charming strap detail $89.00
9102 UNBRANDED BOOTS 9102 BOOTS UNBRANDED THIGH HIGH fetish high heels black Leather 8.5 - 9.5 womens very good quality leather, seamless along the length of leg, vintage 1970s $245.00
9101 POLICE-STYLE BOOTS 9101 BOOTS POLICE-STYLE Patrol riding boot black Leather 39 heavy duty rear zip, heel strap, vintage patrol boot. Fits 15.5" "standard" calf size. Leather soles. Resole soon! $225.00
9100 CHIPPEWA DESTOCKED 9100 DESTOCKED CHIPPEWA circa 1935 tan Leather 9.5 - 10 mens very vintage. the condition is almost deadstock perfect, with some scuffing from hanging about for 80 years.  
9094 TRIUMPH BAGGAGE 9094 BAGGAGE TRIUMPH Tank bag black Textile  Some wear $49.00 SOLD
9088 DURANGO BOOTS 9088 BOOTS DURANGO sq toe harness dark grey Leather 9m 10.5 w $119.00
9062 UNBRANDED JACKET 9062 JACKET UNBRANDED Jean-style 4 pocket brown Suede 42 short 1950s vintage, made in spain, hole in right arm at elbow $85.00
9061 IBEX PANTS 9061 PANTS IBEX 5-pocket jean brown Suede 30" waist Rough Out, skin side inside, 1950s vintage, made in spain $155.00
9059 UNBRANDED JACKET 9059 JACKET UNBRANDED Trench red Leather Women's Sm Black liner, vintage, belt $62.00 SOLD
9047 OXFORD BIKE BIT 9047 BIKE BIT OXFORD HEATED GRIPS sportbikes    in package $79.00
9045 DRAG SPECIALTIES BIKE BIT 9045 BIKE BIT DRAG SPECIALTIES PAIR OF rear view MIRRORS silver   one in package.one open. Perfect condition. $45.00
9038 UNBRANDED JACKET 9038 JACKET UNBRANDED horsehide bomber vintage 50s black Leather 42 original nacreous pink liner. Lightning zippers. $279.00
9032 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 9032 JACKET HARLEY DAVIDSON scuba fit femme black Leather 3x w $319.00
9031 DANIER SHIRT 9031 SHIRT DANIER TANK TOP SUEDE black Suede small w $35.00
9030 DOLLHOUSE SKIRT 9030 SKIRT DOLLHOUSE SUEDE black Suede small w $25.00 SOLD
9029 MARQUIS SKIRT 9029 SKIRT MARQUIS mini black Leather 26 / small w $25.00 SOLD
9028 MAC 9028 FETISH MAC'S LEATHERS CORSET boneless black Leather small w vintage. Front and back lace-up, 28" closed. A sexy piece of Vancouver history. $167.00
9027 HOURGLASS COURTESY FETISH 9027 FETISH HOURGLASS COURTESY CORSET steel boned black Leather small w perfect. Steel busk front closure, modesty panel, generous lacing at back. Perfect. $289.00
9005 UNBRANDED JACKET 9005 JACKET UNBRANDED TRENCH, LONG black Leather med womens wine liner. Zip out warmth liner is missing. Brown suede panels. $85.00
9002 UNBRANDED CHAPS 9002 CHAPS UNBRANDED patchwork black Leather 26" thigh $55.00
8979 HENRI-PIERRE BOOTS 8979 BOOTS HENRI-PIERRE tall fashion black Leather 9 wide womens lightweight, wide calf $39.00 SOLD
8977 FLUEVOG BOOTS 8977 BOOTS FLUEVOG Heel, Audrey black Leather W 9.5 black leather stitch detail, high shine, 'listen to me' on sole, new in box, $215 New $119.00 SOLD
8968 FEIMA LEATHER JACKET 8968 JACKET FEIMA LEATHER  black Suede Tagged L, fits Med Double Main zip $45.00
8953 BRISTOL CHAPS 8953 CHAPS BRISTOL Riding black Leather 20" Thigh Vintage, super soft leather, unlined, unusual tag $139.00
8947 UNBRANDED MILITARIA 8947 MILITARIA UNBRANDED Wool coat blue Textile  4-pocket, missing buttons, patch on each sleeve, comes with belt $80.00
8920 UNKNOWN ACCESSORY 8920 ACCESSORY UNKNOWN Gel Seat black Type: sm Comes with attachment, wear to underside of seat $39.00
8905 DAYTON BOOTS 8905 BOOTS DAYTON black beauty black Leather tagged 7.5EEE. Fits 8.5m reg, 10 w contemporary build. Very good condition. $209.00
8862 SYMAX JACKET 8862 JACKET SYMAX Vintage black Leather XS Biker style, very slender waist, lightning zippers $79.00
8858 MILITARY DESTOCKED 8858 DESTOCKED MILITARY Flying Jacket brown Leather 46 Horsehide jacket, nice patina, retails at $800-$900 new $450.00
8855 PENMAN 8855 JACKET PENMAN'S a-2 bomber fashion brown Leather 42 / med m lightweight fashion $69.00
8850 UNKNOWN BOOTS 8850 BOOTS UNKNOWN Square toe harness black Leather M 8.5 W 10 Some rust to o-rings, brass hardware $69.00
8845 ISDESIGN ACCESSORY 8845 ACCESSORY ISDESIGN GOGGLE snowboard red   Type R Frame Stealth Series $74.99
8843 ISDESIGN ACCESSORY 8843 ACCESSORY ISDESIGN GOGGLE snowboard black   Type R frame camo $59.99
8842 ISDESIGN ACCESSORY 8842 ACCESSORY ISDESIGN GOGGLE snowboard black   Type R frame Camo series $59.99
8841 ISDESIGN ACCESSORY 8841 ACCESSORY ISDESIGN GOGGLE snowboard black   Strike Frame Camo series $59.99
8840 ISDESIGN ACCESSORY 8840 ACCESSORY ISDESIGN GOGGLE snowboard black   Strike Frame, Camo series $59.99
8833 ALPINESTARS GLOVES 8833 GLOVES ALPINESTARS Stella Tyla Leather Gauntlet black Leather Women's S Padded palm, zipper on outside, soft padding $49.00
8828 LEVI 8828 JACKET LEVI'S jean jacket black Denim lrg m $39.00
8815 MILWAUKEE CHAPS 8815 CHAPS MILWAUKEE Lined black Leather 26" thigh Brass hardware, cut bottoms, snap out liner $105.00
8801 UNBRANDED JACKET 8801 JACKET UNBRANDED calf hair plus tan Leather 36 $95.00
8788 DANIER JACKET 8788 JACKET DANIER Café Racer black Leather XL Retails at $499 new $299.00
8780 SPAIN LEATHER DESTOCKED 8780 DESTOCKED SPAIN LEATHER  tan Leather 38 Made in Spain, fuzzy zip-in liner  
8775 MEC RAINGEAR 8775 RAINGEAR MEC Jacket blue Type: Women's XL $25.00
8768 MILWAUKEE BOOTS 8768 BOOTS MILWAUKEE 10" lace-up double side zip black Leather 10 w  8.5 m $65.00
8757 DAKOTA DESTOCKED 8757 DESTOCKED DAKOTA steel toe work boot modern black Leather 12 EEE ($250 new) $209.00
8756 GWG KINGS JACKET 8756 JACKET GWG KINGS Jean Jacket blue Denim Med Collectible vintage brand $109.00
8752 ROGERS BOOTS BOOTS 8752 BOOTS ROGERS BOOTS Western black Leather 38.5 Made in Mexico $35.00
8749 BOULET BOOTS 8749 BOOTS BOULET Black Beauty black Leather W 8 M 6.5 Slight Square toe, completely untouched sole $85.00
8738 GENTLEFAWN BAGGAGE 8738 BAGGAGE GENTLEFAWN Backpack black Vegan Lthr Med Faux leather, cute studs $20.00
8734 UNBRANDED HELMET 8734 HELMET UNBRANDED   Polycarb  Imaginary fake pretend helmet $5.00
8724 DANIER JACKET 8724 JACKET DANIER Café racer black Leather S $119.00
8717 BLACKJACK DESTOCKED 8717 DESTOCKED BLACKJACK Vest black  42 Vest $65.00
8707 WESTON BOOTS 8707 BOOTS WESTON Cowboy brown Leather 5.5 M, 7 W Small hole in sole $25.00
8706 LAKELAND JACKET 8706 JACKET LAKELAND Car coat brown Leather 44 M Vintage 1960s in time-machine condition. $150.00 SOLD
8662 ROYER ELLE DESTOCKED 8662 DESTOCKED ROYER ELLE  black Leather 7ish Women Lots of cool velcro flaps $30.00
8652 5.11 DESTOCKED 8652 DESTOCKED 5.11 military short lace-up black Mix Materl 5 m 6.5 w some wear inside and out. Lots of tread left. Leather and textiles good. Grommets are crappy, which is worst flaw. $0.00
8640 INDIAN JACKET 8640 JACKET INDIAN classic biker plus black Leather lrg HD logo on back $219.00 SOLD
8629 LEATHERS BERLIN CHAPS 8629 CHAPS LEATHERS BERLIN fancy fancy fancy black Leather 18" thigh slender fit quilted knees and hips $799.00
8627 VK79 BERLIN PANTS 8627 PANTS VK79 BERLIN jodphurs blue Leather 28" waist slender fit - $769.00
8626 VK79 BERLIN PANTS 8626 PANTS VK79 BERLIN double fly carpenter pants light grey Leather 28" waist slender fit custom made for original owner (over €1000!) $769.00
8625 ROB OF AMSTERDAM PANTS 8625 PANTS ROB OF AMSTERDAM jean style black Leather 28" waist slender fit thick leather $689.00
8624 LEATHERS BERLIN PANTS 8624 PANTS LEATHERS BERLIN jodphurs black Leather 28" waist slender fit Over 1000 euros, custom for original owner. Very slim fit. $629.00
8623 VK79 BERLIN PANTS 8623 PANTS VK79 BERLIN modern take on café racer pants tan Leather 28" waist slender fit $609.00
8616 THE WHOLE BIT CHAPS 8616 CHAPS THE WHOLE BIT western vintage black  18" thigh custom made -- embroidered "Carolyn" inside. Fringes. Green trim, black body. Very small. $179.00
8615 UNBRANDED CHAPS 8615 CHAPS UNBRANDED vintage cowboy style brown Leather 24" thigh made of quality leather - heavy enough to be boot leather. Flexible and very strong. Decorated at ankle. Clip closure. $209.00
8613 LATEXA OF DENMARK FETISH 8613 FETISH LATEXA OF DENMARK exceptionally kinky latex bodysuit thing tan Rubber med? manuf 2000s. Stored in plastic in dark. Unworn. No trying-on allowed. Measurements: unstretched = 31" waist, 35" hips and chest (not incl breasts) 23" mid back to gusset, 24?o??????????o????( $239.00
8612 DAYTON BOOTS 8612 BOOTS DAYTON sidekicks custom black Leather 8w 6.5m dayton-factory-installed platform sole. Heavy sole and heel wear. $119.00
8593 VIKING RAINGEAR 8593 RAINGEAR VIKING overpant overall PANTS with suspenders black Textile med 34 $45.00
8577 BOSS DESTOCKED 8577 DESTOCKED BOSS Beanie black Polycarb medium Decorative ONLY! $20.00
8573 UNBRANDED DESTOCKED 8573 DESTOCKED UNBRANDED Car Coat tan Suede women's large First Nations constructed by Sik Sika (band) from outside of Calgary.  Handed beaded. Deer hide $699.00
8572 HIMALAYA JACKET 8572 JACKET HIMALAYA Touring black Leather 40 Longer jacket for cooler weather. $169.00
8506 HENRI PIERRE BOOTS 8506 BOOTS HENRI PIERRE high side zip femme block heel black Leather 8 w made in canada. Nice thick leather. $45.00
8504 JACOB JACKET 8504 JACKET JACOB café racer fashion black Leather lrg shortish arms. Grey blanket liner. Vintage $79.00
8499 SUZUKI RACE SUIT 8499 RACE SUIT SUZUKI racing no armour white Leather 40 $389.00
8489 TEST GLOVES 8489 GLOVES TEST testtest black Leather  test test $1.00
8488 LEVI 8488 JACKET LEVI'S jean jacket black Denim lrg m very very western styled. Contrast stitch $39.00
8478 BUAERO DESTOCKED 8478 DESTOCKED BUAERO AZ Bomber brown Leather 46 Vintage (circa 1938) $389.00
8469 SCREAMIN 8469 JACKET SCREAMIN' EAGLE Touring Style with Belt black Leather 42 W Riding features, zip-out liner $159.00
8465 TRIUMPH ACCESSORY 8465 ACCESSORY TRIUMPH Dickie black Textile One size Triumph specific velcro $20.00
8461 HJC DESTOCKED 8461 DESTOCKED HJC FF black Polycarb Small Manufactured April 2011 $80.00
8453 BMW BAGGAGE 8453 BAGGAGE BMW Tank Bag black Textile  View window, missing hardware $109.00
8450 JOE ROCKET JACKET 8450 JACKET JOE ROCKET Touring black Textile Men's M Summer weight, vest zip in liner, full armor $109.00
8433 FIRST GEAR JACKET 8433 JACKET FIRST GEAR Touring black Textile XL Full armor, full liner (Retails $250 new) $199.00
8416 STORMTECH RAINGEAR 8416 RAINGEAR STORMTECH Jacket blue Type: XL Whistler Blackcombe branded $19.00
8402 OPEN ROAD JACKET 8402 JACKET OPEN ROAD classic biker black Leather 42 one popped snap. Liner good, pockets good. $149.00
8390 LEATT BRACE ARMOR 8390 ARMOR LEATT BRACE Neck Brace black Textile  Neck brace Retails $400 USD new $375.00
8384 TUCANO URBANO ACCESSORY 8384 ACCESSORY TUCANO URBANO Scooter Skirt R040 black Textile  Fits a medium-large scooter $139.00
8379 5-11 DESTOCKED 8379 DESTOCKED 5-11 HRT Haste patrol boot black Leather M 5 W 7 $0.00
8371 VIBERG DESTOCKED 8371 DESTOCKED VIBERG DERBY SHOES blue Leather 12 - 13 mens A variation on the Viberg derby shoe. Natural indigo dye (will patina amazingly). Near-perfect condition. Dainite soles (red), and new flax waxed laces. Viberg box. Would retail for $900 new. Rare, ra?o?????? $450.00
8366 HARLEY DAVIDSON RAINGEAR 8366 RAINGEAR HARLEY DAVIDSON Jacket light grey Textile Sm HD branding, reflective stripe, hood in collar $79.00
8359 INTERSTATE LEATHER JACKET 8359 JACKET INTERSTATE LEATHER Classic Biker black Leather 42 Tall Full liner, half waist belt, side laces, mini pocket on front $135.00
8358 SHIFT JACKET 8358 JACKET SHIFT SR1 Racing black Leather Men's L Back armor, no elbows/shoulders but capable, vest liner $109.00
8330 UNDERCOVER PANTS 8330 PANTS UNDERCOVER kevlar jeans blue Denim 30" waist kevlar butt and knees and hips (179 USD new) $99.00
8326 LEATHER RANCH JACKET 8326 JACKET LEATHER RANCH classic biker black Leather 42 unisex $139.00
8324 ARLEN NESS DESTOCKED 8324 DESTOCKED ARLEN NESS riding / racing black Leather   $95.00
8321 UNBRANDED BOOTS 8321 BOOTS UNBRANDED Military Style black Leather 8.5M, 10W OOOOOHHHHH!  Shiny!!!  
8314 VINTAGE SHOE COMPANY BOOTS 8314 BOOTS VINTAGE SHOE COMPANY Juliet Harness Boot tan Leather 6M 7.5W Retails $460CAD new $125.00
8312 INTER STATE CHAPS 8312 CHAPS INTER STATE  black Leather S Fancy Belt - Fancy Metal Studs on Waist.  22" Thigh $75.00
8310 UNIK CHAPS 8310 CHAPS UNIK  black Leather 7XL 30" Thigh $119.00
8307 X ELEMENT PANTS 8307 PANTS X ELEMENT Jean Style black Leather 46 Side Zip Pants $79.00
8280 RUBBER SIDE DOWN RSD ARMOR 8280 ARMOR RUBBER SIDE DOWN RSD full armour shirt black Textile lrg m $89.00
8271 UNBRANDED FETISH 8271 FETISH UNBRANDED PANTS 5 pocket jean with TAIL black Leather 34 DEVIL PANTS! Comes with a TAIL $99.00 SOLD
8259 NELSON RIGG BIKE BIT 8259 BIKE BIT NELSON RIGG dust cover light grey Textile fits small / medium bike $39.00
8239 HARLEY DAVIDSON DESTOCKED 8239 DESTOCKED HARLEY DAVIDSON biker classic vintage 60s black Leather men's small vintage early 60s harley davidson. Nice. $535.00
8207 FRYE BOOTS 8207 BOOTS FRYE Campus Boots brown Leather 10 Men's Scuffs to toe, western detailing $74.00
8188 JOE ROCKET DESTOCKED 8188 DESTOCKED JOE ROCKET riding black Textile xl mens missing inner button. Knee armor and hip armor. $75.00
8167 HEIN GERICKE JACKET 8167 JACKET HEIN GERICKE Touring black Leather Men's M Broken Zipper, full liner, nicely styled  
8154 TEKNIC RAINGEAR 8154 RAINGEAR TEKNIC Rain jacket dark grey Type: XL Reflective strips $25.00
8106 DAYTON ACCESSORY 8106 ACCESSORY DAYTON BELT black Leather 35" waist ish, 46" long $25.00
8103 DAYTON ACCESSORY 8103 ACCESSORY DAYTON BELT brown Leather 35" waist ish, 46" long $25.00
8099 DANIER PANTS 8099 PANTS DANIER Jean Style black Leather 30" waist Scrumptious leather, side laces, riding weight $159.00
8090 HARLEY DAVIDSON SHIRT 8090 SHIRT HARLEY DAVIDSON Workshirt black Textile Men's L Harley patch on front, lettering on back, identical to 8089 $25.00
8082 BITCHIN GEAR BAGGAGE 8082 BAGGAGE BITCHIN GEAR magnetic TANK BAG black Textile small comes with strap $29.00
8070 DAYTON BOOTS 8070 BOOTS DAYTON black beauty double sole black Leather 7.5 / 40 / 9w vintage. Sweet. $65.00
8059 UNKNOWN JACKET 8059 JACKET UNKNOWN Classic Biker black Leather 44ish tears to lining by cuffs, YKK zippers, no belt $139.00
8054 JUSTIN BOOTS 8054 BOOTS JUSTIN Workboot brown Leather 9.5 EE men's Gouges to left toe $139.00 SOLD
8048 UNBRANDED CHAPS 8048 CHAPS UNBRANDED Half Chap black Suede 14" calf unlined, elastic panel $32.00
8047 ARIAT CHAPS 8047 CHAPS ARIAT Half Chap black Leather 14" calf Leather Lined half $45.00
8041 AXIOM BAGGAGE 8041 BAGGAGE AXIOM Saddle bags black Textile  Customized for a taller dirt bike $69.00
7989 OSCAR LEOPOLDS DESTOCKED 7989 DESTOCKED OSCAR LEOPOLDS Classic Biker, vintage 90s brown Leather tagged 44, fits 46 varigated textured brown. Short cut, large arms, 90s style  
7952 ROADKROME PANTS 7952 PANTS ROADKROME Full zip black Leather 42" waist full length zip, 3 snaps, stretchy waist, soft leather $159.00
7948 TOUR MASTER RAINGEAR 7948 RAINGEAR TOUR MASTER JACKET yellow Type: xl womens $45.00
7943 UNKNOWN MILITARIA 7943 MILITARIA UNKNOWN Jacket green Textile 40" $49.00
7929 DAYTON BOOTS 7929 BOOTS DAYTON beauty brown Leather 8.5 m OMG, these are vintage deadstock, unworn, perfect. Pre-80s. Biltrite heel, leather sole, stacked leather heel, brass tacks, in the original box. PERFECT $649.00
7901 UNBRANDED ACCESSORY 7901 ACCESSORY UNBRANDED Doo rag black Leather M $17.00
7900 BLACK BODY ACCESSORY 7900 ACCESSORY BLACK BODY Bracelet black Leather S Internal Zip $20.00
7896 R8B ACCESSORY 7896 ACCESSORY R8B Bracelet black Leather S Snap Bracelet $15.00
7894 UNBRANDED FETISH 7894 FETISH UNBRANDED Body Harness black Leather S Full harness with cock ring and thong strap $59.00
7891 EXPECTATIONS FETISH 7891 FETISH EXPECTATIONS Jock strap yellow Mix Materl 30" Waist $39.00
7886 ROB AMSTERDAM FETISH 7886 FETISH ROB AMSTERDAM SHORTS black Leather 31" Waist Zip from butt to front $72.00
7871 FRYE BOOTS 7871 BOOTS FRYE western tan Leather 8.5 m 41 $109.00
7863 ALPINESTAR JACKET 7863 JACKET ALPINESTAR café style race blue Leather 44 Full armour, back plate, zip out liner $199.00
7856 RUBBER SIDE DOWN PANTS 7856 PANTS RUBBER SIDE DOWN Riding pants black Leather 42 waist custom 42 waist, 32" leg $170.00
7841 BURTON PANTS 7841 PANTS BURTON goretex pants green Textile xl mens one wee burn at ankle cuff $135.00
7829 FIRST GEAR RACE SUIT 7829 RACE SUIT FIRST GEAR thermal weatherproof 1 pc black Textile  $200 new $75.00 SOLD
7805 REAL LEATHER NY JACKET 7805 JACKET REAL LEATHER NY classic biker black Leather med m $85.00
7796 MILITARY EUROPEAN BOOTS 7796 BOOTS MILITARY EUROPEAN engineer jackboot black Leather 9 m 42 new vintage deadstock, steel toe kicks $0.00
7781 MEXX DESTOCKED 7781 DESTOCKED MEXX fashion tan Leather med m mandarin collar center zip $65.00
7779 JOE ROCKET PANTS 7779 PANTS JOE ROCKET ballistic black Textile 3xl mens $109.00
7762 CUSTOM PANTS 7762 PANTS CUSTOM 1950s vintage horsehide black Leather 38 talon zippers, all original. Weathered horsehide, gorgeous patina. With suspenders! $289.00
7761 BELGIAN CAUVIN MILITARIA 7761 MILITARIA BELGIAN CAUVIN jodhpurs green Leather 36 olive khaki green. Long rise. 1969 vintage. Same pattern as WWI & WWII from this area. Horsehide. With suspenders! $279.00
7759 BRITISH MFG CO MONTREAL JACKET 7759 JACKET BRITISH MFG CO MONTREAL bomber 60s or 70s vintage tan Leather 46 zippers work great! Fuzz lined $169.00
7755 BRAUCH AND FREY MILITARIA 7755 MILITARIA BRAUCH AND FREY  GERMAN 1pc flight pilot suit dark grey Leather 42 fully fuzz lined. All zippers work. Styled like a motorcycle suit. Nice. 1965 vintage $435.00
7754 COLVINE - US NAVY MILITARIA 7754 MILITARIA COLVINE - US NAVY WWII flightsuit 1 pc one piece brown Leather 42 flexible strong goatskin. Once wired, no longer has plugs. WW II. Mouton collar. Talon zippers, original. All working. $509.00
7731 UNKNOWN GLOVES 7731 GLOVES UNKNOWN Gauntlet black Leather Women's M Snap wrist, firm gauntlet $29.00
7667 ALBERTA BOOT BOOTS 7667 BOOTS ALBERTA BOOT Cowboy black Leather 9 Boot hole pulls on top, custom made $145.00
7645 FRYE BOOTS 7645 BOOTS FRYE villager knee high pull on tan Leather 36.5 ish topy front sole. $45.00
7644 BOULET BOOTS 7644 BOOTS BOULET western plus black Leather 8.5 m lug sole $109.00 SOLD
7632 KUSHITANI, BMW, AND EDK OTHER-MISC 7632 OTHER-MISC KUSHITANI, BMW, AND EDK sports performance base layers black Textile lrg - xl A group of sports performance base layers, some cooling, some warm, most zip-front onesies! Four new in package, others very good condition used.  
7602 LEATHER RANCH DESTOCKED 7602 DESTOCKED LEATHER RANCH classic biker plus black Leather 50ish, 2xl fringes. Perfect condition. Nice $199.00
7601 UNBRANDED JACKET 7601 JACKET UNBRANDED fitted long blazer black Leather 36 snap up buttons. Black liner. Nice. $68.00
7598 DAYTON BOOTS 7598 BOOTS DAYTON black beauty black Leather 8.5 m vintage, with bull head stamp. Leather sole with Topy cover. Halfway heel wear. $179.00
7570 TEKNIC JACKET 7570 JACKET TEKNIC Café Racer blue Textile 44 $159.00
7569 ICON GLOVES 7569 GLOVES ICON Short Gauntlet black Mix Materl XS Perforated fingers, air vents, leather palm with fancy stitching.  
7565 DAYTON BOOTS 7565 BOOTS DAYTON Black Beauty black Leather 9.5 M/11 W Small scuff right toe, wear on  heels, retails $499 new $179.00 SOLD
7542 GASSY JACK JACKET 7542 JACKET GASSY JACK Vintage 3 button green Leather SM w Vintage 1960s, Vancouver original! $159.00
7520 UNBRANDED FETISH 7520 FETISH UNBRANDED CHEST HARNESS black Leather  missing one steel ring $35.00
7518 SANTANA JACKET 7518 JACKET SANTANA classic 90s short black Leather 50 plus $89.00
7517 WOODWARDS JACKET 7517 JACKET WOODWARDS car coat, vintage black Leather med $59.00
7510 DANIER JACKET 7510 JACKET DANIER thick leather black Leather med warm liner, wool $85.00
7509 DAYTON BOOTS 7509 BOOTS DAYTON romeo, lug sole brown Leather 10.5 good soles. $149.00
7480 SUNCLOUD ACCESSORY 7480 ACCESSORY SUNCLOUD SUNGLASSES    comes with a lifetime warranty card and bag $12.00
7474 BITCHIN GEAR OTHER-MISC 7474 OTHER-MISC BITCHIN GEAR windbreaker, soft black Textile tagged xxl, fits med / lrg zip up, hoodie style $25.00
7471 DANIER JACKET 7471 JACKET DANIER café racer style black Leather xl m $75.00
7470 DANIER JACKET 7470 JACKET DANIER café racer style black Leather sm / med m $75.00
7469 OPEN ROAD JACKET 7469 JACKET OPEN ROAD classic biker black Leather 38 liner shot, pockets shot, leather rough in spots. One snap malfunction $69.00
7435 BOULET BOOTS 7435 BOOTS BOULET western brown Leather 8.5 w fancy relief pattern. Patina. Old but neat looking. Slight cracking at top bead. $55.00
7400 UNBRANDED JACKET 7400 JACKET UNBRANDED café racer with decals brown Leather 42ish small rip left lseeve, popped seam right arm) $65.00
7398 RCMP BOOTS 7398 BOOTS RCMP High Brown Vintage brown Leather Approximately Men's 10D External calf 16.5", will need new heel soon, metal toe kickplate $279.00
7395 TRED AIR BOOTS 7395 BOOTS TRED AIR SHOES with stars white Leather 8 w doc marten type soles. Very nice vintage condition $54.00
7383 VIBERG BOOTS 7383 BOOTS VIBERG work / duck "200 woodsman" black Leather 7m / 8.5w $109.00
7381 WOODWARDS DESTOCKED 7381 DESTOCKED WOODWARDS Vintage Bomber brown Leather 38 Vintage 70s, wear on seams+  
7373 FIORI JACKET 7373 JACKET FIORI Classic Bikerish black Leather XS, women's 6 Ring pull zip centre, hip zips, fashion jacket $29.00
7359 UNBRANDED RAINGEAR 7359 RAINGEAR UNBRANDED overpant CHILDS black Textile XS $15.00
7349 LEVI 7349 PANTS LEVI'S 5 pocket jean brown Leather 28-30  "big E" Style. 1972 vintage. Roughout, not suede. Collectable. 32" waist fits size 28 - 30 $119.00
7342 CORBIN BOOTS 7342 BOOTS CORBIN cruising, motorcycle features black Leather 8 m 9.5 w side zip $75.00
7336 DEX ACCESSORY 7336 ACCESSORY DEX jacket liner, self-zipping black Textile womens sm or med $19.99
7320 SHUBERTH ACCESSORY 7320 ACCESSORY SHUBERTH COMMUNICATION SYSTEM    integrated communication system for cs3 helmet. Matches helmet 7319 $149.00
7257 JOE ROCKET GLOVES 7257 GLOVES JOE ROCKET gauntlet racing blue Leather xl mens $39.00
7239 FREEZE-OUT ACCESSORY 7239 ACCESSORY FREEZE-OUT cowl / face protector black Textile one size $10.00
7194 ROTTWEILER DESTOCKED 7194 DESTOCKED ROTTWEILER classic biker plus brown Leather XL TALL A Vancouver-built-classic, custom made for original owner. A russet-tan colour. Perfect. Utterly perfect. Zip-out-liner $299.00
7175 UNBRANDED PANTS 7175 PANTS UNBRANDED diagonal zip flap super dressy black Leather small  womens $65.00
7174 DANIER PANTS 7174 PANTS DANIER dressy pleated front womens black Leather wee $45.00
7173 CANT READ THE DANG BRAND JACKET 7173 JACKET CANT READ THE DANG BRAND fancy dress womens black Leather  womens long black llama fur collar and cuffs $85.00
7163 HONDA JACKET 7163 JACKET HONDA womens fitted vintage center zip brown Leather xs touring length $149.00
7155 UNBRANDED JACKET 7155 JACKET UNBRANDED CHILD bomber style with hood black Type: CHILD child jacket w hood PLEATHER with crests $24.99
7152 DRAVUS JACKET 7152 JACKET DRAVUS looks like trailmaster black Textile lrg dravus looks like belstaff trailmaster jacket. Not for riding. $35.00
7130 ADNAN CHAPS 7130 CHAPS ADNAN classic biker unlined black Leather 20" thigh great leather $109.00
7125 IXON JACKET 7125 JACKET IXON strada womens black Textile 6 womens mesh lightweight, all armour $109.00
7119 LUIGI SEBELLIN BOOTS 7119 BOOTS LUIGI SEBELLIN Logger brown Leather 10m Very vintage pre-1960s very heavy duty work/logger boots. Made in New Westminster! $55.00
7088 SCREAMIN EAGLE DESTOCKED 7088 DESTOCKED SCREAMIN EAGLE classic biker shortie brown Leather womens lrg, short screamin eagle shot brown womens classic jacket $112.00
7058 UNBRANDED PANTS 7058 PANTS UNBRANDED reversible overpants black Type: 38 to 44 waist leather one side, textile the other. Both sides black. Side zip. $99.00
7020 UNBRANDED BIKE BIT 7020 BIKE BIT UNBRANDED BIKE COVER black Textile xl xl fits big sport bike, too small for a big cruiser with luggage $29.00
7005 CORTECH GLOVES 7005 GLOVES CORTECH armour gauntlet black Leather mens med worn. No holes. Tough. $25.00
6986 HCI HELMET 6986 HELMET HCI half helmet black Polycarb varied  
6985 THH HELMET 6985 HELMET THH extended half helmet - almost 3/4 black Polycarb varied  
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